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TSP’s When you date a UPSC aspirant ft. Jeetu and Apoorva

2 дн назад

First dates are always awkward. The individuals don't know each other, their likes and interest don't match and most of them are worried about how the opposite ...

बधाई हो | Prime Time with Rabish Ft. Ayushmann Khuranna, Sanya Malhotra & Gajraj Rao

5 дн назад

Hamaare Youthon ka Wafadaar is back with yet another episode of Prime Time! Last time, it was Manoj Bajpayee who was Rabishji's esteemed guest. This time ...

TSP’s Weekends | E03 - “Baap baap hota hai"

1 нед назад

It's just another day in the life of Kevin. He's still lazy, still needs money and still needs to get his AC fixed. However, one of those things is about to change.

Sacred Games Spoof | Tinder Games Part 1 - “Brahmacharya” | TSP’s Bade Chote

1 нед назад

A mysterious call from an anonymous man leads Sartaj on a chase around Mumbai in a dangerous choohe-billi ka khel. South Bombay ka Playboy, Ganesh ...

Sacred Games Spoof | Tinder Games Part 2 - “Prem Sambandh” | TSP’s Bade Chote

1 нед назад

In a flashback, Ganesh Gaitonde recalls stealing a lucky charm from his rival Suleiman Isa Deol. Kukoo works her magic as she helps all of Gaitonde's men enter ...

TSP’s Weekends | E02 - “The Date”

2 нед назад

After being dumped by his ex, Pari decides that it's time to finally drop his 'nice boy' image and to turn into a real player. Armed with Kevin's leather jacket and an ...

Sacred Games Spoof | Official Trailer | Releasing on 9th October | TSP's Bade Chote

2 нед назад

Tinder Games is a story of betrayal, glamour, and everything wrong in the world. It is set against the ever-changing faces of a relationship featuring Sartaj and ...

TSP’s Society Ka जासूस

3 нед назад

Being a detective is a very exciting job. Following people, discovering their secrets, photographing them when guilty and exposing their secrets are all part of this ...

TSP’s Weekends | NEW WEB SERIES | E01 - “The Weekday” | E02 Live on TVFPlay

3 нед назад

Everyone hates Mondays. And the only thing that's hated more than a Monday is working on a weekend. After being instructed by Boss that two of them must ...

TSP's Weekends | Clean Official Trailer | 1st Episode on 28th September

3 нед назад

Yeh raha iss trailer ka clean version. Abh dekkho, aur sabko dikhao! We all want a perfect weekend. On some weekends we want to sleep, on some we binge ...

TSP's Weekends | Official Trailer | 1st Episode on 28th September

4 нед назад

We all want a perfect weekend. On some weekends we want to sleep, on some we binge watch something or go on a road trip. Weekends have increasingly ...

Zakir Khan Podcast: feat. Team Yeh Meri Family | Binge watch on TVFPlay

1 мес назад

Watch Yeh Meri Family and your favorite TVF Originals on TVFPlay! http://bit.ly/YehMeriFamilyE01 We usually don't do podcasts. But when one of us came up ...

TSP's Rabish Ki Report | LGBTQ का जश्‍न

1 мес назад

The whole country is currently celebrating the decriminalization of Section 377 - making relationships between the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Trans ...

दो बिहारी सब पे भारी | Prime Time with Rabish Ft. Manoj Bajpayee

2 мес назад

We're back with the Youthon ka Wafadaar, Raja Rabish Kumar on a BRAND new show - Prime Time with Rabish. Joining Rajaji on the first episode of this show ...

TSP's Family: 90s vs Now

2 мес назад

Through the ages, the one institution that has remained constant in life is Family. Right from Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious 6 to Salman Khan in Race 3, everyone ...

TSP’s Serial Spoiler

2 мес назад

Lurking in dark corners, away from plain sight are the sworn enemies of all Movie Buffs and Binge watchers - The Serial Spoilers. These deviants are on a ...

TSP’s Awkward Conversations With Parents | E05 - “Pregnancy”

2 мес назад

All hell breaks loose when Ishaan gets home after a game of cricket. There's news of a Suprise pregnancy at home! How does Ishaan react to this? How do his ...

KBC Spoof 2 | TSP’s Bade Chote

2 мес назад

Aadar, Aadab, Abhinandan, Aabhar! Aap sabka swagat hai. Thank you for joining us for another episode of KBC. This time, we're back with our popular duo ...

TSP’s Awkward Conversations With Parents | E04 - “Gay”

2 мес назад

A true friendship is when your parents doubt your sexuality. You eat together, go out to play together, have the same interests and have a lot of sleepovers ...

TSP's If Superstitions Were Real 2 | 2 Million Special

3 мес назад

Superstitions are a very large part of our Indian culture. Right from the Dahi shakkar to Kaali billi, we follow certain traditions regardless of them being true or not.

TSP’s Awkward Conversations With Parents | E03 - “Wet Dreams”

3 мес назад

Every boy has faced this. Every boy hates this. Waking up in the morning after a good night's sleep with a puddle in your PJs is a nightmare that no adolescent ...