Kansas Man Allegedly Shot 2 Men After Yelling ‘Get Out Of My Country’

19 час назад

Despite witnesses claiming the man had yelled, “Get out of my country” before opening fire, police have not confirmed the incident as a hate crime.

Private Prisons Will Make Even More Money, Thanks To Jeff Sessions

20 час назад

Sessions signals support for private, for-profit prisons https://goo.gl/u08AYn.

Reporter Grills Sean Spicer On Transgender Laws

22 час назад

Spicer said President Trump believes transgender rights is a "states' rights" issue. What about human rights?

Kellyanne Conway: ‘A Lot Of Women Just Have A Problem With Women In Power’

22 час назад

Anti-male and pro-abortion”: Conway still doesn't understand what feminism means.

Steve Bannon Details Trump's Agenda To ‘Deconstruct’ Washington

1 дн назад

Did Bannon just say Trump's cabinet appointees intend to destroy the government?

Emails Reveal Scott Pruitt’s Cozy Relations With Oil And Gas Industry

2 дн назад

Scott Pruitt, the new administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, has very close ties with the industry he is supposed to regulate.

Does Trump Plan To Make America Great Again With This Messy Cabinet?

2 дн назад

Nearly a month into his presidency, President Trump has formed much of his cabinet - but it looks like a giant mess https://goo.gl/ftdVLc.

Palestinian Children Get More Jail Time Than Israeli Soldier Who Killed Injured Man

2 дн назад

Five Palestinian children got more jail time than, Elor Azaria, the Israeli soldier who executed an unarmed, injured man https://goo.gl/O46kZS.

GOP Lawmakers Are Avoiding Town Halls So They Don’t Get Yelled At

2 дн назад

Republican lawmakers are skipping town halls to avoid angry voters https://goo.gl/lU69nR.

Water Protectors At Standing Rock Brace For Eviction

2 дн назад

As eviction looms after Trump's orders, water protectors leave the protest site at Standing Rock.

Angry Constituents Confront Sen. Tom Cotton At Arkansas Town Hall

2 дн назад

Things got heated at Sen. Tom Cotton's town hall event in Arkansas.

DNC Chair Candidate Says Trump Is ‘Marching Us Towards Fascism’

2 дн назад

DNC Chair Candidate Jehmu Greene says Trump is 'marching us towards fascism'

1.4 Million Children At Imminent Risk Of Death In Famine

3 дн назад

1.4 million children at imminent risk of death in famine https://goo.gl/J2iWbB.

Muslim Americans Raise Thousands To Repair Vandalized Jewish Cemetery

3 дн назад

No one should have to see their loved ones' graves desecrated," said El-Messidi https://goo.gl/FQXQr1.

Anne Frank Center Director Blasts Trump Over Anti-Semitism Response

3 дн назад

Anne Frank Center Director Steven Goldstein said Trump's anti-Semitism response is "too little"

Angry Constituent Confronts Mitch McConnell Over Trump’s ‘Bring Back Jobs’ Pledge

3 дн назад

A puzzled Mitch McConnell didn't have any reply to this constituent's angry complaint.

Sean Spicer Dodges Question About Rise In Anti-Muslim Hate Groups

3 дн назад

Sean Spicer was asked about anti-Muslim hate groups. This was response.

African Migrants Celebrate After Jumping 20-Foot-Long Spanish Fence

4 дн назад

"Victory!" African migrants celebrate after jumping 20-foot-long Spanish fence https://goo.gl/C13xTr.

Milo Yiannopoulos Seems To Be Paying For His Pedophilia Comments

4 дн назад

The alt-right poster boy apparently believes the standard for pedophilia is whether the younger partner has gone through puberty or not. https://goo.gl/jxdgqR.

'Not My President’s Day' Rallies Draw Thousands To The Streets

4 дн назад

NotMyPresidentsDay rallies draw thousands to the streets https://goo.gl/WzA9dx.

British MP Reminds Trump That Muslims Are Not The Enemy

4 дн назад

'I am not the enemy': Labour Party MP Naz Shah delivered a heartfelt speech against Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric.