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Venezuela protests end in death once more

1 час назад

The near-daily unrest in Venezuela has culminated once again in the death of a protester. Demonstrations turned violent on Thursday as opposition supporters ...

Skirting the issue: schoolboys attend class in skirts during heatwave

8 час назад

In an effort to stay cool, a group of British students have defied their school dress code as well as gender norms by wearing skirts to protest a rule against shorts.

Vienna court to rule on Hitler house dispute

10 час назад

The owner of the house where Adolf Hitler was born is fighting the Austrian government's right to take possession of the property. The interior ministry had been ...

Universal condemnation follows ISIL's destruction of Mosul's al-Nuri mosque

10 час назад

ISIL's destruction of one of the wonders of the Muslim religious world, the Great mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul, has been greeted with fury around the world.

Espagne : Timoteo Mendieta FR

11 час назад

Brussels terror investigation ongoing

12 час назад

The investigation into the attempted terror attack on Tuesday is ongoing. But initial indications are that the bomb suspect was not on a terror watch list. The man ...

Flammable cladding found in towers across the UK

13 час назад

Councils across the UK estimate some 600 high-rise buildings have similar flammable cladding to Grenfell Tower. Local authorities have been ordered to ...

Exclusive interview with Alain Charmeau, head of ArianeGroup

14 час назад

Full article here: http://www.euronews.com/2017/06/22/arianegroup-launched-at-paris-air-show-amidst-fierce-competition There are big changes in Europe's ...

Brexit dominates yet another EU summit

14 час назад

Brexit looms large over yet another EU summit. Diplomats are more optimistic than after the referendum one year, They cited the arrival of new French president, ...

Ukraine exhibition explores our "fragile state"

15 час назад

Kyiv is confirming its place on the world map of contemporary art with a new international exhibition. The double meaning of the show's title, “Fragile State” – on ...

Mountain goat versus hungry wolf: who wins?

15 час назад

An Israeli game warden filmed a dramatic scene at Ein Gedi reserve, near the Dead Sea, on June 19 as an Arabian wolf chased a young mountain goat along ...

Video purports to show the destruction of Mosul's al-Nuri mosque

15 час назад

The Iraqi military's Joint Operations Command has circulated a video which it claims shows the moment ISIS destroyed Mosul's al-Nuri mosque. The mosque's ...

Airbus: floating black box

15 час назад

Long haul Airbus planes will soon be fitted with ejectable black boxes that use airbags to float and a beacon to alert emergency services to their whereabouts.

Airbus: floating black box

17 час назад

Long haul Airbus planes will soon be fitted with ejectable black boxes that use airbags to float and a beacon to alert emergency services to their whereabouts.

Four detained over failed Brussels Central Station attack

17 час назад

Belgian police have arrested four people over the attempted bomb attack at Brussels' Central Station. It follows a series of house searches in the Belgian capital ...

Local council chief resigns over Grenfell Tower fire

17 час назад

The Chief executive of Britain's Kensington and Chelsea council has resigned just hours after Prime Minister Theresa May criticised the council's handling of last ...

Chilean court rules to return frozen assets to Pinochet family

18 час назад

The family of the late Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet could receive €4.2 million in cash and assets frozen during a legal investigation. It follows a decision by ...

China: Ancient sun altar

19 час назад

The remnants of a 3000-year-old altar to the sun have been discovered in north west China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It is believed to have been ...

michigan airport stabbing

1 дн назад

The FBI are treating the stabbing of a police officer at Michigan's Bishop airport in Flint as an act of terrorism. Canadian police have carried out a search at the ...

First Grenfell fire funeral

1 дн назад

The first funeral for a victim of the Grenfell Tower fire has taken place. Relatives of 23-year-old Mohammad Alhajali had flown in from Syria. Hundreds of ...

Macron reshuffles government after allies quit

1 дн назад

Amid a wave of resignations, Wednesday saw France get its second government line-up since President Emmanuel Macron took office in May. The string of ...