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Romania: British jets begin NATO air patrolling mission

6 час назад

Around 150 British pilots and technical workers participated at a ceremony to mark the troops' four-month long deployment to Romania, at Mihail Kogalniceanu ...

LIVE from Bosphorus after Russian navy vessel sinks following collision

22 час назад

Live from Bosphorus after a Russian navy ship sunk, after colliding with a vessel near the Turkish coast on Thursday, April 27. Video ID: Video on Demand: ...

LIVE: Military vehicles parade through Tverskaya Street en route to V-Day rehearsal

19 час назад

Military vehicles parade through Tverskaya Street in Moscow on Thursday, April 27, en route to Red Square for a night-time rehearsal of the 2017 Moscow ...

LIVE: Protests take place in Cologne against AfD party conference

6 дн назад

Several groups of protesters rally in Cologne on Saturday, April 22, against the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party's conference taking place in the city.

Russia: China-Russia relations at 'unprecedentedly high level' - Putin

2 дн назад

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Director of the General Office of the Communist Party of China Li Zhanshu praised Russian-Chinese relations at a meeting ...

LIVE: Protests hit Paris on presidential election night

5 дн назад

Protesters take to the streets of Paris on Sunday, April 23, as the 2017 French presidential elections are underway. A “night of the barricades” has been called to ...

Russia: Putin and Abe call for calm rhetoric over North Korea

17 час назад

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, called for the states involved in the North Korea situation to refrain from "hostile rhetoric", at a joint press conference in ...

Syria: Russian troops enjoy Easter treats blessed by Patriarch Kirill in Latakia

2 нед назад

Russian soldiers serving at the Hmeymim Airbase in Syria celebrated Easter Sunday with cakes sent from Russia and consecrated by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow ...

Turkey: Coastguard boats return to shore after Russian Navy ship rescue mission

19 час назад

Search and rescue boats returned to shore on Thursday after a failed mission to recover a Russian navy ship that sank following a collision in the Black Sea.

Russia: Korean Peninsula could become 'another bleeding source of instability' - Zakharova

17 час назад

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova stated that the situation on the Korean Peninsula could turn into “another bleeding source of instability ...

LIVE: Protests against police violence reignited in Paris after Chinese man killed

4 нед назад

Protesters are demonstrating against police violence in Paris on Sunday, April 2, following the killing of a man of Chinese ethnicity at his home. Fifty-six-year-old ...

Syria: Wild football fans fill Aleppo stadium seats in free-for-all match

21 час назад

Fans of the al-Ittihad Sports Club of Aleppo and the Damascus-based al-Jaish SC flocked into the Aleppo Youth Care Stadium, Wednesday, after the home ...

LIVE from London as armed police close roads in political district

20 час назад

LIVE from Whitehall, London as a road near UK government offices and Downing Street is closed. Earlier in the afternoon, several armed police officers tackled ...

France: Protesters hurl glass bottles at anti-Macron and Le Pen demo in Paris

1 дн назад

Protesters hurled bottles and smoke bombs at a demonstration against the final candidates in the upcoming presidential elections in Paris on Thursday. Video ...

Germany: Police to RUPTLY: soldier posing as refugee detained over suspected attack plot

18 час назад

A 28-year old German soldier, who allegedly posed as a Syrian refugee, was arrested on suspicion of plotting a gun attack, Chief Prosecutor for Frankfurt region ...

State of Palestine: Running battles between protesters and IDF in hunger strike solidarity action

16 час назад

Violence continued between protesters and soldiers from the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) near a military checkpoint at the northern entrance of Bethlehem, ...

France: Cars BURN as Paris protesters lash out at election result

4 дн назад

Vehicles were set ablaze near Stalingrad metro station in Paris on Sunday, as part of the nationwide 'Night of the Barricades' protests, which began following the ...

Russia: Troops fire replica WWII guns in preparations for Victory Day

1 нед назад

Russian troops are gearing up for this year's Victory Day parade by conducting a rehearsal at the Alabino training ground in Moscow Region, Tuesday.

LIVE: Protesters take to the streets of London as Britain First holds an anti-Islam demo

4 нед назад

Far-right party Britain First is due to hold an anti-Islam demonstration in London on Saturday, April 1. The protest, under the banner “London Under Attack”, ...

LIVE: Protest hits Paris day before presidential elections

6 дн назад

A protest takes place in Paris on Saturday, April 22, the day before the first round of the French presidential election. Organised by several French unions and ...

France: Paris rocked by clashes as protesters rally following presidential election

5 дн назад

Clashes erupted when protesters gathered in Paris to denounce the French presidential election on Sunday. Police deployed tear gas and protesters retaliated ...