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Kellyanne Conway: The president is his own best messenger

54 мин назад

Senior counselor to the president discusses keeping campaign promises and treatment from media on 'Hannity'

Dem (and ex-CIA): Spy plot against Trump is out of control

55 мин назад

Democrat and former CIA ops officer Bryan Dean Wright gives Tucker his insight on the intel leaks that have disrupted the Trump administration #Tucker.

'Offensive' speech police running wild on campuses

57 мин назад

Free speech appears to be endangered as hundreds of campuses encourage students to turn in fellow students for 'offensive' speech #Tucker.

Activist: Illegal immigration hurts black men most

56 мин назад

One civil rights leader explains why illegal immigration hurts the employment opportunity for black men the most - and why Trump policies can only help the ...

Ann Coulter: I have no complaints about Trump presidency

2 час назад

Author of 'In Trump We Trust' and commentator sizes up the first month of the Trump presidency and his new immigration orders #Tucker.

Teaching young Americans about money

2 час назад

'The O'Reilly Factor' Tip of the Day 2/22.

Miller Time: UPS drone fail

2 час назад

New delivery testing goes wrong and a mother sends college student an unconventional care package; Dennis Miller sounds off on 'The O'Reilly Factor'

Ronna Romney McDaniel: Trump is a champion of women

3 час назад

Newly elected RNC chairwoman on 'The First 100 Days'

The intense debate over illegal immigration continues

3 час назад

'The O'Reilly Factor': Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points 2/22.

Daniel Ramirez Medina remains in ICE custody

3 час назад

'The O'Reilly Factor' examines the latest on the DACA recipient's case.

Brit Hume: Democratic Party's heart is moving to the left

4 час назад

Fox News contributor weighs in on the race to find a new DNC chair on 'The First 100 Days'

Gutfeld: 'Sanctuary cities' cloak evil consequences

4 час назад

The heartwarming title sounds like an oasis for the innocent.

Huckabee and Goolsbee debate new immigration orders

4 час назад

Former Arkansas governor and former economic adviser to President Obama weigh in on 'The First 100 Days'

What we know about the new executive order on immigration

4 час назад

The 'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in.

Deadline passes for Dakota pipeline protesters to evacuate

5 час назад

Some activists decline to leave the campsite.

San Bernardino attack survivors demand more treatment

5 час назад

Survivors say they are not receiving the care and treatment they need and were promised; Will Carr has the story for 'Special Report'

Thousands are leaving the US for Canada seeking safety

5 час назад

An unprecedented number of people are crossing illegally in a dash for asylum; Molly Line tells us why on 'Special Report'

Top general says more US troops are needed in Syria

5 час назад

The White House plans to announce a strategy to defeat ISIS; Lucas Tomlinson has the specifics for 'Special Report'

Insurance companies prepare for a major healthcare upheaval

5 час назад

Executives are waiting for the repeal-and-replace strategy on ObamaCare; Peter Doocy reports for 'Special Report'

New executive order to avoid pitfalls of original version

5 час назад

The action is expected to target the same 7 countries, but the reboot will drop the 'indefinite suspension' of Syrian refugees amid other changes; John Roberts ...

Scientists discover seven Earth-sized planets

5 час назад

The search for life beyond this solar system is getting a big boost; Kristin Fisher has the details for 'Special Report'