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Terremoto in Messico: l'interminabile scossa negli uffici dell'Associated Press

2 дн назад

La scossa di terremoto che ha colpito il Messico ripresa negli uffici della Associated Press nella capitale. Alcuni dei presenti si nascondono sotto le scrivanie, ...

Today in History for September 21st

11 час назад

Subscribe for more Breaking News: Highlights of this day in history: President Bill Clinton's grand jury testimony in the Monica ...

Raw: Mexico Quake Death Toll Continues to Rise

2 дн назад

The death toll in Mexico's magnitude 7.1 quake continues to rise. At 6pm Eastern, it rose to 119, that's the largest number of fatalities in a Mexican earthquake ...

Video Captures Quake as It Hits Mexico City

1 дн назад

Video has emerged of people huddled together on the 38th floor of a building in Mexico City with ceiling lights swinging from side to side, as a magnitude 7.1 ...

Charles and Di Wedding Video in New Glory

4 нед назад

UK Royal watchers are in for a treat. Associated Press is releasing new high-resolution video of the royal wedding between Prince Charles and Princess Diana ...

Maria Destroys Homes, Knocks Out Power in PR

16 час назад

The strongest hurricane to hit Puerto Rico in over 80 years destroyed hundreds of homes, knocked out power across the island and triggered heavy flooding in ...

Skarsgard ready for 'IT' sequel

1 нед назад

Bill Skarsgard is ready for the planned "IT" sequel after playing the creepy clown Pennywise in the new adaptation of Stephen King's 1986 novel. "There's a lot ...

Интервью Сергея Лаврова агентствам ТАСС и Associated Press

1 дн назад

Интервью Сергея Лаврова агентствам ТАСС и Associated Press. Глава МИД РФ Сергей Лавров дал эксклюзивное интервью...

Trump Threatens to 'Totally Destroy North Korea'

2 дн назад

During his speech at the U.N. General Assembly, President Donald Trump called on countries to stop trade with North Korea and stop its nuclear program.

Donald Trump's Delusional AP Interview Is Truly Horrifying

5 мес назад

President Trump managed to lie about his so-called accomplishments, contradict himself, and rant incoherently all within one interview with the Associated ...

Trump AP Interview Transcripts: A Breathtaking & Incomprehensible Dramatic Reading

5 мес назад

In this Majority Report clip, Sam Seder and Michael Brooks attempt to re-enact Donald Trump's interview with the Associated Press. It is REALLY SOMETHING.

Think Trump's Stupid? Get A Load Of This Interview...

5 мес назад

Trump's recent AP interview was… wow. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Suspect Told His Mother He Was Going to Rally

1 мес назад

A woman who identified herself as the mother of the man accused of driving his car into a crowd of peaceful protesters says he told her he was going to the rally.

AP Top Stories September 13 A

1 нед назад

Here's the latest for Wednesday, September 13th: FEMA says Irma affected almost all Fla. Keys homes; French Pres. Macron visits Caribbean island hit by Irma; ...

Hurricane Maria Hits Puerto Rico as Category 4

1 дн назад

One of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit Puerto Rico made landfall on Wednesday as officials warned it would decimate the power company's crumbling ...

Full Cosby Exchange With AP on Allegations

3 год назад

With sexual assault allegations gaining increasing attention, The Associated Press reviewed an on camera interview with Bill Cosby earlier this month and made ...

'Goodbye Christopher Robin' cast praise film's young star

4 час назад

At the world premiere of A. A. Milne biopic "Goodbye Christopher Robin" in London, cast members Domhnall Gleeson, Margot Robbie and Kelly Macdonald ...

Donald Trump's interview with The Associated Press

5 мес назад

Donald Trump's interview with The Associated Press. 'It's a different kind of Presidency': Trump dismisses First 100 Days marker as 'not very meaningful' in ...

Suspicious! Associated Press suddenly has a detailed dossier on former Trump Campaign mng. FBI LEAK?

6 мес назад

JOIN SUPPORT trump mafia at the headquarters. special unlisted videos are there and become a "made member" of the ...

AP Exclusive: Manning Says She's 'Not a Traitor'

4 дн назад

Chelsea Manning told a crowd at a "creative thinkers" conference in Nantucket on Sunday that she's not an "American traitor." This was one of Manning's first ...