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TSP’s Awkward Conversations With Parents | E05 - “Pregnancy”

2 дн назад

All hell breaks loose when Ishaan gets home after a game of cricket. There's news of a Suprise pregnancy at home! How does Ishaan react to this? How do his ...

KBC Spoof 2 | TSP’s Bade Chote

1 нед назад

Aadar, Aadab, Abhinandan, Aabhar! Aap sabka swagat hai. Thank you for joining us for another episode of KBC. This time, we're back with our popular duo ...

TSP’s Awkward Conversations With Parents | E04 - “Gay”

2 нед назад

A true friendship is when your parents doubt your sexuality. You eat together, go out to play together, have the same interests and have a lot of sleepovers ...

TSP's If Superstitions Were Real 2 | 2 Million Special

2 нед назад

Superstitions are a very large part of our Indian culture. Right from the Dahi shakkar to Kaali billi, we follow certain traditions regardless of them being true or not.

TSP’s Awkward Conversations With Parents | E03 - “Wet Dreams”

3 нед назад

Every boy has faced this. Every boy hates this. Waking up in the morning after a good night's sleep with a puddle in your PJs is a nightmare that no adolescent ...

TSP’s Awkward Conversations With Parents | E02 - “Girlfriend”

4 нед назад

All of us laundas have at some point waited for our parents to go on vacation so that we'd be able to call our Girlfriends home. After his parents discovering his ...

TSP’s Awkward Conversations With Parents | E01 - "Condom"

1 мес назад

Since school times, all of us youngsters have been advised to stay safe, be responsible and to use protection from our elders and teachers. However, what ...

TSP's Awkward Conversations | Official Trailer | 1st Episode on 17th

1 мес назад

What would happen if your parents accidentally saw your internet search history? What would happen if your parents saw chat history on your phone?

TSP’s Rabish Ki Report | Football ka Fever

1 мес назад

The World Cup is here! Every bar you go to, every friend's house, every restaurant only has Football Fever. There are many different fans who go out. Some go ...

TSP’s Rabish Ki Report | Ladkiyon Ki House Party

1 мес назад

Youthon ka Wafadar, Raja Rabish Kumar has been invited to a house party, but something is different this time...there's not a single guy in the party. Rabish ...

सावधान इंडिया Spoof 2 - ‘हीरोइन की मौत’ | TSP’s Bade Chote

2 мес назад

Another day, another crime. This time, a heinous offence has been committed on the sets of a Bollywood movie. Popular actress Kalpana was shooting a suicide ...

TSP's Breakup with Phone

2 мес назад

Everyone has problems with their old mobile phones. As soon as these cell phones cross the six-month mark, tiny issues start showing up. Broken screens, low ...

TSP’s Eid Special | Inzy Bhai Unboxing ‘Biryani’

2 мес назад

Everyone remembers Inzamam as a brilliant but temperamental batsman who had the gift of turning the tide on any losing game. However, our Inzy had a ...

TSP's A Day Before Exam Results

2 мес назад

There's one day that all the students in the world collectively hate - The day you get your exam results. And there's only one day that's hated more than this day ...

TSP's Ganju | Sanju Trailer Spoof

3 мес назад

Few heads in our times are as hairless and enigmatic as the saga of Ganju. Coming from a family of bald legends, he himself became a shaved person and then ...

TSP's If Directors Were Teachers

3 мес назад

How do you get cast in a top Bollywood movie? How do you make Scorpios fly in an action scene? How do you get invited for coffee by the nation's top TV show ...

Admission in JNU, IIT, DU & Ameerty | TSP's Bade Chote

3 мес назад

The whole college admission process in India is a never ending circus that begins every year around this time. Admission time stress happens to all students ...

The Guy She Tells You Not To Worry About | The Screen Patti

4 мес назад

We all know THAT one guy. The guy who has Big Biceps, a good Beard and a great smile.The guy who is not only a part-time model but also an MBA graduate ...

When You Can't Speak in English | The Screen Patti

4 мес назад

Do you have a problem with speaking in English? Are you always confused between “there” and “their”? Is English the reason for your single life? Is it tough for ...

A Day Before Appraisal || The Screen Patti

4 мес назад

Appraisal Day. Expectation - The one time in the year when you show your boss all the projects you've completed, the weekends you've worked and the good ...

Bro Code in School | Exam Special | The Screen Patti

4 мес назад

Brother, bhai, anna, bantai. Many terms, but they all describe the same Bro. This guy always has your back, be it 3 am or 3pm. He'll fight a war for you and ...