A Fox News Host Literally Prompts A Crowd To Cheerlead For Trump

3 дн назад

Fox host Pete Hegseth did his part to hide Donald Trump's record unpopularity, small inauguration crowd and lack of A-listers. Read more at ...

What Fox Was Discussing Instead of Report That Russia Has Blackmail Info On Trump

2 нед назад

On the evening that explosive allegations came out that Russia has "damaging information" on Donald Trump, Fox News has been curiously quiet about it.

Fox News Business Experts Think They Know Better Than Scientists About Climate Change

2 нед назад

This Fox News business panel doesn't just know better than the world community of scientists who recognize man-made global warming but, in typical Fox ...

Hannity And Malkin Make Chicago Torture Video About Obama And Liberals

2 нед назад

Under cover of concern and caring, Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin used the horrible Chicago torture video as a pretext to blame President Obama and ...

Fox News conservatives wobbly in their support of Trump's attacks on US intel

2 нед назад

Judging from these Fox hosts' faint support of Donald Trump's attacks on United States intelligence agencies, his strategy of siding with Julian Assange over the ...

Sheriff Clarke Accuses Rahm Emanuel Of Letting Black Lives Matter and ACLU Run Chicago Police Dept.

3 нед назад

Clarke is not in any position to be accusing anyone else of shirking professional responsibilities. Read more at ...


1 мес назад

Fox Hosts Just Delighted That Trump Called Europe Attacks "Islamic Terror"

1 мес назад

Believe it or not this totally "fair and balanced" discussion, with five people with the same opinion, spent nearly seven minutes suggesting that bigoted semantics ...


1 мес назад

Fox News Hypocrites Attack Democrats For Questioning Trump's Legitimacy

1 мес назад

These Fox News sore winners forgot all about how Fox worked to de-legitimize Barack Obama's presidency. Read more at ...


1 мес назад

Fox Pretends Trump Is Acting Presidential

1 мес назад

On the same day Donald Trump attacked Vanity Fair and in the same week he attacked the CIA for finding Russia hacked our election to help get him elected ...

Fox News Promotes Trump's Threat To Cut Funding To Sanctuary Cities

1 мес назад

This Fox host seemed more interested in promoting his Trumpkin guest's support to cut funding for sanctuary cities. There was no mention of the drawbacks and ...

Fox Pre-Blames OBama For Any ISIS Terror Attack Under Trump

1 мес назад

We'd expect this from Fox but not from a Democrat, not even this awful Democrat. Read more at ...

Fox Covers Trump's Phone Call With Taiwan From One Side Only

2 мес назад

Of course, nobody mentioned that Trump and his children are in talks to build luxury resorts and hotels in Taiwan. #TrumpConflictOfInterest Read more at ...

Trump Supporter Hopes Supreme Court Restricts First Amendment To Criminalize Flag Burning

2 мес назад

Fox gives a Trump supporter a friendly platform to promote an assault on the First Amendment.

Fox Guest Pretends There's An Alt Left

2 мес назад

Here comes the conservative effort to normalize the alt right by pretending there's also an alt left. Read more at ...

Fox Credits Donald Trump For Rise In Holiday Spending

2 мес назад

Only Fox would credit a Republican president-elect for increased retail spending two months before he takes office. Read more at ...

Kurtz Lectures Liberal Pundits For Thinking Racism Won With Donald Trump

2 мес назад

Dear Howard Kurtz; You really need to clean up your own glass house before throwing stones at others. Read more at ...

Protester Tells Fox News: Grab Donald Trump By The Pussy!

2 мес назад

This funny incident shows that there's a lot of discontent with Trump's election - and an acknowledgment that Fox News is in the tank for him. Read more at ...

Fox Promotes Columnist's Call For Hillary Clinton To Withdraw

3 мес назад

Donald Trump is actually in much bigger legal trouble than Hillary Clinton but nobody mentioned that. Read more at ...