Rep. Elijah Cummings Calls Out White House For ‘Covering Up’ For Michael Flynn

6 час назад

Rep. Elijah Cummings: The White House is 'covering up' for former NatSec adviser Michael Flynn.

FCC Chairman Begins His Assault Against Net Neutrality

20 час назад

FCC chairman begins his assault against net neutrality https://goo.gl/kWrxKX.

'Fake Trumps’ Gather In LA To Compete In POTUS Impersonation Contest

21 час назад

"I won! I won, I just keep winning, that's what I do, I win, that's all I do. I just keep winning," one impersonator said.

The Senate Took A Bus Ride To The White House And Learned Nothing New

22 час назад

The Senate took a bus ride to the White House and learned nothing new.

Turkey Arrests More Than 1,000 In Massive Police Crackdown

23 час назад

Turkish authorities have launched the nationwide operation against alleged supporters of Fethullah Gulen – the U.S-based cleric accused of orchestrating the ...

Joe Biden Has A Powerful Message About Sexual Assault

1 дн назад

Joe Biden delivered a moving speech at George Mason University as part of the “It's On Us” campaign.

People Earning $100000 Considered ‘Low Income’ In Bay Area, San Mateo

2 дн назад

For a family of four, an annual income of $105350 puts you in the “low-income” bracket https://goo.gl/i0AG4y.

Spicer Says White House Is Not Responsible For Michael Flynn Fiasco

2 дн назад

Sean Spicer tried to dodge questions about former NatSec adviser Michael Flynn breaking the law – failed miserably.

5 Lies About Undocumented Immigrants Fed By Trump - Debunked

2 дн назад

The POTUS has often accused undocumented immigrants of sucking up taxpayer money... https://goo.gl/BYdaeW.

Trump ‘Jokingly’ Says Nikki Haley Is ‘Easily’ Replaceable

2 дн назад

Trump jokingly says UN ambassador Nikki Haley is “easily” replaceable.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Child Trafficking In The US

2 дн назад

It might not receive the attention it deserves, but child trafficking continues to be the largest and most profitable criminal industries in existence.

Police Holds 5 Unarmed African-American Children At Gunpoint

3 дн назад

Video footage surfaced on the internet shows at least eight officers from the Grand's Rapid police department stopping young unarmed black kids at gunpoint.

Some Of The Worst Decisions Trump Has Made In His 100 Days In Office

3 дн назад

Some of the worst decisions Trump has made in his 100 days in Office https://goo.gl/7drgBe.

6 bizarre claims Trump made during his AP interview

3 дн назад

6 bizarre claims Trump made during his AP interview.

Sean Spicer Dodges CNN’s Jim Acosta’s Pertinent Question About Border Wall

3 дн назад

CNN's Jim Acosta pointed out to WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer that a wall was unnecessary if border crossings were already down. Spicer, predictably, didn't ...

Astronauts Teach Trump How To Recycle Urine In Space

3 дн назад

They also reminded him of the space exploration bill he had signed.

Homeland Security Chief Can’t Save Americans From Homegrown Terrorists

4 дн назад

The secretary of the Department of Homeland Security appeared clueless when asked to address the “most common” threat of domestic terrorism faced by the ...

Donald Trump’s Push For Border Wall Could Lead To Government Shutdown

4 дн назад

Donald Trump's push for border wall could lead to government shutdown.

Bernie Sanders Thinks The Democratic Party Is “Failing”

4 дн назад

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders believes the Democratic Party is failing.

There's No Such Thing As Child Prostitution

6 дн назад

"There is no such thing as child prostitution. All of those victims are actually sex trafficked victims," explains Emily Freeborn of Children at Risk. Stay connected to ...

2017 Has Been A Rough Year For Right-Wing Media Bigwigs, So Far

6 дн назад

Milo Yinnapolous, Tomi Lahren, Alex Jones and now Bill O'Reilly. 2017 has been a rough year for right-wing media personalities, but no one's complaining.