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Soccer Match At Levi's Between U.S. And Jamaica Expected To Create Traffic Mess

39 мин назад

Katie Nielsen reports on traffic problems anticipated Wednesday during Gold Cup Final game at Levi's Stadium (7-26-2017)

President Trump Tweets He Will Reverse Pentagon Policy Allowing Transgender To Serve

1 час назад

Mola Lenghi reports on President Trump tweeting that transgender people will no longer be allowed to serve in U.S. military (7-26-2017)

ECLIPSE BUSINESS: Kansas entrepreneur looks to cash in on solar eclipse craze

2 час назад

Kansas entrepreneur looks to cash in on solar eclipse craze.

ECLIPSE RENTALS: Salem Oregon suspends short-term rental ban for eclipse watchers

2 час назад

Salem Oregon suspends short-term rental ban for eclipse watchers.

Police Warn About Kidnapping Phone Scam

5 час назад

Police in Palo Alto have issued a warning about a phone scam where supposed kidnappers are seeking ransom money for family members. Katie Nielsen ...

DREAM HOME: Tour a $16 million Sonoma County Dream Home

5 час назад

Tour a $16 million Sonoma County Dream Home.

Justice Department Intensifying Crackdown On Sanctuary Cities

6 час назад

While Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions faces an uncertain future, the Justice Department said it would intensify its crackdown on sanctuary cities. Jessica Flores ...

Wednesday Morning Forecast With Roberta Gonzales

6 час назад

Expect another warming trend to begin in the Bay Area on Thursday, as low pressure dissipates. Roberta Gonzales has the forecast. (7/26/17)

Trump Barring Transgender Individuals From Armed Forces

6 час назад

President Donald Trump announced in a tweet Wednesday morning that he plans to reverse a decision allowing transgender people to serve openly in the ...

San Francisco Mother And Baby Struggle On San Francisco Streets

14 час назад

A homeless mother in San Francisco takes her infant with her to panhandle on the streets of San Francisco. Joe Vazquez reports. (7/25/17)

Second Homicide Suspect Arrested In Miss Flo Murder Case

15 час назад

A second homicide suspect was arrested in connection with San Jose's 'Miss Flo' murder case. Betty Yu reports. (7/25/17)

Republican Health Care Bill In Limbo

15 час назад

A Republican health care bill remained in limbo Tuesday night. Andria Borba reports. (7/25/17)

Mothball Fleet Cargo Ship Makes Final Voyage

18 час назад

John Ramos reports on one of last ships from Mothball Fleet heading to Texas for scrapping (7-25-2017)

California's Pacheco Reservoir Could Get $800M Expansion

19 час назад

Santa Clara County officials will vote on how to pay for a major expansion of the Pacheco Reservoir. Maria Medina reports. (7/25/17)

San Francisco City Hall Has Full Agenda Ahead Of Summer Recess

19 час назад

Wilson Walker reports on San Francisco Board of Supervisors plowing through business before recess (7-25-2017)

State Officials Applaud Bi-Partisan Support For Cap-And-Trade Bill

19 час назад

Melissa Caen reports on Governor Brown holding high-profile singing of cap-and-trade bill extension (7-25-2017)

Novato Narrows Of Highway 101 Slow To See New Carpool Lanes

19 час назад

The Novato Narrows is a painful stretch of road for drivers and it's felt like an endless construction project. Emily Turner reports. (7/25/17)

Justice Department Rules Intensify Crackdown On Sanctuary Cities

19 час назад

Susie Steimle reports on Federal authorities aiming to toughen policies for sanctuary cities (7-25-2017)

San Jose Orders Volunteers To Stop Feeding The Homeless

19 час назад

It's hard to believe, but there's a crackdown on feeding the homeless at a popular San Jose park. Devin Fehely reports. (7/25/17)

Water District Meet To Discuss Pacheco Reservoir Plan

19 час назад

Maria Medina reports on Santa Clara County officials considering large dam for Pacheco Reservoir (7-25-2017)

Second Homicide Suspect Arrested In South Bay Murder Case

19 час назад

Allen Martin reports on arrest of second homicide suspect in San Jose's 'Miss Flo' murder case (7-25-2017)