Hidden WW2 NAZI Bunker found in wood

13 час назад

Whilst out searching for new detecting spots I came across a WW2 Nazi bunker.I just had to come back and explore it.

Tickle Borton

5 дн назад

Jessie is 15 Today.

How to detect and repair leaks in a swimming pool

1 нед назад

My swimming pool was losing vast amounts of water overnight .It's obvious there was a leak.How could I find it.

Roman and 1705 silver hammered

2 нед назад

Tried something I don't normally do and it paid off with a Roman and 1705 silver hammered.

Around Europe in 80 mins

2 нед назад

I had a long standing subscriber visit me from Oregon USA .She an her family stayed for a week. A good time was had by all.Why can't all my visitors be so polite ...

How to make a beautiful garden rockery and crazy paving pathway

3 нед назад

A few tips on how to make a beautiful garden rockery and how to make crazy paving at no cost.

Roman Bell find.

4 нед назад

This is a rare find but it is confirmed as Roman.

Don't take life for granted

1 мес назад

Every one of you are special.You get one shot at being a decent human being.Don't take your life for granted as though you will be here forever,YOU WON'T.Try ...

Silver and Roman from Czech Republic

1 мес назад

Join us in an adventure to uncover history and treasure.

Gold & big Treasure Recovered in Dubai

2 мес назад

This is a video that will interest you greatly .

Manchester concert Terror . Culprits found .

2 мес назад

The Terrorist is our government for allowing an inundation of Muslims to overrun our culture and society .Parliament must be held to account.

Trump Fights back with new Clinton Enquiry

2 мес назад

The Democrats .Villains, whore masters godless self seeking ambitious tricksters . Donald trump fights back.

Deep Scuba Diving, Furniture Retoration How to Tile a floor

2 мес назад

Here is a bit of everything . I hope you find it interesting .

Judds BBQ

3 мес назад

You won't believe this fella.

Visitor from Arizona makes incredible ancient find Part 2

3 мес назад

If your into excitement ,History .Your at the right channel . Just sit back and let your imagination drift.

Visitor from Arizona Makes incredible ancient find

3 мес назад

The earth holds many secrets to discover the wonder of these secrets and and learn about history you need to be where it's at.

Old Siver coin Roman coins, Ancient Ring & Pendant

4 мес назад

Its amazing how much stuff you can find in the middle of nowhere . It tells a story of the human activity that was there, before our time by hundreds of years and ...

Draining the swamp

4 мес назад

A long hard winter has taken it's toll on my fish pond population. It required draining and a thorough cleaning . Hear are a few tips .

800 year old Hammered silver coin ,beautiful Roman artefacts and coins

4 мес назад

My luck keeps holding what an awesome year 2016 turned out to be.

More Roman Artifacts and Coins

5 мес назад

This really is the field of dreams.

Czech Republic gives Roman coins galore

5 мес назад

2016 was good to me.2017 will be better hopefully.