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Get Jinxed | Jinx Music Video - League of Legends

4 год назад

Download and Play League of Legends: Jinx's dreams come alive in a hexplosive sequence packed with bombs and bullets ...

L.O.L. Dolls Toys for Kids - Rocker’s Lil Sisters Get in Trouble - Learn Colors With Magic Popcorn

3 дн назад

L.O.L Dolls Toys for Kids Rocker's Lil Sisters Get in Trouble - Learn Colors With Magic Popcorn. Video by Stories With Toys & Dolls. We play with LOL dolls ...

What is League of Legends?

2 год назад

Welcome to League of Legends! Sign up for a free account at This is a short tutorial on how to play League. If you're a new player, this ...

Imaqtpie Shows How to Get Level 3 Honor | Faker's Fail Flash - LoL Funny Stream Moments #199

2 нед назад

Imaqtpie accepts the fact who he is and gets awarded with honor level 3 for that, Faker Fails his flash over the wall and more funny stream moments Follow the ...

LoL Guide: 5 Tips To Get To Gold And Beyond - Professor Akali

11 мес назад

LoL Guide for tips on climbing to gold! These simple tips will increase your win-rate and hopefully help you get at least gold before seasons end! Get that ...

This Is How You Get A Quadra As Rammus - Best of LoL Streams #139

1 мес назад

Daily League of Legends best funny stream moments, memes, funny fails and pro plays #139 ft. Imaqtpie, Wingsofdeath, OddOrange, Shiphtur, Scarra, ...

LOL Surprise Dolls Get A New Home Dollhouse - Ava Playing With a Doll House & Opening Surprise Balls

2 мес назад

LOL Dolls dollhouse with Ava opening new series 2 LOL Surprise Dolls and putting them inside our cute Calico Critters dollhouse. We open an ultra rare glitter ...

LoL Guide: The Best Advice You'll Ever Get To Improve (League Of Legends)

9 мес назад

WHY are some people able to get platinum in their first year of playing, and why are some people stuck in bronze, silver, gold for years? I took my best shot at ...

LoL Streamers Getting Deleted Compilation - League of Legends

3 мес назад

LoL Streamers Getting Deleted Compilation - some one shots and other funny deaths ft. C9 Sneaky, Imaqtpie, Doublelift, Scarra, Arrow, Tobias Fate, Faker, ...

LoL Guide: How To Get Diamond: How To Avoid Getting Ganked [League Of Legends]

9 мес назад

A video guide on how you can avoid ever getting ganked in LoL. Please like and subscribe!

LoL Guide: How To Get Diamond: How To Deal With Tilt [League Of Legends]

9 мес назад

How to deal with tilt, cool off when angry at LoL and your noob teammates, and enjoy the game more. One thing I forgot to mention, if your team is what tilts you, ...


4 мес назад

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3 мес назад

Boxbox, Bjergsen, Imaqtpie, Scarra, Piglet.., - LoL Best Moments - League of Legends ❖ - Subscribe: ❤ MAKE SURE TO LEAVE A "LIKE" IF ...

How To Improve Your CS | LoL Diary

1 год назад

My personal exercises that will improve your CS. Subscribe to DarkBad TV for all upcoming gaming videos! Click Here To Subscribe! ▻ ...

LoL Guide: How To Get Diamond: How To Master A Champion [League Of Legends]

9 мес назад

A video guide on the things you can be doing, inside and outside the game to become a top-level player in your preferred champion! Please like and subscribe!

PONIES GET LOL SURPRISE DOLLS! Opening the Peeing Crying Dolls + GIVEAWAY!

4 мес назад

THE MANE 6 GET LOL BALLS! Opening + GIVEAWAY! I've been searching for LOL Balls for months now! I finally found some in-stock at Target and snagged 8 ...

How to get FREE Riot Points in League of Legends 2017 | LoL RP Hack | WITH PROOF

9 мес назад

Hello guys! We are sure you are here because you are looking for free Riot Points. Well, we have some really great news for you! Today we are going to show ...

Falconshield - Get Dunked feat. Nicki Taylor (Original LoL Music - Vi)

3 год назад

Well, incidentally, it was exactly(on the day) two years ago Here Comes Vi was released with Nicki Taylor on vocals. Funny enough, we did a Vi song with Nicki ...

LoL Best Moments 220 Faker gets outplayed by challenger girl

1 мес назад

Faker gets outplayed by challenger girl and funny, best lol moments Help me reach 500.000 subscribes: My music ...

How To Get Worlds Recall and Emote | LOL Hextech Crafting

11 мес назад

How to get the World Championship 2016 Summoner Icon, Recall and Emote of your favorite League of Legends Pro Team :D Championship Hextech Chests ...