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Philippines: Duterte vows to be 'harsh' with martial law in Mindanao

3 дн назад

The president of the Philippines has warned he will deal harshly with militants after martial law was declared on the southern Mindanao island. The move to ...

euronews reporter - America's generation debt

5 год назад In the United States, university students graduate with an average of 25000 dollars of debt. Today, half of those graduates are either ...

Rally against 'nationalists' - Macron's call after French election success

1 мес назад

In one year, we have changed the face of politics. That from independent centrist Emmanuel Macron, as he sealed his place in the second round of France's ...

Trump tells NATO members to pay their share

2 дн назад

American grumbles that Europeans don't pay enough for their own defence are nothing new. But there were pained looks across the faces of NATO leaders as ...

President Trump meets NATO and EU leaders in Brussels

2 дн назад

Read more on this story: And more on Trump's visit to Brussels: ...

Philippine troops battle Islamists in besieged city

2 дн назад

Philippine troops backed by attack helicopters battled dozens of Islamist militants holed up in a besieged southern city on Thursday. The army sent about 100 ...

Iraqi forces close in on Mosul

2 нед назад

Iraqi security forces are said to be only days away from retaking Mosul from the self-styled Islamic State group. The army's chief of staff "told the ...

Man U fans hail 'victory over terrorism'

2 дн назад

Manchester United gave its grieving home city a timely cause for cheer by winning their first Europa League trophy on Wednesday, beating Ajax 2-0 in Sweden.

Turkey referendum results: contention and celebrations

1 мес назад

Supporters of President Erdogan have begun celebrations in Istanbul as results of the much-awaited referendum came in. Speaking at the AK party HQ, prime ...

Trumplomacy: the best of Donald's worst moments in Europe

20 час назад

What are the top stories today? Click to watch: euronews: the most watched ...

Macron - the hard work starts now

2 нед назад

Pro-Europe centrist Emmanuel Macron is the new president of France. The 39-year-old vowed to work to heal divisions in society. Macron's inauguration is a first ...

[Watch] the glow of Europe by night from Space

2 нед назад

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet has published a new video of Europe from the International Space Station by night. Night-flight over Europe with ...

Vladimir Putin ready to disclose President Trump talk transcript

1 нед назад

Vladamir Putin has said he is willing to hand over a transcript of talks between Donald Trump and senior Russian officials. Speaking in Sochi alongside Italian ...

"Turkey is no longer an EU candidate", MEP says

2 мес назад

Turkey's integration with the EU has been a long and complicated story. But is it likely to ever join the union? Euronews talked to German liberal MEP Graf ...

Man arrested for "wanting to shoot Donald Trump"

11 мес назад

A man arrested at a Donald Trump rally at the weekend for allegedly trying to grab a policeman's gun said he wanted to shoot the candidate. The Secret Service ...

Protesters kept away from G7 but message getting across

19 час назад

Giant puppets of world leaders attempting to pull Donald Trump towards the Paris climate deal ... just one of the scenes at the G7 summit in Sicily. The gathering ...

Kushner under the FBI microscope

1 дн назад

The son-in-law and senior adviser to President Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, is under the FBI microscope as part of the probe into the Trump campaign's ...

North Korea will talk to US "if conditions are right"

2 нед назад

A senior North Korean diplomat reportedly says Pyongyang would have dialogue with the US if the conditions were right. *Where has the claim come from?

Syrian war brings Russia and Iran closer together

2 мес назад

As Syria's six year-long civil war has sucked in both regional and international players, Iran and Russia have found themselves forging a new strategic alliance ...