Micah Cate

one year down...

2 нед назад

All the tears. Man oh man, as challenging as college is, this year has been so incredible. I leave today to go home and while I'm so ready to see my family and ...

The Fregoli Project BTS

3 нед назад

Okay, let me explain: I worked on a short film this semester as the bts photographer so it was my job to be on set and capture behind the scenes photos and ...

Headstands and Volleyball (College Vlog)

1 мес назад

Wowza, I have like ehh 3ish weeks left of freshman year and I am shooketh. I'm having such a blast here and I'm going to miss my friends a lot :( Comment below ...

Talking to my Past Self About College [kinda cool]

1 мес назад

Wowza, this was such a neat experience, I hope this encourages you in whatever you're fearing right now. I was super nervous to come to college and I was ...

M•Y F•R•I•E•N•D•S (Friends Theme Song Remake)

1 мес назад

An idea that bloomed in my head the Saturday of this past weekend and came to life the next evening :) Talk about efficiency! I have a ton of people to thank for ...

Q&A w/ The Roomie :)

2 мес назад

Finally finally me and Kenzie sit down for an honest Q&A... Thanks for all who submitted questions!

A Lot Happened Today (Vlog)

2 мес назад

Hey haha I think this is my most favorite vlog I've done while I've been at school, I feel like it's the most real I've been with y'all and I love you getting to know my ...

¿Hablo Español? (A Vlog)

3 мес назад

Hello hello, welcome back to my channel! Today's vlog was filmed a few weeks ago! It was a fun day so hopefully you enjoyed tagging along! I cannot believe ...

The Road Trip (The Office Spoof)

3 мес назад

Another office parody for Spring Retreat.. hope you like it! Probably won't do bloopers for this one, but a vlog's coming next week!!

The Office BTS/Bloopers

3 мес назад

Just a little Behind the Scenes for Tuesday :) Here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywo-qq_cj_0.

We Are the FAT Team (The Office)

3 мес назад

So I made this with a couple friends as a promo for a retreat for the college ministry we are a part of! I wasn't originally going to post it, but I'm actually super ...

Another Monday

4 мес назад

I've really got to get better at titles, yikes.. WAZZUP, IT'S MICAH COMIN' AT YOU WITH ANOTHER VLOG! It was so fun vlogging again so hope you enjoy!

Just Girly Things ;)

4 мес назад

Idk what this video is, man... but hey shoutout to Elaina for doing my eye makeup:) P.S I am so sorry for the wonky sounds and lighting... there's just no good way ...

19 Things I Have Never Done Before

5 мес назад

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY AND YEAH I GOT BANGS! Here's a project I've been working on for the past few weeks, some of these really put me out of my comfort zone ...

My Thursday (A Day in the Life of a College Student)

6 мес назад

Wow, I fell like I just uploaded my Monday vlog and we're already at Thursday?! I probably won't do Friday, but I do have some other video ideas I want to get ...

My Wednesday (Day in the Life of a College Student)

6 мес назад

Wednesdays are my favorite days :) Comment below some video requests because I'm itching to make something other than a vlog.

My Tuesday (Day in the Life of a College Student)

7 мес назад

Wow, videos two weeks in a row? Who's this? It me ;) You guys wanted to see the rest of my week so I think I'll do that! Here's a typical Tuesday in my college life, ...

My Monday (Day in the Life of a College Student)

7 мес назад

As requested here's a college vlog :)

In a Rut

8 мес назад

I'm not burnt out just kind of stuck I'll probably end up deleting this maybe possibly but I needed to let it out lol.

WELCOME TO OUR CRIB (College Dorm Tour)

9 мес назад

Surprise! I'm at college! I know I've been MIA, but thanks for 50000 subscribers! If you have any video requests I'm down to hear them! I'm joining Short Film Club ...

new york, new york

10 мес назад

So for my senior trip I had the opportunity to go to New York with my mom! It was my first time, and hopefully not my last because it was a dream come true.