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PBS NewsHour full episode Feb. 22, 2017

4 час назад

Wednesday on the NewsHour, hundreds flee amid flooding in Northern California. Also: A major change on school bathrooms and transgender youth, ...

How a simple game of chess can break through stereotypes

4 час назад

To Lemuel LaRouche, chess is more than a game. By getting young people from different backgrounds to engage in the game of chess, you can alter bad ...

Erie longs for its manufacturing past, but what’s the future?

5 час назад

Erie County, Pennsylvania, has long been a manufacturing center, but jobs have been declining since the 1970s. In collaboration with the NewsHour and ...

How scrapping transgender bathroom guidelines impacts schools

5 час назад

Federal guidelines advising schools to let transgender kids use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity are being withdrawn by the Departments ...

How Americans see President Trump, according to three regional newspapers

5 час назад

What do Americans think of President Trump's time in office so far? Judy Woodruff asks newspaper editors from around the nation -- David Bradley of the St.

Hunt for alien life zooms in on newly discovered solar system

5 час назад

Astronomers have identified seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a star that's just a mere 230 trillion miles from our own planet, raising the tantalizing prospect of ...

For Syrian refugees, a long, uncertain route to immigration

5 час назад

The vast majority of Syrian refugees live less than 200 miles from home in neighboring countries like Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Today they have fewer ...

Inundated by storms and flooding, California hopes for sun

5 час назад

Rain and flooding have wreaked havoc on Northern California, a region that just recently was struggling to overcome a historic drought. In San Jose, officials ...

News Wrap: Jewish cemetery receives support after vandalism

5 час назад

In our news wrap Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence visited a Jewish cemetery in suburban St. Louis that had been targeted in a spate of anti-Semitic ...

WATCH LIVE: Press secretary Sean Spicer holds daily White House news briefing

10 час назад

President Donald Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer holds the daily White House news briefing.

Saying 'bye bye' to Bao Bao

13 час назад

Bao Bao, the giant panda who spent her first few years at Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute, has bid farewell to the U.S. Watch her ...

PBS NewsHour full episode Feb. 21, 2017

1 дн назад

Tuesday on the NewsHour, the Trump administration outlines an aggressive plan to crack down on undocumented immigrants and strengthen border security.

When you know your aging parents have found home

1 дн назад

When Annabelle Gurwitch started to look for a retirement community for her aging parents, she discovered there are limited options for those on a limited budget.

In coal country, putting faith in Trump's economic promises

1 дн назад

In the coal towns of West Virginia, President Trump made economic promises that helped him win the election. Around 12000 mining jobs have been eliminated ...

Faced with outsized stresses, these Baltimore students learn to take a deep breath

1 дн назад

Violent crime and unemployment rates are nearly twice the national average in Baltimore. Educators say factors like these add significant stress to children, ...

What can the Trump administration do to quell anti-Semitism?

1 дн назад

A wave of anti-Semitic incidents has swept across the U.S. in the past few months, including dozens of bomb threats at Jewish Community Centers around the ...

What the immigration crackdown means for the undocumented

1 дн назад

The U.S. government is getting tougher on illegal immigration, starting with moves by the Department of Homeland Security to expand its criteria for prioritized ...

News Wrap: DHS puts Trump immigration orders into practice

1 дн назад

In our news wrap Tuesday, President Trump's directives on immigration greatly expand the pool of immigrants subject to quick deportation, including anyone in ...

In his new children's book, Jerry Spinelli explores life as a warden's daughter

1 дн назад

Jeffrey Brown talks with Jerry Spinelli, author of "The Warden's Daughter" and "Maniac Magee."