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7 час назад

felt cute... might delete in 24 hrs //

My Blockbuster Video Stories

6 дн назад

Saw the Captain Marvel teaser trailer and it reminded me of my Blockbuster Video adventures. Stalk Me: ○Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/swoozie/ ...

Accidentally Catching Feels for a FRIEND

2 нед назад

This has never happened to me. I'm just a 3rd party not attached to this narrative in any way, shape or form. Stalk Me: ○Instagram: ...

Sexy Sleepover

4 мес назад

I drive 3 hours to my friend "Lara's" house party and end up spending the night. It was totally innocent and boring. I should've just stayed home tbh. If you guys ...

Tokyo x Twitch Girl Gamer Drama

4 мес назад

I caused some accidental online drama while in Japan last week and did Mario Kart IRL. Stalk Me: ○Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/swoozie/ ○Twitter: ...

Twitch Girl Gamer

5 мес назад

Found a girl while surfing twitch and well... Stalk Me: ○Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/swoozie/ ○Twitter: http://twitter.com/sWooZ1e.

Sleeping in School

6 мес назад

All day I'm sleepy. All night I'm wide awake. Stalk Me: ○Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/swoozie/ ○Twitter: http://twitter.com/sWooZ1e.

Toy Story 4 Behind the Scenes *SPOOF*

6 мес назад

Toy Story 4 gone be LIT! Created w/ Mindshow: https://mindshow.com Spoofy look at what goes on behind the scenes on big animated productions.

How I Met Chris Pratt

7 мес назад

The new Jurassic World movie just dropped and it reminded me that I never shared the story of how I met Chris Pratt at the premiere of the last movie. Click the ...

My Netflix and No Chill Story

8 мес назад

My first and last adventure in Netflix and chill land. Click the bell join the Notification squadron " " Stalk Me: ○Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/swoozie/ ...

people that talk junk behind your back

8 мес назад

People love having other peoples names in their mouth for some reason. Click the bell join the Notification squadron " " Stalk Me: ○Instagram: ...

Why People Cheat

9 мес назад

s/o to all the faithful ppl in the world Click the bell join the Notification squadron " " Stalk Me: ○Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/swoozie/ ○Twitter: ...

Fortnite Virgins

10 мес назад

Aimbot squads up with his friends Lebron, GG and King-Kong-Quisha to teach them how to play this game everyones talking about. Click the bell join the ...

Stealing From Toys R Us

11 мес назад

Animated remix of a video I uploaded in 2008 but took down a few months later. I left a few details out of the original but now I'm sharing all the juicy intel of the ...

Took my Uber Driver on a Date (ft. AndreasChoice)

12 мес назад

Shooting my shot with my Uber. ✖️Stalk Andrea https://www.youtube.com/AndreasChoice https://www.instagram.com/andreaschoice/ ✖️Stalk me ...

Tim's Girlfriend

1 год назад

Tim's gf gives the best massages of all time. Totally not awkward #sarcasm ✖️Watch more $5000 Mario Kart Race: https://youtu.be/M149uzKOM6o Skipping in ...

Game Night: $5000 MARIO KART RACE!! 🚗

1 год назад

Video game Fight Club with super high stakes! It was either this or go to Dave N Busters. ✖️Watch more Skipping in High School: https://youtu.be/nCPIKP_84qs ...

Skipping in High School

1 год назад

Story of how I skipped class to avoid taking a test and well... yeah. Things didn't go as planned. ✖️Watch more Arguing with Friends be Like: ...

Arguing With Friends Be Like...

1 год назад

When conversations with your friends take a weird turn and you end up in argument-ville ✖️Watch more How to handle getting CURVED: ...

Pimpin Ain't Easy

1 год назад

UPDATE: ALL GIFTS ARE GONE!! Trying to give back each spot that I travel to. I'm trying to hit a few places before the year is over. UK, Canada and Australia ...

When Your Parents are Annoying AF

1 год назад

Parents can be annoying but they provide years of free food and free wifi. Watch more How to handle getting CURVED: https://youtu.be/EB3Gpokv9x8 RAISING ...