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Hannity: I refuse to let conservatives be silenced

17 мин назад

It's time to take a stand against liberal fascists.

Ann Coulter on Berkeley event: My allies ran away, gave in

19 мин назад

Author and columnist goes on 'Hannity' to call on the GOP to win now instead of next time.

Gutfeld: Safe spaces make life more dangerous

1 час назад

What is left when free speech is silenced?

Mnuchin: Trump plan is about a 'middle income tax cut'

1 час назад

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin explains to Tucker what the 'biggest tax cut in history' in Trump's plan means for everyday Americans #Tucker.

Ted Cruz: How we can make 'El Chapo' pay for Trump's wall

1 час назад

Texas senator proposed The El Chapo Act, legislation that intends to a border wall by seizing $14 billion in drug profits from infamous drug lord Joaquin Guzman ...

'Day Without Immigrants' protests: What are the goals?

1 час назад

Activist tries to give Tucker insight on what day of anti-Trump immigration policies hopes to accomplish #Tucker.

Tucker to prof: Why was Coulter not suitable to speak?

1 час назад

Author and commentator decided to cancel speech after pulled its support for the event amid threats of violence. Tucker takes on professor who argues colleges ...

Mac Donald: We're looking at pure viewpoint discrimination

2 час назад

Conservative commentator and author Heather Mac Donald, whose event was shot down by protesters at Claremont McKenna College, sounds off on the ...

President Trump's tax reform plan sparks debate

3 час назад

The 'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in.

Coming up on Thursday, April 27 edition of 'Special Report'

3 час назад

Bret Baier gives you a sneak peek of the next show.

Eric Shawn Reports: Terror victim's family plea to Trump

3 час назад

Parents of Taylor Force call for payments to stop.

President Trump directs a review of national monuments

3 час назад

The executive action orders a reassessment of any monument designation made since 1996 that is over 100000 acres in size; Doug McKelway takes a look at ...

Federal judge to rule when police can watch bodycam video

3 час назад

Dan Springer reports.

Reince Priebus on health care and tax reform efforts

4 час назад

President Trump's chief of staff speaks out on 'Special Report'

Challenges of President Trump's first 100 days

4 час назад

Correspondent Kevin Corke reports from Washington.

President Trump's immigration agenda faces challenges

4 час назад

Reaction and analysis from the 'Special Report' All-Star panel.

Hume reviews opening stretch of Trump's presidential term

4 час назад

Fox News senior political analyst gives his take on 'Special Report'

Poll: Fewer people think the economy is improving

4 час назад

While 46 percent believe the president is keeping his campaign promises.

Tax reform plan lowers tax rates for businesses, individuals

4 час назад

President Trump's proposal would target individual and corporate taxes; John Roberts has the roundup for 'Special Report'

Lawmakers try to strike a deal to fund the government

4 час назад

The Democrats agreed to providing $15 billion more in defense spending, but want the package to include ObamaCare insurer subsidies; Mike Emanuel ...

Will President Trump's tax cut plan balloon the debt?

5 час назад

Analysis from Maya MacGuiness, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.