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TSP’s Eid Special | Inzy Bhai Unboxing ‘Biryani’

6 дн назад

Everyone remembers Inzamam as a brilliant but temperamental batsman who had the gift of turning the tide on any losing game. However, our Inzy had a ...

TSP's A Day Before Exam Results

1 нед назад

There's one day that all the students in the world collectively hate - The day you get your exam results. And there's only one day that's hated more than this day ...

TSP's Ganju | Sanju Trailer Spoof

3 нед назад

Few heads in our times are as hairless and enigmatic as the saga of Ganju. Coming from a family of bald legends, he himself became a shaved person and then ...

TSP's If Directors Were Teachers

1 мес назад

How do you get cast in a top Bollywood movie? How do you make Scorpios fly in an action scene? How do you get invited for coffee by the nation's top TV show ...

Admission in JNU, IIT, DU & Ameerty | TSP's Bade Chote

1 мес назад

The whole college admission process in India is a never ending circus that begins every year around this time. Admission time stress happens to all students ...

The Guy She Tells You Not To Worry About | The Screen Patti

2 мес назад

We all know THAT one guy. The guy who has Big Biceps, a good Beard and a great smile.The guy who is not only a part-time model but also an MBA graduate ...

When You Can't Speak in English | The Screen Patti

2 мес назад

Do you have a problem with speaking in English? Are you always confused between “there” and “their”? Is English the reason for your single life? Is it tough for ...

A Day Before Appraisal || The Screen Patti

2 мес назад

Appraisal Day. Expectation - The one time in the year when you show your boss all the projects you've completed, the weekends you've worked and the good ...

Bro Code in School | Exam Special | The Screen Patti

2 мес назад

Brother, bhai, anna, bantai. Many terms, but they all describe the same Bro. This guy always has your back, be it 3 am or 3pm. He'll fight a war for you and ...

Gandi Baat with Jizzy-Veerji ft. Richa Chadda, Rahul Bhat and Sudhir Mishra | The Screen Patti

2 мес назад

Our fan favourites Jizzy-Veerji are back! And this time, they have only one goal. To Grill. It's three Bollywood movie celebs on the grill this time. Will our ...

TSP's If Politicians played Indoor Games

3 мес назад

Let's face it, Politicians in India are always playing games. They play with our money, sometimes with our feelings and of recent, they even play with our Aadhar ...

Commerce Student Ki Kahani || TSP's Baap Ki Adalat

3 мес назад

Commerce students have it tough in life. Society defines them as students who are too smart for Arts, but at the same time too dumb for Science. Even if a child ...

UPSC Ki Taiyari | TSP's Rabish Ki Report E05

3 мес назад

The UPSC exams in India are a matter of great prestige in India. While lakhs of students study and work hard to clear these, barely a handful manage to pass.

If Superstitions were Real | The Screen Patti

3 мес назад

Superstition in India is nothing new. Black cats, broken mirrors, Nimbu-Mirchi, we do it all. But the everlasting question arises, do these Superstitions actually ...

TSP’s If Employees Behave like Autowalas

3 мес назад

Everyone has experienced the tantrums of our local Autowalas. The chances of a pretty girl agreeing to your proposal are higher than those of a Rickshaw guy ...

Bro Code with Girls | The Screen Patti

3 мес назад

The term Bro stands for that one person who always has your back, regardless of who or what you're up against. This Bhai of yours will love and fight for you but ...

Board Exams Ki Taiyari | TSP's Rabish Ki Report E04

4 мес назад

Youthon ka wafadaar, world famous patrakaar Raja Rabish Kumar is back! This time, he's on a mission with Mirinda to #ReleaseThePressure. With the exams ...

सावधान इंडिया Spoof - एक तरफा प्यार | TSP's Bade Chote

4 мес назад

A murder has been committed and nobody knows who the criminal is. Bade has been arrested as the prime suspect for killing a pretty girl in his office.

TSP's What Couples Wish For In Different States | Valentine's Day Special

4 мес назад

Valentine's day is cool and fun for most of us, but a lot of couples face many obstacles on this day. Some couples face problems due to religious reasons and ...

TSP’s Blind Date | Valentine’s Day Special

4 мес назад

Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you ever been on a blind date? Ever used a dating app to meet a stranger? So many questions, but the lovely ...

Bro Code | The Screen Patti 1 Million Special

5 мес назад

We all have that one bro who arrives when times are hardest. That one guy who is a knight in shining armor to us. That one gentleman who puts his hands in the ...