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The High Court - Slink's Philosophy

13 час назад

Guest bailiff Slink Johnson suggests a simple way to resolve a case involving two friends and a suspicious loan. Watch more from The High Court: ...

The High Court - The Couch Conspiracy

13 час назад

The Lucas Brothers and Judge Doug Benson discuss whether the defendant burned the plaintiff's couch with a joint. Watch more from The High Court: ...

Helen Keller Takes the Stand - Review - Comedy Central

15 час назад

Forrest's review of what it's like to live as Helen Keller takes an inconvenient turn when it coincides with his murder trial. Watch full episodes of Review now: ...

Donald Trump Takes Over Japanese Wrestling - @midnight with Chris Hardwick

22 час назад

A Japanese wrestler adopts a Donald Trump persona, and Brian Redban, Stephanie Beatriz and Sasheer Zamata dream up the perfect matches for him.

The Comedy Jam - Jesse Tyler Ferguson - “Chandelier”

22 час назад

"Modern Family" star Jesse Tyler Ferguson reminisces about living in pre-gentrification Brooklyn and releases his inner diva with a performance of Sia's ...

Lather, Repeal, Replace - @midnight with Chris Hardwick

1 дн назад

As the House prepares to vote to repeal Obamacare, Eugene Mirman, Hari Kondabolu and Greg Proops offer Republican-friendly enhancements to the GOP's ...

The High Court - Todd Glass Makes His Case

2 дн назад

Guest bailiff Todd Glass shows off his energy as he lays out his argument to a dazed Judge Doug Benson. Watch more from The High Court: ...

Donald Pup the Trump Pup: Legend of the Last First Dog

2 дн назад

The Trump White House finally gets a puppy, and the new first pooch quickly takes after its owner.

The High Court - Don't Judge Appearances

3 дн назад

Judge Doug Benson and guest bailiff Beth Stelling determine if a man with shady eyebrows owes a woman her deposit for a truck he never sold her. Watch more ...

Gorsuch Yourself - @midnight with Chris Hardwick

3 дн назад

Emily Heller employs her emcee skills to bring Supreme Court nominee and amateur comedian Neil Gorsuch to the stand-up stage. Watch full episodes of ...

Jack's Bad Reputation - Detroiters - Comedy Central

3 дн назад

Sam and Tim try to reel in a prospective client whose picture has been defaced on billboards all over Detroit. Watch full episodes of Detroiters now: ...

The High Court - When a Werewolf Borrows Your Truck

4 дн назад

Guest bailiff Joey "Coco" Diaz offers some harsh wisdom about who's to blame when a truck goes missing on your watch. Watch more from The High Court: ...

The FBI Tackles President Trump's Tweets - @midnight with Chris Hardwick

4 дн назад

FBI director James Comey says there's no evidence to back up Trump's wiretap claims on Twitter, so Dominic Monaghan, Gina Yashere and Matteo Lane pen ...

This Is Not Happening - Bobby Lee - Five-Way at the Riviera - Uncensored

4 дн назад

A misstep during a late-night five-way in Las Vegas ends with Bobby Lee driving his friend to the hospital at 6am. Watch full episodes of This Is Not Happening ...

Quick Question with Akilah Hughes - F**k, Marry, Kill: Trump's Team - Uncensored

4 дн назад

Akilah Hughes plays a rather political game of F**k, Marry, Kill at South by Southwest with Whitney Cummings, Nick Swardson and Tom Lennon.

"CHIPS" - Kristen Bell on Dax and Michael's Bromance

5 дн назад

Kristen Bell worries that her husband, Dax Shepard, is spending too much time with his "CHIPS" costar Michael Pena.

The Comedy Jam - Chris Hardwick - "Wanted Dead or Alive"

5 дн назад

Chris Hardwick reveals what he has in common with Tom Cruise, then teams up with Richie Sambora to perform Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive.

The High Court - The Case of the Ratchet Roommate

1 нед назад

Tiffany Haddish explains the case to Judge Doug using her favorite TV references. Watch more from The High Court: http://www.cc.com/shows/the-high-court.

The Comedy Jam - Mark Duplass - "Can't Fight This Feeling" - Uncensored

1 нед назад

Mark Duplass fondly remembers how REO Speedwagon made him feel man enough to ask a girl to dance, and then Kevin Cronin joins him to perform "Can't ...

The High Court - A Full Docket and a Big Jar of Reefer

1 нед назад

In chambers, guest bailiff Joey "Coco" Diaz makes the case for ordering a quick compromise between two feuding parties. Watch more from The High Court: ...

The Comedy Jam - Sam Richardson - "The Ballroom Blitz" - Uncensored

1 нед назад

Sam Richardson reminisces about how "Wayne's World" helped him discover his sexuality, and then his longtime crush Tia Carrere joins him to sing Sweet's ...