Refugees and Immigrants Respond To Trump

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Being Trans in Trump's America

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Will Black Lives Matter in Trump’s America?

1 дн назад

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UN Official Forced To Quit After Report On Israeli Apartheid

1 дн назад

The report focused on violations of human rights by the Israel state by establishing an apartheid system that harasses the Palestinian people.

Looks Like Trump Has Attacked Nearly Everyone On Twitter, Except Putin

1 дн назад

Looks like Trump has attacked nearly everyone on Twitter, except Putin https://goo.gl/QKZ7PP.

60 Percent Of Muslim Americans Faced Religion-Based Harassment In 2016

1 дн назад

42 percent parents also complained their children were bullied at school https://goo.gl/bNo6bC.

Spicer Says Trumpcare Works Even Though Millions Of Americans Will Lose Coverage

2 дн назад

Despite the fact that 24 million Americans will lose their health care by 2026, Sean Spicer shamelessly insists Trumpcare works.

Kellyanne Conway: Trump ‘Doesn’t Know’ Former Advisers With Alleged Russia Links

2 дн назад

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway says President Donald Trump “doesn't know” his former aides like Carter Page or J.D. Gordon. She is lying – again.

Al Franken Grills Gorsuch Over His Cruel Decision In The ‘Frozen Trucker’ Case

2 дн назад

Senator Al Franken (D-MN) called out Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch over his decision in the “frozen trucker” case.

Everyday Americans share what Trump means for them.

2 дн назад

What does Trump mean for you?

Army Vet With PTSD, Who Served 2 Tours In Afghanistan, May Be Deported

2 дн назад

Is this how America plans to reward the people who risk their lives to protect it? https://goo.gl/BRvgGk.

Twitter Roasts Donald Trump Jr. Over Strange Lumberjack Photo

2 дн назад

The internet is brutally mocking flannel-clad Donald Trump Jr. over this weird outdoorsy photo. https://goo.gl/3VXACm.

Remember When Trump Aides Didn’t Want A Prez Under FBI Investigation?

2 дн назад

Not too long ago, team Trump bashed Hillary Clinton for being a presidential candidate who was under FBI investigation. https://goo.gl/H5nKoK.

Sean Spicer Scolds Reporter For Questioning ‘Very Limited Role’ Of Paul Manafort

3 дн назад

"Calm down. It's not your press briefing," says Spicer to ABC's Jonathan Karl.

Trump Calls Out Colin Kaepernick For Standing Against Racism

3 дн назад

President Donald Trump called out Colin Kaepernick for refusing to stand up for the national anthem.

Former CIA Chief Says Trump Should ‘Apologize’ To Obama Over Wiretap Claim

3 дн назад

Former CIA chief Leon Panetta says Trump should "apologize" to Obama over wiretap claim.

Roger Federer Singing With His Boy Band Is Everything

3 дн назад

Roger Federer is not only a champ at tennis, he can sing too. Earlier his singing skills weren't up to the mark, but this time around the performance was brilliant.

Donald Trump Criticized Obama For Doing Things He Is Now Doing Himself

3 дн назад

In yet another display of hypocrisy, Trump is doing the exact same things he once criticized Obama for. https://goo.gl/ZNHCir.

Donald Trump's Own Words Are Coming To Haunt His Presidency

3 дн назад

Donald Trump's own words are coming to haunt his presidency https://goo.gl/cXUS2m.

Trump Takes 7th Vacation After Promising He Won’t Take Any Vacations

4 дн назад

Is this how Trump means to keep his promise of not taking any vacations?

Chris Wallace Grills Paul Ryan On The ‘Freedom’ Of Trumpcare

4 дн назад

Fox News' Chris Wallace questions House Speaker Paul Ryan on the “freedom” of his health care plan.