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For vulnerable Californians, expanded Medicaid is a lifeline at risk of being cut

11 час назад

Fourteen million Medicaid recipients could lose their health coverage under the GOP House Obamacare replacement bill, and reports suggest the Senate ...

PBS NewsHour full episode June 22, 2017

12 час назад

Thursday on the NewsHour, Senate Republicans unveil their health care bill. We break down the details and get reaction from an architect of the Affordable Care ...

Farm-fresh healthy food doesn't have to be too pricey or pretty, says this chef

12 час назад

Chef and restaurateur Joy Crump explains how we can find greater value and health in farm-to-table food, in a conversation at the Aspen Institute's Spotlight ...

Senate GOP plan to delay Medicaid cuts ‘doesn't make it less awful,’ says former HHS secretary

13 час назад

Former President Barack Obama responded Thursday to the Republicans' planned overhaul of the Affordable Care Act, saying “If there's a chance you might get ...

Why do so few deadly police shootings end in police convictions?

13 час назад

Why do so few trials of police officers charged in on-duty shootings end in convictions? Most recently, the officers who shot and killed Philando Castile and ...

News Wrap: Trump says he did not make Comey tapes

13 час назад

In the our news wrap Thursday, President Trump clarified via Twitter he did not record conversations with former FBI Director James Comey. Mr. Trump had ...

Why the Senate Republican health care bill has a vote problem

13 час назад

The biggest change proposed by the Senate Republican health care bill is how the federal government would fund Medicaid. Lisa Desjardins and Mary Agnes ...

The surprising logic behind the use of check cashers and payday loans

13 час назад

Often seen as predatory, the check cashing industry has been booming. Lisa Servon wondered why lower-income people who were struggling would cash ...

Venezuelans suffer deadly scarcity of food and medicine

13 час назад

With the economy in freefall, Venezuelans face nationwide shortages of food at runaway inflation prices, and children are suffering the most: severe malnutrition ...

Senate GOP releases health care bill and battle lines form

13 час назад

Senate Republicans unveiled details of their health care bill Thursday after weeks of work behind closed doors. The proposal shares some broad strokes with ...

Brief But Spectacular: Ann Friedman, co-host of "Call Your Girlfriend"

15 час назад

"If someone can't hear the substance of what I'm saying because of the tone I say it with or because of the little filler words that I use ... then that's their problem," ...

LISTEN: Sarah Huckabee Sanders holds off-camera news gaggle

18 час назад

White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held an off-camera news gaggle at the White House today, where she answered ...

Watch Senate Minority Leader Schumer, Democrats speak on Senate GOP health care bill

19 час назад

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, alongside other Senate Democrats, spoke on Thursday about the Senate Republicans' health care bill.

House Speaker Paul Ryan holds weekly press briefing

20 час назад

House Speaker Paul Ryan takes questions at his weekly press briefing.

House Minority Leader Pelosi holds weekly news conference

21 час назад

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi holds her weekly news conference from the Capitol.

Lionfish robot zapper hits the open water

1 дн назад

For the full story: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/updates/lionfish-zapper-hits-open-seas/ The Guardian LF1, a lionfish zapping robot, approaches the invasive ...

PBS NewsHour full episode June 21, 2017

1 дн назад

Wednesday on the NewsHour, the former Homeland Security secretary testifies before Congress on the Russia investigation. Also: What Georgia's special ...

The Virginia cavern that can play the Moonlight Sonata

2 дн назад

In our NewsHour Shares moment of the day, this year marks the 60th anniversary of “The Great Stalacpipe Organ,” the largest musical instrument in the world, ...

Sen. Lankford: Michael Flynn accusations ‘more open to interpretation’

2 дн назад

Current and past U.S. government officials including former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson testified Wednesday before the House and Senate ...

For Alan Alda, the heart of good communication is connection

2 дн назад

As an actor, educational TV host and founder of a scholarly center for communication science, Alan Alda has used his trademark humor and wit to help others ...

Why planes can't fly when it's too hot, and other ways our civilization can’t take the heat

2 дн назад

An extreme heat wave is baking the West and Southwest, with temperatures well above 100 degrees. More than 40 flights were cancelled or delayed because ...