Sexy Sleepover

4 нед назад

I drive 3 hours to my friend "Lara's" house party and end up spending the night. It was totally innocent and boring. I should've just stayed home tbh. If you guys ...

Tokyo x Twitch Girl Gamer Drama

1 мес назад

I caused some accidental online drama while in Japan last week and did Mario Kart IRL. Stalk Me: ○Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/swoozie/ ○Twitter: ...

Twitch Girl Gamer

2 мес назад

Found a girl while surfing twitch and well... Stalk Me: ○Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/swoozie/ ○Twitter: http://twitter.com/sWooZ1e.

Sleeping in School

3 мес назад

All day I'm sleepy. All night I'm wide awake. Stalk Me: ○Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/swoozie/ ○Twitter: http://twitter.com/sWooZ1e.

Toy Story 4 Behind the Scenes *SPOOF*

3 мес назад

Toy Story 4 gone be LIT! Created w/ Mindshow: https://mindshow.com Spoofy look at what goes on behind the scenes on big animated productions.

How I Met Chris Pratt

4 мес назад

The new Jurassic World movie just dropped and it reminded me that I never shared the story of how I met Chris Pratt at the premiere of the last movie. Click the ...

My Netflix and No Chill Story

5 мес назад

My first and last adventure in Netflix and chill land. Click the bell join the Notification squadron " " Stalk Me: ○Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/swoozie/ ...

people that talk junk behind your back

5 мес назад

People love having other peoples names in their mouth for some reason. Click the bell join the Notification squadron " " Stalk Me: ○Instagram: ...

Why People Cheat

6 мес назад

s/o to all the faithful ppl in the world Click the bell join the Notification squadron " " Stalk Me: ○Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/swoozie/ ○Twitter: ...

Fortnite Virgins

7 мес назад

Aimbot squads up with his friends Lebron, GG and King-Kong-Quisha to teach them how to play this game everyones talking about. Click the bell join the ...

Stealing From Toys R Us

7 мес назад

Animated remix of a video I uploaded in 2008 but took down a few months later. I left a few details out of the original but now I'm sharing all the juicy intel of the ...

Took my Uber Driver on a Date (ft. AndreasChoice)

9 мес назад

Shooting my shot with my Uber. ✖️Stalk Andrea https://www.youtube.com/AndreasChoice https://www.instagram.com/andreaschoice/ ✖️Stalk me ...

Tim's Girlfriend

9 мес назад

Tim's gf gives the best massages of all time. Totally not awkward #sarcasm ✖️Watch more $5000 Mario Kart Race: https://youtu.be/M149uzKOM6o Skipping in ...

Game Night: $5000 MARIO KART RACE!! 🚗

10 мес назад

Video game Fight Club with super high stakes! It was either this or go to Dave N Busters. ✖️Watch more Skipping in High School: https://youtu.be/nCPIKP_84qs ...

Skipping in High School

10 мес назад

Story of how I skipped class to avoid taking a test and well... yeah. Things didn't go as planned. ✖️Watch more Arguing with Friends be Like: ...

Arguing With Friends Be Like...

10 мес назад

When conversations with your friends take a weird turn and you end up in argument-ville ✖️Watch more How to handle getting CURVED: ...

Pimpin Ain't Easy

10 мес назад

UPDATE: ALL GIFTS ARE GONE!! Trying to give back each spot that I travel to. I'm trying to hit a few places before the year is over. UK, Canada and Australia ...

When Your Parents are Annoying AF

11 мес назад

Parents can be annoying but they provide years of free food and free wifi. Watch more How to handle getting CURVED: https://youtu.be/EB3Gpokv9x8 RAISING ...

How to handle getting CURVED

11 мес назад

Don't you love dealing with the we.were.supposed.to.link.but.never.did situations? Especially when the other party just drops communication multiple times.

Crush on my Teacher

1 год назад

Catching feels for your school teacher. Never happened to me. EVER! Except for this ONE time... Watch more Poppin Bottles w/ Instagram Models: ...

Poppin Bottles w/ Instagram Models

1 год назад

So I went on a date in Beverly Hills. It was... interesting. Stalk Alex (the guy I collabed w/ on this vid) Alex Clark's YOUTUBE: ...