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The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper - Exclusive - Jordan's Turkey Trigger Tips - Uncensored

4 час назад

Jordan presents some ways for you to spread the truth and antagonize relatives at this year's Thanksgiving meal. Watch full episodes of The Opposition now: ...

The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper - Jon Stewart Talks "Night of Too Many Stars"

4 дн назад

Under the guise of an elderly contest winner, Jon Stewart reunites with Jordan to talk about his HBO special "Night of Too Many Stars." Watch full episodes of ...

Broad City - Behind Broad City - House-Sitting

4 дн назад

Hannibal Buress marvels at how invested people are in Ilana and Lincoln's relationship. Watch full episodes of Broad City now: ...

The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper - Alt-Diversity in the Courtroom

5 дн назад

Citizen Journalist Niccole Thurman explains how judicial nominee Brett Talley's ghost-hunting skills make him a diverse choice for the courtroom. Watch full ...

Tosh.0 - ASMR Thanksgiving

5 дн назад

Daniel invites Spirit, an ASMR eating vlogger, to Thanksgiving dinner and asks her about everything from her favorite sounds to her relationship with fish.

Hart of the City - Kevin Meets Comics from the Garden State

5 дн назад

Kevin Hart sits down with Ty Raney, Cee Jay Craxx, Kendall "Shorty" Ward and Rey Gibbs to talk about their comedy goals and their biggest bombs. Watch more ...

The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper - All Lives Friday: Serious Deals for Serious Threats

6 дн назад

Jordan and his team of Citizen Journalists announce discounts on their high-quality products, including an exclusive apocalypse survival pack. Watch full ...

Rob Reiner - Women Have No Recourse Against Sexual Harassment - The Jim Jefferies Show

6 дн назад

"LBJ" director Rob Reiner is hopeful that the focus on sexual harassment in Hollywood will shine a light on its pervasiveness across society. Watch full episodes ...

The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper - Puerto Rico's Hurricane Recovery: A 10 out of 10

7 дн назад

Jordan meets with Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz and the citizens of Puerto Rico to find out the truth about the Trump administration's hurricane recovery efforts.

Jeff Ross Roasts the Border - Talking with DREAMers

1 нед назад

Jeff Ross talks with undocumented DREAMers to understand the struggles they face under the Trump administration. Watch full specials and Deep Cuts from ...

The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper - Swing States Are in Danger

2 нед назад

Jordan sounds the alarm when he discovers the Democrats' insidious plan to resettle Puerto Rico's displaced hurricane victims to key swing states. Watch full ...

The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper - Donna Brazile: She's with Us

2 нед назад

Donna Brazile's suggestion that the 2016 Democratic primary was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton inspires Jordan to have a change of heart about the former ...

Mark Cuban - Becoming the Second Billionaire, Reality-Star President - The Jim Jefferies Show

2 нед назад

"Shark Tank" star Mark Cuban recounts his rich person feuds with Donald Trump and makes an announcement about his own 2020 presidential ambitions.

The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper - Elections Under Attack: Cracking Down on Voter Fraud

2 нед назад

Motivated by a cash reward, Citizen Journalist Tim Baltz sets out to prove that voter fraud occurred in New Hampshire during the 2016 election. Watch full ...

The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper - Trump's Japan Trip - We Miss You, Pop Pop

2 нед назад

Japan gets a dose of pure, uncut Trump-itude as the president forces his American-ness all over Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Watch full episodes of The ...

Nathan For You - Fixing Computer Repair

2 нед назад

After picking up on a big problem with computer repair shops, Nathan comes up with a solution. Watch full episodes of Nathan For You now: ...

Jeff Ross Roasts the Border - Trailer

2 нед назад

On November 16, Jeff Ross dives headfirst into the world of the people who live around the U.S.-Mexico border fence -- and roasts the area's residents. Watch ...

The President Meets Himself - The President Show

3 нед назад

The president has a moment of what's going to have to pass for self-reflection. Watch full episodes of The President Show now: ...

The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper - Shining the Light on Trump's Best Intentions

3 нед назад

Confusion surrounding President Trump's remarks about the justice system prompts Jordan to seek clarity from his trusty gaslight. Watch full episodes of The ...

The President's Truck Dream Comes True - The President Show

3 нед назад

After Special Counsel Robert Mueller files indictments against former Trump aides, the president gets a little heated when talking to (and threatening) the press.

The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper - Enemies Are Everywhere

3 нед назад

Jordan knows that mothers are dangerous, which is why he's adding them to his lengthy list of enemies. Watch full episodes of The Opposition now: ...