Tiny fireworks, HUGE impression

15 час назад

You didn't know fireworks could be this cute!

This water-spewing sewer will make you cringe

17 час назад

What would you do if you saw this sewer spitting back at you on a New York City street?

Johnny Depp jokes about killing President Trump

17 час назад

The audience cheered when Johnny Depp joked about assassinating President Donald Trump, while speaking at the Glastonbury Festival in England.

The Western Wall: Jews' holiest spot

17 час назад

The Western Wall is actually just an outer wall of the Second Temple left behind when Rome destroyed it in 70 A.D. For the Jews, this remnant of what was the ...

Live the 80's with Krtisten Wiig and Steve Carell

18 час назад

Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell, of 'Despicable Me3', talk 80's styles, music, and crushes.

House bill could make flying more comfortable, safe

18 час назад

Congress is considering new regulations that could impact the comfort and security of flights.

Salvador Dali's remains to be exhumed

18 час назад

In Madrid, a court has ordered that the remains of surrealist artist Salvador Dali be exhumed.

GOP health care bill is hard pill for some to swallow

19 час назад

Right now, GOP senators are trying to gather enough votes to pass their Obamacare replacement plan, but even fellow Republicans are having a time a hard ...

Shots fired near New York Apple store

19 час назад

Surveillance video shows customers and employees ducking and running for cover in an Apple store after they hear gunshots inside the mall.

The creator of 'Paddington Bear' has passed away

19 час назад

Michael Bond, the creator of 'Paddington Bear,' has passed away at age 92. He leaves behind an icon who is beloved around the world.

You've never seen Lady Liberty like this

19 час назад

This Statue of Liberty is made with more than 25000 LEGOs and took nearly 300 hours to build, but you can see it all come together in under a minute.

Study: Black girls seen as less innocent than white girls

19 час назад

A new Georgetown Law study shows how differently adults see black girls and white girls and how that plays out when it comes to discipline.

Fallon, Meyers, Colbert, Jefferies on the GOP health care flop: Punchlines

20 час назад

The late-night comics talk delayed vote and cuts to care. Take a look at our favorite jokes, then vote for yours at usatoday.com/opinion.

Police officer finds pregnant mom and toddler asleep on sidewalk

21 час назад

When officer Norman found a pregnant woman and her toddler sleeping on the sidewalk, he collected donations and found them a place to live.

Lone Navy sailor plays taps for fallen shipmates

23 час назад

Seven U.S. Navy sailors lost their lives when the USS Fitzgerald slammed into a cargo ship in Japanese waters. A fellow sailor played taps to honor their ...

Intense and dangerous: Incredible VR views of active aircraft carrier flight deck

24 час назад

Explore the USS Eisenhower during combat training and see why the flight deck of an aircraft carrier is one of the most dangerous spots in the world to work.

Experience aircraft carrier flight ops, active combat training for first time in VR

24 час назад

Step aboard the USS Eisenhower during the biggest combat training in recent Navy history. Experience jet launches, landings and high-stakes drills in the ...

See aircraft carrier jet launches, air operations for the first time in 3D VR

24 час назад

For the first time ever, experience the amazing sight of an aircraft carrier in full combat training mode in 3D stereoscopic VR. View more unprecedented VR ...

Fly in a chopper for a rare look at aircraft carrier resupply mission in VR

24 час назад

Jump aboard a chopper and hang out on the flight deck of the USS Eisenhower for unprecedented 360 views of a resupply mission at sea. View more ...

Experience life on an aircraft carrier "floating city" in VR

24 час назад

For the 5000 sailors aboard the USS Eisenhower, long days and nights are the norm. Everything from flight operations to trash disposal must run smoothly on ...

Meet Trump's power-packed legal team

1 дн назад

hey are attack dogs and upper-crust white shoes. None of them shrink from a fight. And their ranks are growing by the day. Since Robert Mueller was named ...