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Ukraine: Far-right groups mobilise for day of 'National Dignity' in Kiev

8 час назад

Far-right organisations Right Sector, National Corp and The Azov Battalion combined forces and held a march called 'National Dignity' in Kiev on Wednesday.

Australia: Shopping centre in flames after Melbourne plane crash kills five

2 дн назад

A plane flying from Melbourne to Australia's King Island crashed into a shopping centre in Essendon, a suburb of northern Melbourne on Tuesday, killing all five ...

Yemen: Two sailors killed in Houthi attack on Saudi warship

3 нед назад

At least two sailors were killed on board a Saudi warship during an attack on the vessel off the coast of Yemen, with footage purportedly showing the strike ...

LIVE: Protesters to rally in Bobigny against police violence

2 нед назад

Ruptly will be live from Bobigny, in the Seine-Saint-Denis suburb of Paris on Saturday, February 11, as activists are expected to protest against police violence ...

Russia: Special Forces showcase combat skills to mark professional holiday

4 мес назад

Special Forces units of Russia's Western Military District demonstrated their combat skills during field exercises in Pskov region, Monday. Replicating real-life ...

Russia: Meet the hero cat who SAVED an abandoned baby

2 год назад

A long-haired cat named Masha was basking in the glory of her reputation as a neighbourhood hero in the Russian city of Obninsk on Wednesday, days after ...

Russia: See Sukhoi Su-30SM jets tear up the skies

10 мес назад

Footage emerged, Saturday, showing a fighter aviation division preparing Sukhoi Su-30SM jets for combat duty at the Millerovo airbase in Rostov Region.

Ukraine: Punches fly during speech in parliament

3 мес назад

The leader of Ukraine's Radical Party Oleg Lyashko was punched in the face by Opposition Bloc Deputy Yury Boyko in Kiev on Monday. Lyashko was speaking ...

LIVE: NASA to hold press conference on 'discovery beyond our solar system'

10 час назад

NASA is to hold a press conference where it is expected to announce findings on "planets that orbit stars other than the sun," or exoplanets, in Washington DC ...

Iraq: Peshmerga forces shoot down IS drone during Mosul advance

4 мес назад

Kurdish Peshmerga forces advanced through the village of Nawaran, north of Mosul, Thursday, as they continued their campaign against the self-proclaimed ...

Spain: Refugees receive assistance after scaling Ceuta border fence

6 дн назад

Several hundred refugees waited to receive medical and administrative assistance, Friday, after scaling a border fence to reach Spain's North African enclave of ...

LIVE: Operation to seize Iraqi city of Mosul gets underway

4 мес назад

An operation to liberate the key Iraqi city of Mosul after two years of IS control continues on Tuesday, October 18. The army of Popular Mobilization Units has ...

Argentina: Farmer discovers 10,000-year-old glyptodon fossil in Ezeiza

1 год назад

After a farmer stumbled across a metre-long shell in a rural area outside the city of Ezeiza on Christmas Day, a team of paleontologists confirmed on Wednesday ...

Germany: See Berlin leftists clash with police, anti-immigration protesters

2 год назад

Video ID: 20141122-025 W/S Protesters clashing with police M/S Police detaining protester W/S Protesters clashing with police M/S Protesters clashing with ...

Un helicóptero no tripulado invisible para los radares se muestra en IDEX-2017

23 час назад

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Syria: Syrian Army targets militant-controlled areas in Homs Province

3 нед назад

Syrian Arab Army soldiers launched an operation targetting militant-controlled areas in the southeast of Tiyas (T4) Airbase in Homs Governorate, Tuesday.

Syria: Aleppo holds first football match in five years

4 нед назад

Supporters of Al-Itihad and Al-Hurryeh football clubs flocked to an Aleppo stadium, Saturday, to witness the first football match to take place in Aleppo since 2012 ...

Ukraine: Drone captures destruction of 'Debaltsevo Cauldron' one year on

1 год назад

Drone footage shot on Thursday shows the war-scarred landscape and damaged villages around what became known, during the height of the Ukrainian ...

LIVE: Normandy Four talks kick off in Berlin

4 мес назад

The Normandy Four meeting is taking place on Wednesday, October 19, in Berlin. The summit held in the so-called Normandy format will see a meeting ...

LIVE: Protests run on in Bucharest after govt. repeal corruption decree

2 нед назад

Thousands of people are expected to rally in front of the Victoria Palace in Bucharest on Sunday, February 5, following the announcement made by the ...

Russia: Down boy! Putin’s security dog startles Japanese media

2 мес назад

Russian President Vladimir Putin brought his Japanese Akita breed dog, Yume, with him to an interview with representatives from the Japanese Nippon ...