Street Soldiers: May 26, 2017

2 дн назад

Lisa Evers hosts Street Soldiers.

Parade of Ships at New York Fleet Week 2017

4 дн назад

Watch these highlights of the Fleet Week Parade of Ships. USS San Jacinto, USCGC Hamilton, RV Neil Armstrong, and USS Kearsarge arrived in the Hudson ...

Can Big Data Analysis Swing a Political Election? [IT: The Big Idea Edition]

4 дн назад

As nearly everything in our lives transitions from the real to the digital world, the more those things can -- and are -- being tracked. Every like, tweet, search and ...

How You Can Train for America's Hottest Job: Data Scientist

6 дн назад

NYC Boot Camp Trains You for America's Hottest Job: Data Scientist Data scientist is the hottest job in America for the second year in a row. So what does a data ...

Street Soldiers: May 19, 2017

7 дн назад

Trap music was once limited to aspiring artists speaking out from disenfranchised communities. Now, it's a full-blown trend. Is it helping or hurting hip hop ...

Man Recounts Taking Down Times Square Driver

1 нед назад

Man Recounts Taking Down Times Square Driver.

The Human Race: New York Area Tribes Fight for Survival

2 нед назад

The Fox 5 series "The Human Race" is an ongoing examination of race and identity in America. Many Native Americans across the country fear the few ...

Global Cyberattack on Healthcare Facilities Across the Globe

2 нед назад

Brazil is the latest nation to be affected by Friday's global cyberattack. It infected computers at healthcare facilities and businesses across the world, leaving ...

What Is Ransomware?

2 нед назад

You wake up, turn on your computer, and there it is-- A menacing message informing you that the data on your computer is encrypted. The only way to unlock it ...

What Is IT: Overview of Series from Fox 5 News

2 нед назад

Fox 5 News presents a series of important reports about online privacy, cyber security, data mining, digital hacking, and more.

Why Privacy Matters

2 нед назад

When it comes to online privacy, many who skip over the subject have said: "I have nothing to hide, so I'm okay." It's a response to which some experts in the ...

Trump Signs Cyber-Security Executive Order

2 нед назад

President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at modernizing and improving the nation's computer networks as he continues to fend off critics of his ...

Critical Need for Adopting Older Children in New York

2 нед назад

More than seven years ago, Luvato Howard decided to begin her journey as a foster parent. She said that her mother died when she was 5, so her grandmother ...

Politics Unusual: GOP Lawmakers Face Healthcare Bill Backlash

3 нед назад

Some U.S. lawmakers are facing angry constituents as they return home from Washington. Voters are upset about the House bill to replace Obamacare now ...

Rebuilt Classic Porsche 911 Sports Cars on Cross-Country Trip

4 нед назад

A certain purr exists with an air-cooled Porsche engine. The music of the engine is hitting all the right notes for David Jacobson, owner of Collector Car ...

Lauren Bush Lauren Opens FEED Shop and Cafe in Brooklyn

4 нед назад

One of the brands that launched the "buy something, give something" movement a decade ago opened its first shop in Brooklyn Wednesday. FEED founder and ...

Politics Unusual: Washington Gridlock

4 нед назад

Is a political majority actually an advantage in Washington? With Democrats in full resistance mode, Republicans still control both Congress and the White ...

Street Soldiers: April 28, 2017

4 нед назад

Lisa Evers hosts Street Soldiers.

Subscription Box Service Robb Vices Seeks to 'Wow' Members

4 нед назад

It seems everyone is trying to sell a subscription these days, whether it's razors, shampoos, or meals for your family. The subscription craze really started back in ...

New Kosciuszko Bridge Light Show

1 мес назад

The celebrate the opening of the first span of the new Kosciuszko Bridge Thursday, New York State held ceremonies and a light show at the site to show off the ...

Plus-Sized Fashion Brand Universal Standard Does Brisk Business

1 мес назад

A size 6 doesn't have better taste, she just has had better options, says Alexandra Waldman, creative director and co-founder of New York City-based Universal ...