Elwood Blues

Jason Chaffetz killing it

9 мес назад

Jason Chaffetz killing politicians with logic and reason.

Try Gowdy using logic and reason

9 мес назад

Trey Gowdy peppering Josh Blackmon with logic and facts.

Trey Gowdy being awesome

9 мес назад

Trey Gowdy usings facts/logic to get to the truth.

Trump cancelling Mexico meeting

9 мес назад

Trump stating meeting with Mexico Prez cancelled.

Cory Booker testimony at AG Sessions day 2

9 мес назад

Cory Booker (1st Senator to ever testify against another senator during confirmation hearing) being Cory Booker. Also look at the video where he praises ...

Ted Cruz crushing ACLU at Sessions confirmation day 2

9 мес назад

Ted Cruz showing his brilliance as an orator and crushing the ACLU on misleading testimony.

Sessions confirmation hearing with Ted Cruz

9 мес назад

Jeff Sessions hearing confirmation with Ted Cruz questioning.

Beats Pill brief review

1 год назад

2 years later and still my everyday speaker for my newest cpu.

Crazy puppy

4 год назад

Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix and angry weiner dog :0)

Hurricane Damage to Bikes

5 год назад

Was going to be a second review for my 2011 Ninja ZX6R but Hurricane Issac got in the way and totaled my bike. Sorry for the foggy lens but the area was still ...

2011 Ninja Zx6R review

5 год назад

Brief description of my new bike, not the most thorough but I hit on a few highlights.