Cooking With Susie - DeltaRune animation

2 нед назад

Once my uncle Salir told me to animate Suzie making a sandwitch, so I decided to actually make an animation based on that. Voices: Ralsei - CosplayerGT ...

Lancer raps, but I animated it

4 нед назад

The game that the characters are from (at least most of them) is called "Deltarune" if you don't know it for some reason. Play it. Just play it, it's good. The other 2 ...

The Special Christmas Animation

1 мес назад

That's the christmas spirit! Just don't beat up your best friend like in the video, alright? Ali is a good person, so just hug her instead. Let's see who recognizes the ...

Laugh Of The Year Animated

1 мес назад

Yes, it's my dad's laugh. Yes, this camel is my dad. Yes, it's a camel. So not too long ago dad was browsing through his phone with me and we found this gem ...

AK47 - DeltaRune animation

2 мес назад

Today when I was driving in a car with my dad this song started playing. Then I imagined Lancer singing it and started to die from laughter. Then I told my dad ...

The Whole Squad - Deltarune Animation

2 мес назад

I pretty much had no idea for the title... I know that 3 of the characters here aren't in the squad, but shhhh. CREDITS: Original animation (inspiration) ...

Basically DeltaRune - animation

2 мес назад

First of all, thanks to the people who helped me with voice acting! Voice actors: Aran Tukasko - Kris Chronomancer - Lancer CosplayerGT - Ralsei YoruShika ...

Skibidi Bakugou - animation

3 мес назад

That took longer than expected, but oh well... here's a daily portion of randomness and nonsense, enjoy!

Change The Formality - animation meme

3 мес назад

Original/inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTn1j8Pv0Zw So yeah, I don't like making animation memes. This video clearly was made as a joke.

Discord Chaos - animation (true story (kind of))

3 мес назад

Yes, an animation heavily based off my discord conversations. Hope you enjoyed! People who helped with the voice acting: Pug voice: Invader Val (Poki Cotton) ...

Everything is Mine - animation (and mine song cover)

4 мес назад

So yes... I tried to make a cover of The Mine Song from LazyTown... But I animated it, since I had no other ideas as for now! Enjoy!

Bowsette - Mario animation parody

4 мес назад

Now it was my turn to make a video about this. Enjoy!


4 мес назад

https://www.patreon.com/yorushika You can support my work now! But you don't have to.

Boku No Idiot Academia - BNHA parody animation

4 мес назад

Finally. I finally finished animating this. Thank you all so much for watching and for being patient! Thank you also all the people who helped me with the voice ...

The 5 Underrated Youtubers (that I have found)

4 мес назад

Please check these people out, it's worth it: 1. Vigment: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOgXBhWvxKWnpHdi6IObMpw 2. Rafu1337: ...

1 hour of me dancing

4 мес назад

Someone asked for it, so here it is. Enjoy There's also an animation I started working on It will be the first time I'm animating my comic (but you will see for ...

When I don't animate

4 мес назад

Yay, school is starting tomorrow. Yes, that's kind of why I'm not going to animate as often as I used to. There are other reasons too, but it's not too important.

Channel Trailer 3

5 мес назад

Welcome to the YoruShika (or soon Tsuyu Newman) channel! It's a channel about animations mostly, but I also make some joke videos and some speedpaints.

When I meet with my friends - animation

5 мес назад

True story.

Some speedanimating and progress footage of "Anime Openings in a nutshell"

5 мес назад

The finished video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UD52Hbbvcfo And that's all, so... the end of description.

Anime openings in a nutshell - animation

5 мес назад

I finally finished It took longer than expected, but here it finally is. Ok, now explanation - So I made this animation, because the first opening in anime is always ...