800 year old Hammered silver coin ,beautiful Roman artefacts and coins

4 дн назад

My luck keeps holding what an awesome year 2016 turned out to be.

More Roman Artifacts and Coins

2 нед назад

This really is the field of dreams.

Czech Republic gives Roman coins galore

4 нед назад

2016 was good to me.2017 will be better hopefully.

Breaking. Putin Tells his Forces to get ready for war with the west.

1 мес назад

Putin . Itching to start WWIII . Might just achieve his ambition.

Very rare and stunning Roman ,Celtic and Medieval coins

2 мес назад

These are the finds of all finds.

How to make Chinese style curry paste

2 мес назад

Cooking is sometimes very rewarding ,especially if you can make those treats you are so fond of.I miss the Chinese style curries l use to buy from the take away .

Silver coins ,Roman Coins, Stunning Ring Fibular Brooch

2 мес назад

I have had an amazing season with some spectacular historical finds .Join me now and experience history coming to the surface.

GOLD How and Where to find it, Magnet fishing & Metal detecting

2 мес назад

Gold prospecting is not as easy as it seems .You need to know geology and many other tricks to work out where to search.I am still learning and I guarantee I will ...

The 2 faces of Obama ,Americas worst President leaves office

2 мес назад

Barack Obama the man who promised mountains yet performed mole hills .

Roman coins & Fibular Brooch with Stunning detail

3 мес назад

Metal Detecting is full of surprises . I was stunned when I saw the detail on the Roman coins I found .All those years in the ground and they looked like they were ...

A Trip to Vegas

3 мес назад

Some of the exotic views and sites you ever saw.

Detecting UK. Roman finds in LiverpooL & Nottingham

3 мес назад

Made a trip to the UK and had a few hours detecting .Here are the results.

2000 year old coins and Roman trumpet that will blow your mind

3 мес назад

If you are into history ,this video is for you.I never expected to find a Roman trumpet but I did. Please share this video.

Day trip to Dubai with a beautiful lady

3 мес назад

Had a wonderful day out with stunning looking guide in Dubai. come and join us.

4 Roman coin hunt

3 мес назад

History at it´s best in this video . I hope you enjoy it .

310 year Old Silver Hammered and Napolionic finds

4 мес назад

Something as simple as a button can hold so much information . I did some research and found This .

How to land metal detect Sucessfully

4 мес назад

Metal Detecting is a gret sport If you want to be successful you need need the right attitude and the right equipment .

Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA Agent ,Girlfriend reveals

4 мес назад

Judyth Vary Baker a young budding cancer researcher in Florida caught the attention of Americas top Cancer researcher Dr Ochsner. He arranged for Judyth to ...

Roman Silver and Huge Dinarius on the day Trump wins

4 мес назад

What a Phenomenal Day Trump puts lying Bitch in her place and I find awesome Roman coins .

Obama now officially endorses Trump after clinton Arrest

5 мес назад

Donald Trump has been officially endorsed by President Obama after Clinton´s arrest .

Hilary Clinton´s swan Song

5 мес назад

She´s going to do some Jail Time.