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3 дн назад

Hi friends! We went to another trampoline park but this time we took Isla with us :) We had so much fun here, it is definitely my favourite one. I want to go again!!!

Despicable Me 3 Movie Toy Haul - Kids Toy Review | Toys AndMe

4 дн назад

Hi Friends :) We are so excited to unbox and play with the coolest Despicable Me 3 toys. Thanks to Illumination's Despicable Me 3 for sponsoring this video All of ...

3 Giant Kinder Surprise Eggs Opening - Toy & Candy Review | Toys AndME

5 дн назад

Hi Friends! Me and Jordon opened 3 Giant Kinder Surprise Characters! SOO much chocolate Remember to let me know which character is your favourite?

Tangle Fidget Toys Funny Kids Pretend Play

1 нед назад

Hi friends:) Me and Masie are just loving the Tangle Toys,we just had to get our hands on them:) These twisty fu toys come in 4 styles-classic,crazy, metallic and ...

Tiana Gets Her Ears Pierced! Claire's Earrings Haul | Toys AndMe

1 нед назад

Hi friends! So Jordon took me to get my ears pierced, I was quite nervous because I thought it was going to hurt. Let me know what you think in the comments ...

Destroy Giant Kinder Surprise Egg - Barbie - Despicable Me 3 Kids Toys Opening

2 нед назад

Hi friends:) I smashed open a giant kinder surprise egg and opened some super cool kinder eggs,like Despicable Me 3,Barbie,Frozen,Superheroes toys,me and ...

Crazy Giant Balloon Toy Surprise Stuck In Our Hotel Room - Shopkins Toys Opening

4 нед назад

Hi friends:) The giant freaky surprise toy balloon is back:) This time on our hotel pool balcony,and it was huge full of surprise toys like Shopkins,Worldeez,Num ...

If You See This Run Fast And Ask For Help!! Toys AndMe Fun Video

4 нед назад

Hi friends:) Today we was on the Black River in Jamaica and we ran into some giant crocodiles,they came up close to our boat and they was huge:)Another ...

Giant LOL Surprise Baby Dolls On The Beach - Kids Toys Opening | Toys AndMe

4 нед назад

Hi friends:) I am just loving the LOL Surprise Dolls,i opened 5 Big Sisters on the beach and i found a new fav for my collection:) Rainbow Magic book is OUT ...

Kids Horse Riding On The Beach! Family Fun In Jamaica | Toys AndMe

4 нед назад

Hi friends:) I loved riding horses today on the beach here in sunny Jamaica,i also had lots of pool fun and beach fun,we cannot wait for the waterpark YAY:) New ...


4 нед назад

Hi friends:) 7 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS:) We are the biggest family on YouTube,thank you all for your love and support,i am very grateful and proud to have 7 ...

Funny Kids Acting - Jordon Creepy Dreams

1 мес назад

Hi friends! Bad Baby Tiana is giving Jordon some freaky Nightmares! Check out the previous Bad Baby Babysit videos: 1- ...

FurReal Friends Tiger In Our Garden | Toys AndMe Pretend Play

1 мес назад

Hi friends:) I love the new FurReal friends Tyler the Tiger he is so cute and soft,he has 100 different sounds and motions.i had lots of fun with him and he likes ...

Disney Princess Emoji Toy Hunt Challenge - Surprise Toys Opening | Toys AndMe

1 мес назад

Hi friends:) I did a super cool Emoji Toy Hunt in the Disney Store in London,it was so much fun i also opened some Emoji Toys and sets:) Over 120 Emojis to ...

Phil the Fridge Toy Challenge Game | Gross Real Food | Surprise Kids Toys opening

1 мес назад

Hi friends:) Me and Isla went head to head with the Phil the Fridge Game, the punishments for the loser were so gross :( The Grossery Gang prizes were cool!

My Little Pony The Movie Surprise Toy Hunt At Smyths Toys Store | Toys AndMe

1 мес назад

Hi friends:) Me and Isla did a Toy Hunt for the new MLP The Movie toys at Smyths Toys Store and we got the super cool MLP My Magical Twilight Sparkle and ...

Hatchimals Surprise Egg Baby Twins Toys AndMe Mission Pretend Play - Kids Toys Review

2 мес назад

Hi friends:) Today is Hatchimals day and i went on a mission to deliver the new Hatchimals Surprise Egg to Hamleys Toy store in London,i also opened the new ...

Kids Giant LOL Big Surprise Ball And Go To Jail | Toys AndMe Pretend Play

2 мес назад

Hi friends:) My dad locked all my toys away so i went on a mission to get the new LOL Big Surprise, bow wow was not a good guard dog this time:)More bad kids ...

Kids Giant Chocolate Candy - Power Wheels Ride On Car In Supermarket

2 мес назад

Hi friends:) Me and Masie went on a giant chocolate candy mission on my power wheels ride on car because my dad would not take us to the supermarket:) Bad ...

Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots Baby Dolls Surprise Presents - Kids Toys Review

2 мес назад

Hi friends:) Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots Baby Dolls are so cute irresistible and adorable, i had so much fun opening and reviewing the dolls, i really like the ...

Learn Colors With Oonies Balloons - Surprise Balloon Pop Challenge For Kids

2 мес назад

Hi friends:) Me and Isla had so much fun with the Oonies Balloons and Inflator play- set,i love how they feel so squishy,i hope the younger children liked the ...