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Chopsticks the Quaker Parrot is Hilarious

4 год назад

BONUS VIDEO: Chopsticks the Quaker Parrot plays it up on camera. He's a comedian. Our Video Sponsors: Hammond Cade Mcfadden Kipp, the World's Most ...

Kemosabe's Tree Fort

6 год назад

Kemosabe in his Tree Fort at Animal Wonders Facts about Kemo start at about 2:12 A prehensile porcupine aka coendou is from South America found in the ...

Parrot's First Day Home

4 год назад

Jessi gives advice on what to do on the first few days after bringing a companion bird home. This advice works for parrots, parakeets, conures, cockatiels, ...

What Animals Wear

5 год назад

Jessi shows some examples of different kinds of body coverings that occur in a wide variety animals. Spider and snake warning! Also some cuteness at the end ...

Cockatiels! What, Where, How

2 год назад

What is a cockatiel, Where do they come from, and How do we properly care for them in captivity? Jessi and Steve have the answers! List of safe/toxic foods (and ...

Kemosabe and his Papaya - Unscripted

5 год назад

Kemosabe the prehensile-tailed porcupine, or coendou, loves his fruit including papaya. He lives at Animal Wonders and gives educational presentations about ...

The Truth About Chopsticks the Quaker Parrot

3 год назад

Jessi tells the truth about sharing life with Chopsticks the Quaker Parrot who can mimic so well. When he's not saying adorable things, he's not as cuddly as it ...

Rats! What, Where, and How

3 год назад

Jessi explains what rats are, where they came from, and how to care for them in captivity. Rats are awesome in so many ways! Our Video Sponsors: Robert K.

Steve the Cockatiel

3 год назад

Jessi introduces you to the newest animal ambassador at Animal Wonders: Steve the cockatiel. He's pretty darn cute! Our Video Sponsors: Robert K. Katie ...

Meet and Greet: Seraphina

4 год назад

Jessi introduces you to a very special ambassador, Seraphina the red fox. Sera is a spunky and adventurous fox who has been an ambassador at Animal ...

5 Signs Your Bird is Sick

3 год назад

Jessi shares 5 ways to tell if your bird might be sick. Featuring lots of the birds at Animal Wonders (that aren't sick, just happy to join in the fun of the day) Our ...

Meet and Greet: Hara and Twirly

3 год назад

Jessi introduces Hara the Harris' Hawk and Twirly the Veiled Chameleon. Get to know who they are, what they like and don't like, and how they came to Animal ...

Animal Horror Stories

3 год назад

Jessi shares some of the stories she's been told about sad or terrible things that have happened to animals. But, there's always something good that can come ...

How to Introduce Two Parrots

2 год назад

Parrots kept as pets need a companion to be happy and healthy. Sometimes that role is filled by a human and other times another parrot friend is best, but ...

What's a Conure?

5 год назад

Jessi talks about classification terms and how we can use them to described groups of animals, like: parrots, parakeets, and conures. -- Looking for more ...

Chinchilla Introduction

2 год назад

Cheerio and Pebbles, the chinchillas, have met and are getting to know one another! We're in the process of introducing them in hopes that they become friends.

Chopsticks the Quaker Parrot

5 год назад

Chopsticks was rescued from Animal Control in May 2013. He has a fun and unique personality and we wanted to share a little bit about him. Each bird has their ...

Presents for the Animals!

2 год назад

Jessi delivers gifts from the Wishlist to the animals donated by viewers (like you!). Puzzle toys for foxes, wooden food dispenser for tortoises, and so many things ...

Keeping A Bearded Dragon Healthy | Femoral Pores |

11 мес назад

Bindi the Bearded Dragon lizard has some special needs that make it a challenge to care for him. His femoral pores need extra attention and Jessi shows you ...

Joy's Big Surprise

3 год назад

Joy gets a big surprise when supporters donations go toward purchasing her a new home! Thank you to everyone who watches, and shares our videos, ...

Bird Finger Perch

5 год назад

Jessi and Maui give a quick demonstration on how to properly have a parrot step onto and safely perch on your finger. -- Looking for more awesome animal stuff ...