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INSANE Waterslides Around the World

14 час назад

Water parks have some of the most extreme amusement park rides in the world. So if you wanted a relaxing vacation, stick to the beach or a lazy river.

STRANGEST Toys Ever Made

2 дн назад

You've seen popular toys and you've seen toys that have been nixed from the market. But what about those other items on the toy shelf that are just too ...

WEIRDEST Things Found in South Africa

3 дн назад

Anyone who's visited South Africa on vacation will probably tell you it's a lovely place to be. But aside from all that cool stuff, what's some of the weirdest things ...

AMAZING Art Pranks That Fooled Everyone

4 дн назад

Sometimes art is realistic and sometimes it's super abstract. From film, to paintings, photos, and sculptures, here's some of the most creative pranks ever.

AMAZING Things Dogs Can Do

1 нед назад

Everyone knows they're man's best friend, and if you're a dog person and want to know more about these adorable creatures, stay tuned and see just how ...

Random Facts You Didn't Know About the British Military

1 нед назад

History buffs and militia fans, see how much of these 18 random facts about the British armed forces you did or didn't already know. Subscribe for weekly wacky ...

Things You DIDN'T Know About Mermaids

1 нед назад

Maybe you've watched The Little Mermaid too many times to count. But what do you really know about these mythological sea creatures? One thing's for certain, ...

CRAZIEST Animal Stories

2 нед назад

We live in a day and age where manipulating and cropping and pasting photos is getting more common, making it difficult to discern what's real and what isn't.

STRANGEST News That Happened In Michigan

3 нед назад

In America's north lies Michigan, home to Motown and surrounded by Great Lakes. But you know all about those things. What you probably haven't heard are ...

Celebrities Who DRASTICALLY Lost Weight

3 нед назад

If there's any one family that's best known for their body image, it's probably the Kardashian-Jenner clan. The 32 year old reality show star's journey into weight ...

Popular Genetic Anomalies

3 нед назад

There are over 7 billion people in the world. That's 7 billion separate living organisms who all have their own sets of genetic codes. And in that large population, ...

WEIRDEST Things That Happened In Texas

3 нед назад

Texas is a big place and therefore has not only a handful of huge cities, but lots of dispersed space scattered in between. So what kind of things happen the 2nd ...

STRANGEST Things Found in the Ocean

4 нед назад

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Unlikely Animals That Are Actually DANGEROUS

4 нед назад

Don't be fooled by some of the animals you see on this list. Some of em are friendly, some of em are cute. But here's 18 creatures you should always be careful ...

AMAZING Things Made of Ice

4 нед назад

Ice is just frozen water, right? You can't possibly make a plethora of items just from ice. And yet here are 16 of the coolest things you never thought could be ...

Memorable Photos Captured on the Soccer Pitch

1 мес назад

Whether you call soccer or football, we can all agree that it's a sport that can hinge on the overdramatic. And sometimes some of that drama makes its way into ...

CRAZIEST Things Caught on Drone

1 мес назад

Since humans can't fly, we need to rely on technology to be able to soar to great heights. And now that drones are available for most people to use, a whole ...

Pieces of Evidence That Aliens Are REAL

1 мес назад

Of all the endless places there are in the universe, do you really believe that Earth is the only place with living creatures? Sci-fi lovers and X-Files fans, hold onto ...

AMAZING Ruins Of Ancient Civilizations

1 мес назад

Humans have been around for a long time. And though we think we've mapped most of the surface of the world, there's still lots of civilized history we've yet to ...

AMAZING Mythologies From Around the World

1 мес назад

Every culture has its creation story, its favorite local legend, and epic love story. The world is an old place, so let's explore just a handful of intriguing mythologies ...

FASCINATING Animals Found In Indonesia

1 мес назад

Indonesia, a country is Southeast Asia that is home to some of the most interesting animals on the planet. There's loads of creatures here, some of which are ...