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English Version 101 year Old wins gold in 100m

3 час назад

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8 мес назад

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Flying cars at luxury auto show in Monaco

3 час назад

The world's top luxury car brands were in Monaco from April 20-23, but it was flying cars like this one from Aeromobil that stole the show.

Iran nuclear deal branded a "failure" by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

6 дн назад

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said the deal struck with Iran in 2015 amounts to "passing the buck" on to future administrations. The agreement, which ...

Italian cycling champion Michele Scarponi killed in road accident

3 дн назад

The sporting world is mourning the death of the Italian cycling champion Michele Scarponi. The winner of the 2011 Giro d'Italia championship has died after ...

euronews reporter - America's generation debt

4 год назад In the United States, university students graduate with an average of 25000 dollars of debt. Today, half of those graduates are either ...

Polls open in tightly-fought French election

2 дн назад

The polls have opened in one of France's most unpredictable presidential elections in decades. The vote comes amid an unprecedented context of security and ...

'There is no future here' - Venezuelans stage mass sit-ins

20 час назад

Mass sit-ins in Venezuela, as anti-government protesters keep up the pressure for early elections. Here in Caracas, roads were blocked, as demonstrators also ...

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7 мес назад

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Rally against 'nationalists' - Macron's call after French election success

2 дн назад

In one year, we have changed the face of politics. That from independent centrist Emmanuel Macron, as he sealed his place in the second round of France's ...

Turkey referendum results: contention and celebrations

1 нед назад

Supporters of President Erdogan have begun celebrations in Istanbul as results of the much-awaited referendum came in. Speaking at the AK party HQ, prime ...

Greece: the land of honey

3 нед назад

This honey is behind a success story in a country going through one of its hardest times ever. Attaki honey is a family run business which was founded in 1928.

Thousands protest outside far-right party conference in Germany

3 дн назад

Thousands of left-wing protesters have tried to disrupt a conference being held by Germany's far-right, anti-immigration party. Delegates of Alternative for ...

101 year old wins gold in 100m

4 час назад

What are the top stories today? Click to watch: euronews: the most watched ...

Greece's island refugee camps buckle under the strain

2 нед назад

Souda refugee camp on Chios is one of two camps on the Greek Island. Around 800 people live in a tented city. Most of them are from Syria. The rest are ...

Turkey-EU relations reaching a 'crossroads'

2 нед назад

Turkish voters go to the polls this Sunday. Nearly 55 million are eligible to take part in the referendum, on a revision of the constitution. Among other things, it ...

Freed journalist returns to Italy

1 дн назад

An Italian journalist who was detained in Turkey two weeks ago while doing research for a book has been released. Gabriele del Grande flew straight back to ...

Russia, Iran, Syria denounce US 'act of aggression'

2 нед назад

Russia has once again denounced what it called 'an act of aggression', after the US missile strike on a Syrian airbase in retaliation to a reported use of chemical ...

Man arrested for "wanting to shoot Donald Trump"

10 мес назад

A man arrested at a Donald Trump rally at the weekend for allegedly trying to grab a policeman's gun said he wanted to shoot the candidate. The Secret Service ...

Fatal shooting at Russian FSB office

3 дн назад

Russia's Federal Security Service, the FSB, said on Friday a gunman had burst into one of its offices in the far east of the country and opened fire, killing one of ...

Trump approaches 100 days in power

34 мин назад

This Saturday, marks Donald Trump's first 100 days in office. For American presidents, this is an important period: Usually Congress is willing to make its biggest ...