Andrei Terbea

Why I Went To The STREAMY AWARDS (Knowing I'd Lose)

2 дн назад

WILFUR PLUSHIES: https://bit.ly/2JuraeK The Streamy Awards came and went, and I'm here to report on how the entire trip to Los Angeles went. TL;DR - it was ...

What To Do With 1000 ANGRY GEESE?!

2 нед назад

ADOPT A WILFUR PLUSHIE HERE: https://bit.ly/2JuraeK I'm really excited to finally launch this! It's been a long process to get the plushie looking just right, and ...

How SHANE DAWSON Reinvented Collabs (And Paid The Price For It)

1 мес назад

Shane Dawson's series on "The Mind of Jake Paul" has been the talk of the town since the first episode came out. People have come out to criticize him, Logan ...

What Happens After You Go Viral

2 мес назад

EDIT: I've taken out my link to BetterHelp as I no longer feel comfortable promoting it. Longer explanation pinned in the comments. Today we talk about what ...

KSI vs LOGAN PAUL: A Very Convenient Draw

3 мес назад

The boxing match between KSI and Logan Paul has finally happened. Was it rigged like many people are claiming? Find out after the break. #KSI #LoganPaul ...

A Thousand Thousands Later.

3 мес назад

This little video from 2013 still pretty much sums up how I feel 5 years later. Thank you. FIND ME IN OTHER PLACES: ➤INSTAGRAM: ...

Andrei & Wilfur Stop The APOCALYPSE?! (Giveaway Winners)

3 мес назад

Preventing the robot apocalypse is no easy thing, but leave it to the bois to step up and get things done! We also have the results from the Huion Giveaway!

JAKE PAUL: The Hero Nobody Asked For

3 мес назад

While everyone was focused on the boxing match, Jake Paul was out there saving lives. Behold, The Mind Of Jake Paul.. *ahem*, I mean..."Sherlock Paul".

KSI Has Already Lost To LOGAN PAUL. (Here's what I mean by that.)

4 мес назад

Thanks to SeatGeek for sponsoring this video. Use code ANDREI for $20 off your first order: https://sg.app.link/ANDREI KSI and Logan Paul, along with Deji and ...

ANDREI & WILFUR TRAVEL BACK IN TIME?! | Huion Kamvas Pro 22 Review

4 мес назад

We are giving away a beginner level Huion H950P drawing tablet. The rules for the giveaway are presented at the end of this video! LET'S GET A STREAMY ...


4 мес назад

Let's get this channel nominated for a Streamy Award! Submit your nomination here: https://bit.ly/2Nx7N5M FIND ME IN OTHER PLACES: ➤INSTAGRAM: ...

What Shane Dawson DIDN'T SAY In His TANACON Documentary!

4 мес назад

Shane Dawson made a great 3-part documentary on Tana Mongeau and the disaster that was Tanacon, but he left out something very important! Looking for a ...

How I Stole LOGAN PAUL's Fans With One Single Video!

5 мес назад

Logang for life? More like "Logang until Andrei drops a new vid." Don't @ me, Logan Paul. FIND ME IN OTHER PLACES: ➤INSTAGRAM: ...

How KSI Saved Logan Paul's Career

5 мес назад

This KSI vs Logan Paul fight is interesting to me for a number of reasons, which we're discussing in this video today. And by we I mean me. Wilfur is here too, but ...

Why WESTWORLD Is The Best Show On TV Right Now

5 мес назад

I think Westworld is underappreciated, so here I am spreading the lord's word about a brilliantly written show that might just be the best dramatic series on TV ...

Andrei Vs. TheOdd1sOut

5 мес назад

Someone wrote fan fiction about me and James aka Odd1sOut having an epic battle, and I just had to animate it. FIND ME IN OTHER PLACES: ➤INSTAGRAM: ...

200,000 SUBS!!!! (Celebration Stream Highlights)

6 мес назад

Yesterday we hit 200k subscribers and i made the super last minute decision to go live on Twitch and draw people in the chat as a way to celebrate. Follow me ...

Why This Video Isn't Sponsored.

6 мес назад

What are your thoughts on sponsored videos? FOLLOW ME ON THESE OTHER PLACES: ➤Instagram: @AndreiTerbea ➤Twitter: @AndreiTerbea ➤Twitch: ...

Why NINJA And I Are Successful.

6 мес назад

A quick case study on why Ninja absolutely deserves his spot and why most people underestimate what it takes to succeed. In case you've been living under a ...

Your Favorite YouTuber Doesn't Love You.

7 мес назад

Your pal Andrei here back at it with some cold hard facts. Sorry to break it to you but your favorite youtuber doesn't actually love you. FOLLOW ME ON THESE ...

Why I Turned Down Working With KYLIE JENNER!

7 мес назад

I had an opportunity to work with Kylie Jenner but I said "no thanks" and here's why. I feel like a lot of young animators or freelance artists fight this type of attitude ...