Don Giller

Don Hewitt on Later with Bob Costas, July 10, 1990 (Part 2)

4 мин назад

Don discusses his early career, years before "60 Minutes." Unfortunately, I don't have Part 1, which aired the preceding night. I suspect it focused primarily on "60 Minutes."

Bruce Springsteen SNL Rehearsal, May 9, 1992 (stereo)

5 час назад

Recently acquired. Three days after Bruce Springsteen debuts his new band at the Bottom Line in NYC, here they rehearse on the Saturday Night Live set, May 9, 1992. In glorious stereo. 1....

Network Television Debut Collection on Late Night, Part 2: 1983

8 час назад

By my count (subject to change), Late Night debuted on network television 86 stand-up acts and music performances. This 1983 collection is preceded with a 1982 debut that I neglected to add...

Network Television Debut Collection on Late Night, Part 1: 1982

24 час назад

By my count (subject to change), Late Night debuted on network television 86 stand-up acts and music performances. Here's the 1982 roster: 1. April 1, 1982: Carol Leifer* 2. August 25, 1982:...

Joe Cocker, "Many Rivers to Cross" on Late Night, Sept. 15, 1986 (st.)

2 дн назад

By request. Joe Cocker's performance of Jimmy Cliff's "Many Rivers to Cross, then a chat with Dave. With Dave's full introduction and all in glorious stereo.

John Waters on Late Night, Part 3 of 3: 1987-1992

2 дн назад

1. November 10, 1987: John again promotes his book _Crackpot: The Obsessions of John Waters._ 2. February 24, 1988: John rushes in after chatting across the hall at Live-at-Five. He's promoting...

Joe Cocker, "When the Night Comes" on Late Night, Dec. 20, 1989 (st.)

2 дн назад

By request. Joe performs "When the Night Comes," then chats briefly with Dave. In glorious stereo. Accompanying Joe: Paul Shaffer, organ Jeff Levine, piano Sid McGinnis, guitar Phillip Grande,...

John Waters on Late Night, Part 2 of 3: 1983-86

4 дн назад

1. September 19, 1983: John is writing the scripts for "Flamingos Forever" and "The Hairhoppers," which years later would develop into "Hairspray." 2. June 19, 1985: John promotes "An Evening...

Stupid Human Tricks on Late Night, February 26, 1987

5 дн назад

1. Marc McCabe: drinks beer without using his hands 2. Phil Anderson: balances ten pencils on his face without using his mouth 3. Scott Vassil: stops a moving fan with his tongue.

John Waters (& Divine) on Late Night, Part 1 of 3: 1982

1 нед назад

Beginning a series of John Waters' appearances on Late Night. Here's Part 1, from 1982: 1. March 18: Glenn Milstead, better known on stage and screen as Divine, performs "Born to Be Cheap."...

Late Night 2nd Anniversary Special, February 4, 1984

2 нед назад

By request. With highlights of the first two years of Late Night. And a party atop the Essex House in NYC and the Merchant Marines Choir no-show. With the great Steve Gadd subbing for Steve Jordan.

"Head of Homicide" on Late Night, September 8, 1989

2 нед назад

Drama on Late Night. With fellow detectives Gerard Mulligan and Biff Henderson, along with surgeons Robert Morton, Maria Pope, and Randy Cohen. Plus bowlers John Moschitta, Sr., George Magda,...

Joey Bishop Cameo in Viewer Mail on Late Night, April 22, 1982

3 нед назад

It's Joey Bishop's centennial today. Here is his only appearance on Late Night, a cameo during Viewer Mail. Plus it's Aloha Day in the NBC Commissary with Merrill Markoe, Tom Gammill, Andy...

Viewer Mail, Final Countdown Calendar on Late Night, December 6, 1984

3 нед назад

By request of the author of Letter #3. Preceding Viewer Mail are rants on two matters that are irritating Dave and the final Donahue Countdown Calendar, with a look back at the months-long enterprise.

Ed McMahon on Late Night, September 27, 1983

4 нед назад

Ed appears on Late Night to promote "Star Search," but the discussion naturally turns to The Tonight Show. Later, during "Know Your Staff" with Merrill Markoe, Ed throws out a one-liner while...

"Know Your Staff" Collection on Late Night, 1982-84

4 нед назад

Featuring Hope Vinitsky, Jimmy Fitzgerald, Steve O'Donnell, Chris Elliott, George Meyer, Rick Scheckman, Robert Morton, Bill Wendell, Hal Gurnee, Merrill Markoe, and Steve Khan. The concept...

Gilda Radner on Late Night, October 3, 1983

4 нед назад

By request: Gilda's first (of three) appearances on Late Night. Here, she promotes her book _Roseanne Roseannadanna: "Hey, Get Back to Work,"_ co-written by Alan Zweibel. In the second segment,...

Tom Snyder on 20/20, Later with Bob Costas, April-May 1989

4 нед назад

1. April 14, 1989: "Voices of the Night" 20/20 profile on Larry King and Tom Snyder (missed first few seconds) 2. May 24, 1989: Tom Snyder guests on Later with Bob Costas, Part 1 (SNL clip...

Camping with Barry White on Late Night, May 24, 1983

1 мес назад

First, five short clips from earlier Late Nights leading up to the special: 1. December 30, 1982 (taped December 18): During the Opening Remarks, Dave mentions that someone on the show's staff...

Tom Selleck, B. Womack, L. Berry on Late Night, January 12, 1990 (full)

1 мес назад

By request of someone in the audience with his dad who hasn't seen this in 28 years. With guests Tom Selleck, promoting "Quigley Down Under" and his custom-made plate; Bobby Womack, who sits...

George Will on Late Night, June 27, 1990

1 мес назад

George promotes his best-selling book _Men at Work_ as he and Dave talk baseball and baseball only.