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Erosion From Rain Runoff In Sierra Foothills Brings Joy To Gold Panners

2 час назад

Thanks to the wet winter, surging streams are now churning up new opportunities to find gold in them thar hills. Joe Vazquez reports. (2-24-17)

Steve Kerr and Kevin Durant On Shaq/McGee Feud

7 час назад

Warriors Coach Steve Kerr and Kevin Durant defend JaVale McGee against on-air attacks from Shaquille O'Neal.

RAW: Surveillance Video Captures Thief Stealing Packages From Pittsburg Home

10 час назад

Police in Pittsburg are asking for the public's help identifying a woman who was caught on camera stealing three packages from the front porch of a home ...

JAYDA JENKINS: Highlights of Alameda County Sheriff's News Conference On Discovery Of Jayda Jenkins

12 час назад

Highlights of Alameda County Sheriff's News Conference On Discovery Of Jayda Jenkins Body.

San Jose Evacuees Offer First Look Inside Flood-Damaged Homes

13 час назад

Maria Medina reports on evacuees making emotional return to homes flooded in Coyote Creek disaster (2-24-2017)

California Governor Calls For Huge Investment In Flood Control Measures

13 час назад

Anne Makovec reports on Governor Brown seeking $437 million to spend on immediate flood control measures (2-24-2017)

TRIVALLEY FORECAST: Sunny Today, Rain Possibly By Monday

14 час назад

Sunny Today, Rain Possibly By Monday.

DNA Research Show Modern Humans Benefit From Neanderthal DNA

1 дн назад

Recent DNA studies indicate that sexual encounters between Neanderthals and early Homo sapiens may have shaped modern man's health and well-being for ...

DOJ Could Crack Down On Recreational Marijuana

1 дн назад

The U.S. Department of Justice could start cracking down on recreational marijuana. Andria Borba reports. (2/23/17)

Charred Ghost Ship Warehouse Debris Stored By Wetlands

1 дн назад

The charred, and possibly toxic, debris of the Ghost Ship warehouse fire appears to be haphazardly being stored close to Bay wetlands. Christin Ayers reports.

Santa Cruz Officials 'Outraged' With Feds Role In Gang Raid

1 дн назад

Santa Cruz officials feel "deceived" and "outraged" that the Department of Homeland Security detained 10 people based on their immigration status during a ...

Customs Agents Search SFO Plane, Demand ID From All Passengers

1 дн назад

All passengers on a plane from SFO to NYC were required to show Customs & Border Patrol agents their IDs before disembarking. Melissa Caen reports.

Founder Of Bette's Oceanview Diner In Berkeley Leaves Behind A Legacy

1 дн назад

Bette is remembered and missed by her family, longtime customers and employees. Da Lin reports. (2/23/17)

A Swelling Creek Encroaches On A Pleasanton Home

1 дн назад

The creek has washed out 20 feet of a family's Pleasanton property, putting the property's value in jeopardy. Jessica Flores reports. (2/23/17)

Artists At San Francisco Warehouse Space Facing Eviction

1 дн назад

Susie Steimle reports on artists collective getting evicted from warehouse space by landlord (2-23-2017)

Catch Of The Day

1 дн назад

KPIX sports director Dennis O'Donnell highlights the catch of the day. Mike Rotter reeled in an eight foot, white sturgeon in San Pablo Bay. (2-23-17)

GOP State Senator Silenced While Criticizing Late State Sen. Tom Hayden

1 дн назад

Kiet Do reports on Republican state senator getting silenced for speaking out of turn in Sacramento (2-23-2017)

California Legislator Proposes Lower Cost Beachfront Accommodations

1 дн назад

The proposed California legislation aims to make the state's coastline more accessible for families. Emily Turner reports. (2/23/17)

Thursday Evening Forecast With Paul Deanno

1 дн назад

More dry weather expected Friday, but some rain could return during the weekend (2-23-2017)

UC Berkeley Video Game Team Wins National Championship

1 дн назад

John Ramos reports on Cal video game team taking national "E-Sport" title (2-23-2017)

Damage From Bay Area Storms Raises Demand For Contractors

1 дн назад

Julie Watts reports on state officials warning homeowners to only used licensed contractors to fix storm-damaged houses (2-23-2017)