March For Our Lives: What Are Your Rights As A High-School Student Protester?

9 час назад

Can your school discipline you for off-campus activism? Will participating in the protest affect your chances of getting into a good college? What if the police stops you during the protest?...

Is March For Our Lives Not Taking Place In Your City? No Worries!

1 дн назад

Luckily, you can support March For Our Lives even if you don't happen to live in Washington, DC, or the other major cities where it is scheduled to take place. You can donate, call your elected...

Police Tried To Downplay Actions Of Mark Anthony Conditt

1 дн назад

Conditt killed 2 people and injured several others by planting a series of bombs around Austin, Texas. However, the police chief downplayed his evil acts, claiming "it is the outcry of a very...

Ahed Tamimi And Elor Azaria’s Cases Expose The Glaring Hypocrisy Of Israeli Justice System

2 дн назад

Israeli military court sentenced Ahed Tamimi to 8 months in prison and a fine of almost $1500. However, it will set Elor Azaria, a 20-year-old IDF recruit, free after only 9 months in jail....

March For Our Lives: How Children Are Taking A Stand For Gun Control

3 дн назад

Since adults have failed to end the epidemic of gun violence, children across the country are taking things into their own hands with March for Our Lives.Thousands of people are expected to...

Trump Made White House Staffers Sign NDAs That Last Forever

3 дн назад

Some staffers resisted signing the agreement but were forced to sign after Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and the White House Counsel's Office pressured them. They also reportedly believed...

Trump's Solution To Opioid Crisis: Sentence Drug Dealers To Death

4 дн назад

The concept behind the idea is to deter drug dealers, which would make drugs more expensive and hence, less accessible. However, relying on “tough” actions to curb the drug crisis has resulted...

Saudi Crown Prince's US Visit Is A Window Dressing

4 дн назад

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's U.S. visit is a window dressing. During his visit, he is focusing on changing his image and preaching “moderate Islam” but several factors reveal...

Lawmakers 'Strip' Provisions From Bill To Combat Sexual Harassment

4 дн назад

The bill was authored by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and cosponsored by 30 senators, including nine Republicans. The legislation to reform the process was cut "at the last minute." The...

Vladimir Putin Wins Another Six Years In Landslide Re-Election Victory

5 дн назад

Russian President Vladimir Putin wins another six years in landslide re-election victory.

The Collapsed Florida Bridge Was Built By Firms With History Of Construction Failures

1 нед назад

The FIU bridge was made for the safety of students. Sadly, it was built by firms that have a history of safety issues. The bridge was installed in just 6 hours and was reportedly supposed to...

Ryan Zinke Says ‘Konnichiwa’ While Discussing Japanese Internment Camp

1 нед назад

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said “Konnichiwa” to a Hawaiian lawmaker after she told him her grandfathers were once incarcerated in Japanese internment camps.

Trump Snubs National School Walkout Led By Students

1 нед назад

President Trump spent a busy day riding in helicopters and visiting a Boeing factory in Missouri. But at no point did the president respond to the nationwide protest of gun violence led by students.

Trump Wants Military Space Force, Like The Air Force, But For Space

1 нед назад

President Donald Trump wants his own Space Force – or at least that's what he told the crowd at the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station in San Diego, California, during his latest speech....

Exotic Pet Trade: What You Need To Know About The Inhumane Business

1 нед назад

Every year, millions of animals go through unimaginable and unforgivable pain so they can be domesticated for someone else's pleasure. Unfortunately, exotic pet trade happens to be a multi-millio...

A War-Mongering Islamophobe Will Be The New US Secretary Of State

1 нед назад

The incoming secretary of state Mike Pompeo is a true-to-the-core Trump loyalist. Pompeo's bigotry is well-documented and is perfectly on par with the Trump administration. Among his other...

Rex Tillerson Failed To Thank Trump In His Farewell Speech

1 нед назад

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson thanked diplomats, US defense servicemembers and the American people, but forego thanking President Donald Trump, who fired him via a tweet, moments after Tillerson...

Trump Looks At Prototypes For The Wall He Has No Money To Build

1 нед назад

For the first time since taking office, President Donald Trump took a trip to San Diego, California, to check out the prototypes for his long-promised “big, beautiful” wall along the border...

US Is The World’s Biggest Arms Exporter — And It’s Destabilizing Middle East

1 нед назад

Nearly 50% of US arms exports over the past 5 years have gone to war-ravaged Middle East. In fact, the US arms' 2nd biggest importer is Saudi Arabia, whose military coalition has wreaked...

House Republicans Say Investigation Found No Evidence Of Russia-Trump Collusion

2 нед назад

House Republicans said they found “bad judgment” and “inappropriate meetings” between the Trump campaign and Russia. However, none of that amounts to collusion that aided Trump in winning...

In 10 Days, Package Bombs Have Killed 2 African-American Men In Austin

2 нед назад

Three package bombs have killed two people and severely injured one in Austin, Texas, in past 10 days. Since the victims were people of color, police aren't ruling out the possibility of...