Fox Reported on Steph Curry 20 Minutes Before Trump Rescinded Invitation

3 дн назад

This is probably the report that made Snowflake Trump run to his safe space at the Twitter keyboard. Read more at ...

"Objective" Fox host obviously peeved that McCain won't support Graham-Cassidy bill

4 дн назад

Fox anchor Harris Faulkner let her bias and disappointment show after news broke that Sen. John McCain would oppose the latest version of Trumpcare, the ...

Fox Absolves Trump For Any War With North Korea

1 нед назад

This conservative guest blames Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and "especially Barack Obama" for our problems with North Korea. But wasn't Trump supposed to ...

St. Louis Protesters Tell Fox Reporter, 'Get The F*** Out Of Here'

1 нед назад

A Fox News efforts to troll St. Louis protesters over the acquittal of white officer Jason Stockley did not work out so well. Analysis at ...

Fox guest blames climate change on Obama

2 нед назад

Fox doesn't believe in climate change but if it does exist, it must be Obama's fault! Read more at ...

Sean Hannity Thinks The Hillary Email Scandal Is Bigger Than North Korea Threat

3 нед назад

This 21-second clip tells you everything you need to know about Sean Hannity's priorities.

Fox News ignores role of climate change in Hurricane Harvey's impact

1 мес назад

In more than 12 minutes dedicated to #HurricaneHarvey not one person on this Fox "News" show mentioned global warming or climate change. Even though the ...

Fox Doesn't Mention That Crowd "Greeting" Trump Are Protesters

1 мес назад

Host Martha MacCallum: "There are hundreds, I would say, at least, of people outside ready to greet him as he comes back."

Fox Reporter Erases From History Trump's Refusal To Disavow David Duke

1 мес назад

This Fox News reporter did a solid for Donald Trump after former KKK grand wizard David Duke inconveniently credited Trump as the inspiration for the ...


1 мес назад

This fake Fox expert thinks a N Korea attack on Guam is no big deal

2 мес назад

This completely unqualified Fox cohost thinks a North Korea attack on Guam is "kind of like" the ICBM missile tests.

After Dick Pic Reports, Bolling's Cashin' In Did Not Air

2 мес назад

Fox News host Eric Bolling was suspended today after reports he had sent lewd photographs to female colleagues. More at ...

Fox Guest Approves Of Gen. Kelly Appt. Because He's A 'Dictator'

2 мес назад

If you are concerned about a general serving as White House chief of staff, then this Fox praise of Gen. John Kelly is only going to make your discomfort worse.

When This Fox Host Couldn't Spin Scaramucci's departure, She Made It About Obama

2 мес назад

Fox News Trumper host Harris Faulkner resorted to suggesting Obama's White House was just as dysfunctional when she couldn't find a way to put a positive ...

Fox Did Not Want To Talk Much About Trump's Military Transgender Ban

2 мес назад

After a brief announcement shortly after Donald Trump's Tweet about banning transgender people from serving in the military, Fox News did not cover the news ...

Fox News Goes After Chris Christie Over Visit To Closed Beach

3 мес назад

Chris Christie has officially lost Fox News.


3 мес назад

Pastor Robert Jeffress Is A-OK With Trump's Body-Slam Tweet

3 мес назад

Apparently, so long as Donald Trump advocates shoving Christianity down everybody's throat, his lies, his sexual assault and now, suggesting violence toward ...


3 мес назад


3 мес назад

Fox Tries To BS Its Viewers Into Thinking Americans Don't Care About Russia Investigation

3 мес назад

Sorry, Fox News. Real polls show that Americans are in favor of the Russia investigation. Read more at ...