Today's drama day in a nutshell - animation?

4 дн назад

Yeah... I will be deleting the YoruShika amino today. Discord will still exist, but with no invite links. Now I will use a watermark on my drawings. If you see ...

Art thieves and liars... (not an animation, but read description please)

5 дн назад

I won't be able to make any videos this week, because I'm going to Lublin, but after that I will make something. So now... instead of giving attention to the thieves, ...

If AyChristene was in Baldi's Basics - animation

2 нед назад

Sorry that it's so short, but I still hope you will all enjoy The song was a thing I made in a really simple website for making music ...

Tomorrow is my birthday ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

2 нед назад

Thank you so much Adobe Premiere for crashing and not letting me edit this video. I had to use MovieMaker... You can send me stuff on: Discord ...

Ick, you're not a fish - animation

2 нед назад

WHile browsing through my old videos, I found this scapped and unfinished idea from a year ago, so I made everything again and here it is, now all finished and ...

Unfinished / unpublished animations

2 нед назад

I had no other chance to show these videos, so I made this compilation, just so they don't go to waste. The oldest one here is from 2017, but some are even from ...

The Story Of My Channel | Storytime

3 нед назад

My first ever animation meme (hot milk): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qk6SnB5tHsI&list=PLKFDJurUVUwHmzgmexHYNfdm4eg2xPT-- Solar Sands' ...

Weeaboo - meme

4 нед назад

The character with black and red hair is me but in real life (with some changes of course, like the horns and tail. I don't have them in real life). Yes, it was based ...

Face reveal - 200!+ k subscribers special

4 нед назад

Thumbnail is almost spoiler free haha* Sorry that the screen may be shaking a bit, but not gonna lie - I was quite scared to make this video. And sorry for ...

If I was in Baldi's Basics - animation

1 мес назад

How else could I possibly react? Songs can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/yorushika-nope.

Very Serious Video

1 мес назад

Watching Me - meme

1 мес назад

Finally an animation that isn't about Baldi's Basics, I will probably make more of Baldi soon... but for now here's something different. Characters: - me (the deer ...

Baldi's office - Baldi's Basics Animation

1 мес назад

I still have nobody to help me with the voice acting, so everyone has my voice - what a nightmare Songs used: ...

Basic Maths - Baldi's Basics Animation

1 мес назад

After a week I finally have something for you, enjoy! Songs: https://soundcloud.com/yorushika-nope/fox-theme https://soundcloud.com/yorushika-nope/fox-fight.

Channel Trailer

2 мес назад

I made a channel trailer before, but I thought that I should make a new one... so here it is. Song used: ...

Bullying in the halls - Baldi's Basics animation

2 мес назад

After a week I finally got the idea for the next Baldi animation, so there it is - an animation about the Bully this time. More probably coming soon, hope you enjoy!

Hugs - Baldi's Basics animation

2 мес назад

Since you all enjoy my animations from Baldi and I enjoy making them I decided to make yet another one, but with the 2 characters I didn't use before! Hope you ...

SWEEPING TIME - Baldi's Basics animation

2 мес назад

I finished it earlier than expected, so here you go - yet another Baldi's Basics animation! Hope you enjoy! Song can be found here (Now extended - 2 minutes ...

Detention for you - Baldi's Basics animation

2 мес назад

The first video I made with Baldi's Basics was very liked by people, so I decided to make another one. Hope you enjoy! Songs can be found here: ...

Basically Baldi's Basics - animation

2 мес назад

EDIT: People are asking for the songs I used, so I will leave a link to where you can find them https://soundcloud.com/yorushika-nope It was so much fun to make ...

I'm Poppy - meme

3 мес назад

I finally made something after a week break, sorry about that. I was busy playing games (That's why I shouldn't play games) Also that's not a character from any ...