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Car Bomb Kills 11 At Police Checkpoint In Pakistan

7 мин назад

At least 11 people, including one police officer, were killed Friday when a car bomb exploded outside the office of Quetta's Inspector General of Police in ...

South Korea Presidential Scandal Embroils Another

8 час назад

The Yonhap news agency reported on Friday, the friend of former South Korean leader Park Geun-hye who was at the center of an influence-peddling scandal ...

Ron Howard Will Take Over For Han Solo Movie

9 час назад

Director Ron Howard has taken on the role of directing the untitled Han Solo spinoff movie ...

US Officials Will Lift Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Protections

9 час назад

Protections that have been in place for more than four decades for grizzly bears in the Yellowstone National Park area will be lifted this summer, after United ...

Memo Shows Preet Bharara's Concern After White House Phone Call

9 час назад

According to emails BuzzFeed News has obtained, Former US Attorney Preet Bharara sent an email to Justice Department officials in New York, expressing ...

Former US Gov. Worker Charged With Giving Secrets To China

10 час назад

On Thursday the Justice Department announced that it had arrested and charged a former US government employee for sharing top-secret information with a ...

Judge Halts Deportation Of Iraqis

10 час назад

On Thursday, Judge Mark Goldsmith temporarily halted the deportation of over 100 Iraqis who had been living in the Detroit area. This came after lawyers ...

Why Was Shane Black Killed Off So Quickly In Predator?

10 час назад

The producer of the original Predator and its upcoming reboot is revealing why Shane Black's character didn't last so long in the 1987 film.

Why Did Edgar Wright ExitedMarvel's Ant-Man

10 час назад

Long before director Peyton Reed touched Marvel's Ant-Man, there was another man tasked with bringing the pint-sized hero to life.

Advocacy Groups Upset Over Cosby "Town Halls"

10 час назад

Bill Cosby's plans to conduct “town halls” touching on the topic of sexual assault have been criticized by victim advocacy groups. Cosby's spokesperson Andrew ...

Arizona Death Penalty Reforms Accepted By Judge

10 час назад

Major revisions to Arizona's death penalty procedures have been approved by District Judge Neil Wake in Phoenix. The changes include eliminating paralytic ...

Ricocheted Bullet Killed Boy

10 час назад

Authorities said A deputy's bullet that was fired at a charging pit bull ricocheted off the ground before hitting and killing a 17-year-old boy. The dog had already ...

Former Detention Center Detainees Say Conditions Border On Slavery

11 час назад

A group of former detainees say the conditions at a privately-run detention center in Colorado border on modern-day slavery and they're challenging it in federal ...

Rainbow Family Gathering Begins In Oregon

11 час назад

People are beginning to arrive at the Malheur National Forest for the annual Rainbow Family of Living Light gathering. The counter-culture event is expected to ...

How Can You Curb Nighttime Cravings?

11 час назад

Do you succumb regularly to the late-night munchies? According to research conducted by Harvard and the Oregon Health & Science University, our natural ...

State Approves Bill Allowing Pregnant Women To Commit Murder

11 час назад

Thinking about all the murders she's gonna commit while pregnant. If you pissed off a pregnant women in New Hampshire, she almost would've been able to kill ...

ISIS Target Hit By Sniper From Over 2 Miles Away

11 час назад

While assisting Iraqi forces in the push to retake Mosul, Canadian Special Operations Command say a Canadian special operations sniper successfully hit an ...

Howard Comments On Taking Over Han Solo

11 час назад

http://comicbook.com/2017/06/22/ron-howard-comments-on-taking-over-the-han-solo-movie/ http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit ...

Deportation Of 100+ Iraqis Blocked By Federal Judge

11 час назад

On Thursday a U.S. judge temporarily blocked the deportation of about 100 Iraqi nationals rounded up in Michigan in recent weeks. They argued that they could ...

How Does Marijuana Effect Drivers?

11 час назад

Two studies conducted in the U.S. in states where marijuana is allowed recreationally came to different conclusions about whether it increases risks for drivers.

Gyllenhaal's Boston Marathon Movie Aims For Emotion

11 час назад

When two bombs went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon in 2013, the explosions killed three people and injured 264 others -- among them was ...