Talking Angela

💖 Summer Romance Look | Talking Angela GRWM

3 дн назад

Hey, #LittleKitties! I'm on summer vacation and you know what that means… SUN, FUN, AND GOOD TIMES! Come GRWM! I've got a romantic night out under ...

⚽ Best Surprise for Talking Tom - Talking Angela’s FOOTBALL Party

3 нед назад

Hey, Little Kitties! Talking Tom really didn't handle me beating him at football. But I'm a pretty awesome friend so I've found the perfect thing to cheer him up…

🦄 Unicorn Mini-Game 🦄 in My Talking Angela (NEW UPDATE)

1 мес назад

Hey, #LittleKitties! Do you love unicorns just like me? Then you have to try out my latest My Talking Angela update – it has a new mini-game that I'm just ...

Talking Angela's Top Instagram Photo Tips

2 мес назад

Hey, #LittleKitties! Don't you just love taking pics? I know I do! And I love sharing them with you on Instagram even more! Here are my top tips for Insta ...

Talking Angela - Festival Face Paints and Beauty Essentials

3 мес назад

Hey there, #LittleKitties! I'm off to a music festival and I'm soooo excited! I've just finished packing my bag. Wanna see my beauty essentials? Check this out!

Talking Angela – Trying out Candy Around the World

3 мес назад

Travel + sweet treats = a happy me! Whenever I travel, I love tasting the local sweets, from pastries to candy. These are some of my favorites! ↓↓↓ Show ...

Talking Angela – Camping Essentials

4 мес назад

We're going camping! Since we'll be carrying our kit, I've tried to be really good about packing light. Wanna see what I decided to take? Then watch this!

My Talking Angela - Easter Goodies (NEW UPDATE)

4 мес назад

Hey, #LittleKitties! It's time to spring into spring! Want to know how? From my Easter party tips and tricks to the new springtime treats in my app update, I've got ...

Talking Angela - Weekly Vlog #2 (Weekend Fun)

4 мес назад

Hey, #LittleKitties! Is there anything better than the weekend? I had such a great one I just had to share it with you. Check this out! ↓↓↓ Show some love and ...

Talking Angela – Hygge and Happiness

5 мес назад

Hey, #LittleKitties! Have you ever heard about hygge? It's amazing! We're talking candles, cake and coziness. Want to know more? Watch my video!

Talking Angela’s Birthday Surprise

5 мес назад

Hey, #LittleKitties! I've got the most amazing news to tell you… Ahhh, I just can't wait! Watch the video to find out! ↓↓↓ Show some love and subscribe!

Talking Angela - Lunar New Year Celebration

6 мес назад

Hey, #LittleKitties! Did you know that the Chinese New Year is one of the biggest celebrations in the world? And that this year will be the Year of the Dog!? Come ...

Talking Angela – My Weekly Vlog

6 мес назад

Hey there, #LittleKitties! I've had so many questions from you guys about my day-to-day stuff so I thought I'd just show you! From breakfast bowls to game night, ...

Crystal Princess Dress: NEW My Talking Angela App Update

7 мес назад

Hey there, #LittleKitties! Are you enjoying all the wintertime magic in the air? I am! Here are some of my best tips and tricks for adding some seasonal sparkle to ...

Talking Angela’s Guide to Winter Style

7 мес назад

Hey, #LittleKitties! I love this time of year, don't you? When it gets really chilly outside, there are so many fun accessories to wear. I think winter style can make ...

Talking Angela - Inside My Bag (Pool Edition)

8 мес назад

Hey, #LittleKitties! I'm gonna go spend a day at the water park – wanna come? But first, I've got to pack my pool bag. A girl can never be too prepared, right?

Talking Angela – DIY School Style

8 мес назад

Hey, #LittleKitties! Yeah, it's time to go to school, but that doesn't mean you have to look drab. The season of style is forever! Let's DIY your school kit and send ...

Talking Angela - Unicorn Halloween Party in 5 Steps

9 мес назад

Hey, Little Kitties! Wanna know what Halloween and unicorns have in common? Well, stay tuned to find out! I just may convince you that #unicornsarereal!

My Talking Angela – Fun with Face Paints

9 мес назад

It's face paint time! That's right. I've now got THE MOST FABULOUS FACE PAINTS in my app, My Talking Angela. Come with me for a look at these dreamy new ...

Talking Angela - Date Night with Talking Tom (Shorts Combo)

10 мес назад

Talking Tom invited me for a big evening out! Soooo excited!!!! OMG! :) But first, I've got to get ready. Sounds easy… right? #girls #nothingtowear ↓↓↓ Show ...

Talking Angela – Galleries and Museums

10 мес назад

I love galleries and museums, but sometimes it can be tricky knowing how to act, right? Well, I've got a how-to guide just for you! You'll be culturally cool in no ...