Don Giller

Juggler/Comic Michael Davis Collection on Late Night, 1983-86

1 дн назад

By request: All of Michael Davis's Late Night appearances. 1. February 17, 1983 2. November 2, 1983 (bumped from June 16) - we learn that Dave juggles! 3.

Paul Shaffer's "Yeah!" Collection Plus More on Late Night, 1982, 1985

2 дн назад

Requested: The Paul Shaffer "Yeah!" collection. I decided to expand the compilation by including the segments preceding and following Paul's creation, first ...

Viewer Mail on Late Night, January 26, 1984

6 дн назад

By request. First, Paul's new project, Dave's speeding story, and an apology from Barbara Gaines. Then on to Viewer Mail, featuring Dave's publication covers; ...

James Taylor, "Seminole Wind" on Late Show, October 28, 2008 (st.)

7 дн назад

James sings John Anderson's classic, with Andrea Zonn on violin.

Pee-wee Herman Complete Collection on Late Night, 1982-85

1 нед назад

Paul Reubens was another inspired weirdo who found national attention and an artistic home on Late Night. A cult performer in Los Angeles, he developed the ...

Tom Wolfe Collection on Late Night, Late Show, 1987-98

2 нед назад

1. December 9, 1987: Tom promotes his first novel, _The Bonfire of the Vanities._ 2. November 16, 1990: Tom promotes the movie release he hasn't seen yet of ...

Margot Kidder Collection on Late Night, 1982-87

2 нед назад

Margot appeared three times on Late Night: 1. November 23, 1982.* Margot promotes the film "Heartaches" (clip edited out due to copyright caution).

Tony Mendez Show Promo on Late Show, June 25, 2008

2 нед назад

The three unforgettable seconds I appeared on Late Show.

Viewer Mail/Realm of Mystery Collection on Late Night, 1987-88

3 нед назад

A recurring Biff Henderson segment that lasted for two autumns in 1987 and 1988 as part of -- with one exception- -- Viewer Mail. 1. October 2, 1987. Viewer Mail ...

Señor Wences on Late Night, December 20, 1982

3 нед назад

By request. Señor Wences' only appearance on Late Night. He had been scheduled to return four years later but was bumped.

Late Night at the Milford Plaza, November 19, 1987 (full)

3 нед назад

By request. Dave brings the show to the Milford Plaza, with hotel guest John Godfrey; Carly Simon, who chats with Dave and then performs "All I Want Is You"; ...

Basia, "Cruising for Bruising" & More on Tonight Show, July 3, 1990 (st.)

3 нед назад

By request. With Jay Leno as guest-host. Basia performs "Cruising for Bruising," followed by "Baby You're Mine."

The Arnie Barnes Collection on Late Night, January-September 1986

3 нед назад

"Arnie, do you get the show in Omaha? I know you see it, but do you get it?" (2/13/86) A months-long recurring Late Night segment featuring Dave's phone calls ...

Harris, Parton, Ronstadt on Late Show, March 24, 1999 (full, stereo)

3 нед назад

"Trio II" was recorded in 1994 but not released until 1999, when Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, and Linda Ronstadt appeared on Late Show to perform Neil ...

Bill Cosby, Tito Puente, Luke Perry on Late Show, March 7, 1995 (full, stereo)

4 нед назад

By request. I hesitated putting this up because of the Cosby taint, and I understand those who would be repulsed by his presence here. But I decided to go ...

Steve Martin & Gay Vacation Remote on Late Show, Oct. 2, 1998 (full, st.)

4 нед назад

Here are the full two segments of Steve Martin's guest appearance on Late Show, October 2, 1998, featuring the debut broadcast of the classic remote, "Dave ...

James Taylor, "Jump Up Behind Me" on Late Show, June 16, 1997 (stereo)

1 мес назад

Accompanied by the late great Michael Brecker. In glorious stereo.

Harry Anderson Collection on Late Night, 1982-87

1 мес назад

1. April 20, 1982 2. November 23, 1982 3. July 20, 1983 4. May 28, 1984 5. October 29, 1987 Clip from "Night Court" edited out due to copyright caution. Rest in ...

Farrah Fawcett on Late Show, June 6, 1997 (full, stereo)

1 мес назад

Farrah Fawcett's first Late Show appearance, here in better video quality than previous uploads. Plus Dave's show close with bumped guest Craig Kilborn.

Milos Forman on Late Night, 1985, 1986

1 мес назад

1. April 11, 1985: Forman had just won an Academy Award for Best Director for "Amadeus." 2. April 7, 1986: Forman's on a crusade for truth in advertising.

Jason Zinoman Interviews Merrill Markoe, April 13, 2018

1 мес назад

To commemorate the release of his softbound edition of _Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night,_ author and NY Times comedy critic Jason Zinoman ...