Fox Tries To BS Its Viewers Into Thinking Americans Don't Care About Russia Investigation

9 час назад

Sorry, Fox News. Real polls show that Americans are in favor of the Russia investigation. Read more at ...

Mike Huckabee Suggests Washington Post Used 'Russian Fake News' Sources In Trump Reports

7 дн назад

Mike Huckabee does his best to deflect from Donald Trump's unhinged reaction to being investigated for obstruction of justice. More at ...


1 нед назад

Fox News Host Makes Russia Investigation About Benghazi

2 нед назад

On Fox News, the Benghazi "scandal" never dies. Read more and comments welcome at ...

Donald Trump Exploits London Terror Attack To Promote His Muslim Ban

3 нед назад

Nobody on Fox pointed out that it's quite likely Trump's Muslim ban would not have barred the perpetrator(s) of the London attack from entering the U.S. Read ...

Ted Nugent Attacks Kathy Griffin While Arguing He Never Threatened Obama

3 нед назад

Ted Nugent told Fox News viewers that his not-so-thinly-veiled threats to murder Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were justified while Kathy Griffin's stunt of ...

Sean Hannity And Friends Look Forward To Silencing 'Liberal Media' Figures

3 нед назад

On the hit list: "Morning Joe,” Brian Stelter, Stephen Colbert, Michael Smerconish, Don Lemon, Lawrence O'Donnell, Anderson Cooper, George Stephanopoulos ...

Fox News Just Loves The Idea Of Slashing Social Safety Nets

4 нед назад

Fox guests think slashing social safety nets “gives people the pride” of living without a social safety net. Read more at ...

Fox uses Manchester attack to promote Trump's Muslim ban

4 нед назад

And did guest Jay Sekulow try to blame President Obama? Comments welcome and more at ...

Fox News Talks Through The Star Spangled Banner

1 мес назад

Why does Fox News hate America? Read more and comments welcome at http://www.newshounds.us/fox_news_talks_over_the_national_anthem_051317.

Fox News' Asinine 'Analysis' Of Sally Yates Hearing

1 мес назад

This is what passes for news analysis of a hearing on Russian interference in our 2016 election for prime time Fox News. Read more and comments welcome at ...

Hannity mocks Chrissy Teigen, then boasts he's too "nice" to smear her further

2 мес назад

Just last week, Hannity was whining about liberals smearing people they disagree with but now that the shoe is on the other foot... Read more at ...

Fox Hosts Spin Donald Trump's Absence From The WHCD

2 мес назад

Donald Trump's decision to skip the White House Correspondents Dinner is proof of one thing only: his thin skin can't take a joke. But to the Trump cheering ...

Former Regular Fox Guest Discusses Sexual Harassment At Fox News

2 мес назад

Professor Caroline Heldman reveals O'Reilly was not the only one to sexually harass her at Fox News. Read more at ...

The Breaking News That Wasn't

2 мес назад

Why did Shepard Smith break into The O'Reilly Factor with breaking news that was merely a recap of earlier news? Read more at ...


3 мес назад

Fox Makes Sexist Attacks on Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

3 мес назад

Tucker Carlson called Sen. Gillibrand "unglued" for "barking" at Marine Corps general over nude photo scandal. He also baselessly accused her of trying to ...

Hannity And Malkin Whine That Obama Is A Meany To Trump

3 мес назад

Get out your tiny violins for these two hate-mongering hypocrites. Read more at ...

O'Reilly Wants You To Think Trump-Russia Story Is Dying Out

3 мес назад

While most Americans want an independent investigation into Donald Trump's ties to Russia and think it's an important issue, Bill O'Reilly is spinning it as a ...

Bill O'Reilly Not Looking Out For You If You Want Afforable Health Insurance

4 мес назад

Can't afford decent health insurance under the GOP Death-to-Americans plan that will "replace" Obamacare? You can rest assured fat cats Bill O'Reilly and Brit ...

Fox Host Suggests Sen. Franken Duped Jeff Sessions Into Lying About Russia Contacts

4 мес назад

In an extremely - uh, creative defense for AG Jeff Sessions, Fox host Greg Gutfeld suggested Sessions was the victim of a "bait and switch" question. Read more ...