These 4 words will drive her wild (YIAY #431)

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Your Wonderful, Beautiful YIAY OUTROS (YIAY #430)

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Awful Patreon Rewards (YIAY #429)

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Sharks ate us lol (JackAsk #86)

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What's your podcast about? (YIAY #428)

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Better Magic the Gathering Cards (YIAY #427)

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What does "Be a Klondike" mean? (YIAY #426)

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Announcing JackCon (YIAY #425)

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Your 1st crush. (YIAY #424)

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What IHOB really means (YIAY #423)

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Please don't photoshop our honeymoon. (YIAY #421)

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*teleports behind you* (YIAY #420)

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How to not suck at gaming (YIAY #419)

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Guess the movie in 4 words! (YIAY #418)

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Can you name 3 characters from Avatar? (YIAY #417)

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Adding a layer of clothing every time I die in Fortnite

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Avengers 4 Title (YIAY #416)

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Fix your avatars. (YIAY #415)

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SOLVED: Yanny or Laurel

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