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WATCH LIVE: CBS News calls a winner in the critical battleground state of Florida

2 мес назад

WATCH NOW as CBS News continues to call states across the country for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Which candidate will become the next ...

Ben Swann #Pizzagate Special 720p - CBS News 1/17/17

1 дн назад

CBS News Implies Facebook Live Torturers are WHITE - Victim is BLACK !!! 🚨 FAKE NEWS 🚨

2 нед назад

CBS News Radio aired this story which falsely depicted the Chicago Facebook Live hate crime horror as being conducted by racist white Donald Trump ...

CBS News Ben Swann Covers Pizzagate; Asks Why Law Enforcement Has Not Investigated

22 час назад

Thank You, Ben Swann, for addressing that basic question.

Election Night 2016 CBS News Coverage

2 мес назад

From Tuesday November 8th and Wednesday November 9th, 2016 CBS Coverage of Election Night 2016. , Donald J. Trump was elected as the 45th President ...

Watch Live: Donald Trump holds his first press conference as President-elect

1 нед назад

President-elect Donald Trump holds long-awaited press conference amid claims Russia has comprising info on him.

Watch Live: The Final Presidential Debate

3 мес назад

WATCH NOW: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump go head to head in the final presidential debate. With the recent controversy over Trump's lewd comments and ...

CBS News Caught Lying And Slandering WeAreChange and Free Speech

1 мес назад

The main stream media has yet again been caught doing lazy journalism with their recent attack on alternative media and free speech with another hit piece this ...

CBS News Millennial voter town hall

3 мес назад

CBS News hosted a panel of 33 young voters to discuss the issues that matter most to them in the presidential election.

CBS News Reporter has Major Meltdown on Live TV

4 мес назад

Trump attacks Rep. John Lewis, CIA, and SNL on Twitter

3 дн назад

Georgia Congressman John Lewis said he will boycott the presidential inauguration because he called Trump an "illegitimate president." Mr. Trump didn't ...

Watch Live: The 2nd Presidential Debate

3 мес назад

WATCH NOW as Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump go head-to-head in a town-hall style debate where real voters get to ask the questions. It's totally unscripted ...

WATCH LIVE: Shooting at Ft. Lauderdale Airport

2 нед назад

At least 5 dead and 8 injured after a shooter opened fire in the baggage claim area of Florida's Ft. Lauderdale International Airport.

WATCH LIVE: President Obama delivers his farewell address

1 нед назад

President Obama delivers his final speech as president from Chicago 10 days before departing the Oval Office.

Is President-elect Trump at war with the media?

2 дн назад

President-elect Donald Trump's relationship with the media has been tense since the beginning of his campaign. But will Trump kick out the press corps from the ...

CBS News Reporter Wants Trump Dead

2 мес назад

CBS News reporter David Leavitt hopes Donald Trump dies before he is sworn in as president in January. He is a writer for CBS Boston and Yahoo News, and ...

Watch Live: Election Night 2016

2 мес назад

WATCH NOW as voters across the country head to the polls to name either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump the next President of the United States. With all the ...

Breaking down Trump's press conference

1 нед назад

President-elect Trump held his first press conference since the election. CBS News Chief White House correspondent Major Garrett breaks down the press ...

Bill O'Reilly talks about Megyn Kelly, Fox News

2 мес назад

Bill O'Reilly joined "CBS This Morning" to discuss his new children's book "Give Please A Chance," and he was also asked about his colleague Megyn Kelly, ...

White House photographer Pete Souza

4 дн назад

President Obama is leaving behind a huge photo album of his time in the White House - about two million images - all thanks to the man our Bill Plante has been ...