Don Giller

Richard Belzer Collection on Late Night, Late Show, 1982-2008 Updated

1 дн назад

All of Richard Belzer's broadcast appearances on Dave's shows. This is an updated version with an appearance I missed earlier. Late Night: 1. April 19, 1982. 2.

Barbara Gaines Dumplings Remote on Late Show, July 22, 1994

5 дн назад

How many dumplings can Barbara Gaines eat in a taped remote piece?

Matt Roberts Segments on Late Night, 1992 & Late Show Hypnosis Night, 1996

6 дн назад

Includes the infamous Biff Henderson-under-hypnosis incident. From June 1992 on Late Night to the last Late Show in May 2015, Matt Roberts had risen ...

Kids Tell Jokes on Late Night, June 9, 1992

6 дн назад

Kids from P.S. 144 in Queens tell their favorite school jokes on the show.

Joni Mitchell, "Sex Kills" on Late Show, April 24, 1995 (st.)

6 дн назад

Previously uploaded but this version is in superior video and glorious stereo.

Shawn Colvin, "Get Out of This House" on Late Show, October 11, 1996 (st.)

6 дн назад

Uploaded by others but this version is in superior video and glorious stereo.

Shawn Colvin, "Sunny Came Home" on Late Show, July 15, 1997 (st.)

6 дн назад

I'm surprised this hasn't appeared on the You Tubes, so here it finally is. In glorious stereo.

Bob & Chris Elliott's Book Promotion Tour, Spring 1989

1 нед назад

Bob and Chris Elliott guested on several shows in May and June 1989 to promote the release of their new book _Daddy's Boy._ Here are the shows I have: 1.

Elayne Boosler Collection on Letterman, Part 2: 1986-2002

2 нед назад

Elayne Boosler appeared twenty-one times on Late Night and three times on Late Show. Here are the last twelve. Late Night: 13. October 6, 1986 14. December ...

Elayne Boosler Collection on Letterman, Part 1: 1982-1986

2 нед назад

Elayne Boosler appeared twenty-one times on Late Night and three times on Late Show. Here are the first twelve. Late Night: 1a. March 2, 1982. Previously ...

Larry "Bud" Melman Guest-Hosts Late Night, July 26, 1982 (full)

2 нед назад

Dave is still "home on vacation," so filling in is Larry "Bud" Melman, who presents New Gift Items and then oversees segments with fitness experts Jack and ...

Merrill Markoe Collection on Late Show, 1994-98

2 нед назад

Merrill appeared four times on Late Show: 1. October 10, 1994. Ex-Gal Pal and Mr. Funny reunite after six years as Merrill promotes her new book _How to be ...

Dave Hands Out $$ to Audience on Late Night 1983, Late Show 1994

3 нед назад

1. September 5, 1983. Opening Remarks and the Museum of Country Music, with a Top Ten list two years before its debut. All of which leads to the money ...

The Beach Boys Sing the Top Ten on Late Show, August 30, 1994 (full, stereo)

3 нед назад

To celebrate Late Show's first anniversary, the Beach Boys perform musical introductions to each item of the Top Ten list. With Carl Wilson, Mike Love, Bruce ...

Pete Droge, "If You Don't Love Me" on Late Show, January 18, 1995 (full, stereo)

3 нед назад

Pete Droge, in his network television debut, performing the breakout songs from "Dumb and Dumber," here in full and glorious stereo. With Jeff Trott on guitar ...

Richard Lewis's First Appearance on Late Night, February 25, 1982 (fixed)

3 нед назад

Preceded by Dave and Paul not yet finding their groove together in LN #16. This was Richard's first of 47 Late Night appearances. A full compilation will be in the ...

"Paul!" on Late Night, 1992-93

3 нед назад

An early Bill Scheft Late Night conception that aired on two shows: 1. September 24, 1992. With audience members Sheila Rogers, Zoe Friedman, and Gerard ...

Gore Vidal on Late Night, September 25, 1992

3 нед назад

Gore Vidal guests to promote his new book _Live from Golgotha_ but instead talks about his uncredited screenwriting "Ben Hur" and his feud with Norman ...

At the Racetrack & Viewer Mail on Late Night, September 25, 1992

3 нед назад

Taped footage throughout the show of Dave and Late Night writer Bill Scheft betting on horses at Belmont Park. Plus Viewer Mail, featuring a new Elvis.

Viewer Mail & Dalmatians! on Late Night, January 8, 1993

3 нед назад

By request of the son of an audience member who pet the dalmatians. Opening Remarks and later segments included for context. Featuring Jude Brennan as ...

Elayne Boosler on Late Night, March 2, 1982

4 нед назад

Elayne Boosler's first of twenty-four appearances on Dave's Late Night and Late Show. Then a short followup on March 29, pertaining to a remark she had made ...