Talking Angela

💖 Talking Angela’s Valentine’s Surprise - Fun With Coloring 💖

2 дн назад

OMG, #LittleKitties! Talking Tom made me the most amazing thing for Valentine's Day – my very own coloring book! The pictures tell our story! I just love thinking ...

💃❤️Talking Angela’s Favorite Dance Choreographies

1 нед назад

It's time to hit the dance floor, #LittleKitties! 🤩 Are you ready to unleash your inner superstar? I know I am! Dancing lets you truly express yourself. It's amazing!

🎵💖 Music Video by Tom and Angela - Stand by me (Holiday Edition)

2 мес назад

Happy Holidays #LittleKitties! My wish for you is that in 2019 you share the love with everyone who are special to you! Watch Talking Tom and me sing the ...

🎄 Dance Tutorial: Holiday Special - NEW in My Talking Angela (Gameplay)

2 мес назад

Happy Holidays, #LittleKitties! I have a very special gift for you this year. I'm teaching my very first dance class and you're invited! Get in the holiday spirit and join ...

🤩 Talking Angela's Dance Show - NEW GAME FEATURE (Official Trailer)

2 мес назад

It's showtime, #LittleKitties! My big moment is finally here! It's time to hit the stage and be a dancing superstar ! And you can be one too! Get the biggest My ...

💃 DANCE WITH ME!💃 My Talking Angela (BIGGEST Game Update ever)

3 мес назад

LittleKitties! You can now dance with me in my NEW dance studio! Or try out my dance moves in your own living room Put on your dancing shoes, choose ...

💖 A Day Playing My Talking Tom 2 (NEW Game) - Talking Angela

3 мес назад

I just had the most amazing day, #LittleKitties! I took a grand tour of my best friend's new game, My Talking Tom 2! We played with his cool toys, fed his cute pets, ...

👻 Spook-tacular HALLOWEEN ideas with Talking Angela

4 мес назад

Happy Spook-tacular Halloween, #LittleKitties! You getting excited for trick-or-treating? I know I am! This year Talking Tom and me are going on the candy hunt ...

⚡ Bathroom Drama ⚡ Talking Angela Cartoon Short

4 мес назад

Hey, #LittleKitties! I was just about to have the most relaxing bubble bath of all time when my favorite bath ducky went missing! Who would have thought that a ...

🌕 Moon Princess Talking Angela - The Legend of the Moon Festival

5 мес назад

Isn't the full moon magical?! Wouldn't it be amazing if we could fly up there, #LittleKitties?! I know exactly what I would wear and Talking Tom is already dressed ...

🎉 5 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS SPECIAL 🎉 Thank You From Talking Angela

5 мес назад

OMG! Thank you, #LittleKitties! You're the best!! I can't believe it. This has made me SO happy! 5 million hugs and kisses to all you beautiful people out there!

👗NEW WARDROBE & FASHION SURPRISE 👗 in My Talking Angela (Game Update)

5 мес назад

Hey, #LittleKitties! AMAZING NEWS ALERT! I've got a BRAND NEW WARDROBE! OMG! It's soooooo pretty. But that's not all! I've got another *super* surprise ...

👸The Candy Princess - Talking Angela Plays Talking Tom Candy Run (Gameplay) 🍭

6 мес назад

Oh, shhh… sugar! Our candy store's been robbed! Come with me on the sweetest adventure EVER as we run after the chocolate cheating sugar stealer ...

☀️Holiday Moments ☀️- Talking Angela (Cartoon Shorts Combo)

7 мес назад

Sun's out, fun's out! Talking Angela's having the most amazing summer holiday with lots of relaxing, reading, and sunbathing! Well, that's what she was planning ...

💖 Summer Romance Look | Talking Angela GRWM

7 мес назад

Hey, #LittleKitties! I'm on summer vacation and you know what that means… SUN, FUN, AND GOOD TIMES! Come GRWM! I've got a romantic night out under ...

⚽ Best Surprise for Talking Tom - Talking Angela’s FOOTBALL Party

8 мес назад

Hey, Little Kitties! Talking Tom really didn't handle me beating him at football. But I'm a pretty awesome friend so I've found the perfect thing to cheer him up…

🦄 Unicorn Mini-Game 🦄 in My Talking Angela (NEW UPDATE)

8 мес назад

Hey, #LittleKitties! Do you love unicorns just like me? Then you have to try out my latest My Talking Angela update – it has a new mini-game that I'm just ...

Talking Angela's Top Instagram Photo Tips

9 мес назад

Hey, #LittleKitties! Don't you just love taking pics? I know I do! And I love sharing them with you on Instagram even more! Here are my top tips for Insta ...

Talking Angela - Festival Face Paints and Beauty Essentials

10 мес назад

Hey there, #LittleKitties! I'm off to a music festival and I'm soooo excited! I've just finished packing my bag. Wanna see my beauty essentials? Check this out!

Talking Angela – Trying out Candy Around the World

10 мес назад

Travel + sweet treats = a happy me! Whenever I travel, I love tasting the local sweets, from pastries to candy. These are some of my favorites! ↓↓↓ Show ...

Talking Angela – Camping Essentials

10 мес назад

We're going camping! Since we'll be carrying our kit, I've tried to be really good about packing light. Wanna see what I decided to take? Then watch this!