State Funeral Planned For Pakistan’s 'Savior Of Lepers' Dr Ruth Pfau

2 дн назад

The founder of the National Leprosy Control Programme in Pakistan, Dr. Ruth Pfau, passed away at the age of 87 in Karachi.

Republicans Decry Trump's Controversial Remarks On White Supremacy

3 дн назад

Republicans decry Trump's controversial remarks on White Supremacy.

To Fight White Supremacy, Trump Should Start With His White House

4 дн назад

To fight white supremacy, President Donald Trump should start with his White House https://goo.gl/5bSQE8 Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/NY6QTb ...

Three CEOs Resign From Trump Council Over Charlottesville

5 дн назад

Three CEOs resign from President Donald Trump's council over Charlottesville https://goo.gl/TCKYJY.

North Korea’s Missiles May Actually Be Able To Reach Mainland America

1 нед назад

North Korea's Hwasong-14 missile may be able to hit Denver and Chicago.

Here’s What Monica Lewinsky Thinks About The Mooch Comparing Himself To Her

1 нед назад

Lewisnky, who now campaigns against cyberbullying, replied with an emoji of a flushed, embarrassed face.

FBI Raided Former Trump Campaign Manager Manafort's Home In July

1 нед назад

FBI raided former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort's home in July.

108M Americans Suffer From Insomnia — Luckily, There’s A Safe Solution

2 нед назад

Just a few hours of aerobic exercise per week can cure you of insomnia https://goo.gl/Pq2Mge.

North Korea Threatens To Bomb Guam After Trump’s ‘Fire And Fury’ Speech

2 нед назад

Hours after the dire warning, Pyongyang announced it was “carefully examining” carrying out missile attacks on Guam's U.S. airbase.

Petition Builds Against Macron's First Lady Plans

2 нед назад

Following backlash, French President Emmanuel Macron to abandon plans for official first lady.

Unprecedented ‘Flash Drought' Could Cost Farmers, Ranchers Up To $1bn

2 нед назад

Unprecedented “flash drought” could cost farmers, ranchers up to $1bn https://goo.gl/rzfyJy.

25% Of Florida Highway Patrol Cops Are Biased Towards People Of Color

2 нед назад

Black and Hispanic drivers are given harsher speeding fines than their white counterparts https://goo.gl/RgLbc7.

Trump Admin Aims To Target Poor Immigrants With New Bill

2 нед назад

Trump administration aims to target poor immigrants with new bill https://goo.gl/i7EX2k.

Minnesota Governor Calls Bloomington Mosque Bombing 'Act Of Terrorism'

2 нед назад

Gov. Mark Dayton called the bombing "unthinkable, unforgivable"

Chicago To Sue Trump Administration Over Sanctuary City Funding Threat

2 нед назад

Chicago to sue Trump administration over sanctuary city funding threat.

Meet the punks stepping up to help their local homeless community

2 нед назад

Meet the punks stepping up to help their local homeless community Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/NY6QTb More updates and breaking news: ...

By 2100, Climate Change May Be Killing 260,000 People Per Year

2 нед назад

74% of the world will be exposed to “lethal heat” condition by 2100. https://goo.gl/K4cQLh.

5 Of The Most Damaging Things Trump Has Said To World Leaders

2 нед назад

The transcripts of the leaked calls establish that President Donald Trump had controversial and at times cringe worthy conversations with world leaders.

Massive Fire Engulfs One Of Dubai’s Tallest Residential Buildings

2 нед назад

Massive fire engulfs the Torch Tower, one of Dubai's tallest residential buildings.

Trump Mocks Democrats Over Russian Probe At West Virginia Rally

2 нед назад

They can't beat us at the voting booths, so they are trying to cheat you out of the future and the future that you want,” said the president.

Trump Claims Mexico Praised Him - Mexico Says It Didn't

2 нед назад

Trump claimed Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto praised him on a phone call - but did that actually happen?