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Is A Vegan Diet Bad For Dogs And Cats?

7 дн назад

Vegan diets for pets can be a hot topic for some, so let's see what a diet without animal products would mean for cats and dogs! Jessi is a wildlife educator and ...

Caring For The Animals When Sick

2 нед назад

Jessi is sick but still gets some good animal snuggles in with the macaws, foxes, and more. Plus gives quick exams to those who need it. Our Video Sponsors: ...

Baby Toucan's New Home

3 нед назад

Zeema the baby toucan is getting bigger but the care she needs is complicated due to her health issues. We're so happy with how CDE Animal Cages has ...

Guinea Pigs! What, Where, How

4 нед назад

Get to know guinea pigs! What are they? Where do they come from? And How do you care for them as pets? *Yes we've done this topic before, 4 years ago.

Preparing A Proper Parrot Diet

1 мес назад

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How To Get A Career Working With Animals

1 мес назад

Taylor, lead animal keeper at Animal Wonders, shares her tips and advice on how to get your animal dream job! Our Video Sponsors: Michael Stout Bianca T ...

Macaw Jungle Gym | New Perches!

2 мес назад

Joy and Scarlet get moved into a new room with new perches! We love animal home improvements so much! Here's where we got the perches: ...

Are Exotic Animals Safe For Kids?

2 мес назад

Can you let kids interact with exotic animals? Is it safe? Of course it's not safe, but by following a few rules and guidelines it is possible. Jessi shows some real ...

Rescued Baby Toucan

2 мес назад

Meet Zeema the baby toucan. She's had a really rough life so far, but she's going to get all the help she needs from now on. Instagram: ...

Are The Animals Lefties or Righties?

2 мес назад

Jessi experiments to see if the animals are lefties or righties. Including a: monkey, porcupine, lizard, beaver, scorpion, and parrot! Do you have an animal with a ...

Parrot Parts | What's Normal, What's Not?

3 мес назад

Parrots have different parts than humans. Some of their parts look pretty weird to us, so if something on your parrot is tripping you up and you don't know if it's ...

Sharing The Romping Room

3 мес назад

How does an African crested porcupine share with a Patagonian cavy? We made a new door within a door so the two can share the dirt floored romping room.

Turacos! Little Known Wonders

3 мес назад

Jessi shares her love for turacos and goes on a walk down memory lane with two of the white cheeked turacos she had the privilege of caring for. Curly Bird on ...

New Skunk Habitat!

3 мес назад

Lollipop the skunk gets moved into a new and better location! We're so happy she gets to experience all the new things! Want to buy her a toy?

Porcupine Licks Pumpkins | Teeth Update

3 мес назад

Kemosabe the prehensile tailed porcupine runs around, licks an apple and gourds, and we update you on his health. Kemosabe's Tree Fort video: ...

Meet And Greet: Scarlet the Green Wing Macaw

4 мес назад

Jessi introduces Scarlet the green wing macaw, shares how she came to be at Animal Wonders, and talks about their future plans. Our Video Sponsors: ...

Are All The Birds Sick?

4 мес назад

We found out who has Avian Bornavirus and we've decided what to do. Our Video Sponsors: Hammond Abigail Beales Josh Shultz Breanne Faehnrich Sean B ...

Tessa Violet Smells Our Animals

4 мес назад

Tessa Violet visits and we welcome her by having her smell our animals and seeing if she can guess what they are! Music by Tessa Violet ...

My Path To An Animal Dream Job

4 мес назад

Taylor takes you on the adventure of how she found her animal dream job. It took exploring what was out there before finding her perfect fit. Our Video Sponsors: ...

The Scariest Parrot Disease

5 мес назад

What is PDD and why is it such a scary disease for birds? Is Joy the blue and gold macaw sick? Jessi explains how the disease affects birds and how it's ...

Unboxing Plus! Updates

5 мес назад

A package arrives for the animals and Jessi is too busy to write a script for an episode. So that means you get an unboxing plus unscripted updates, plus a ...