iPhone Saves Woman's Life

12 час назад

Lisa Bridgett was at the Ariana Grande concert when the incident happened. She was on the phone when it happened and it is believed that the phone saved ...

Fidget Spinners Are The Most Searched On Adult Sites

1 дн назад

Fidget Spinners have become one of the most searched item on the internet. It has grown so much in popularity that even searching for Fidget Spinners on Adult ...

Cash Me Outside Girl Is Going On Tour

2 дн назад

The Cash me Outside Girl Danielle Bregoli is going on her first tour. This tour will be in interview format where people can ask her questions.

Terror At Ariana Grande Concert In Manchester Arena

4 дн назад

Ariana Grande was performing in Manchester, where there was an act of terror right at the end of her concert. People were running and screaming trying to get ...

Man Gets Fidget Spinner Stuck Up His Butt?

6 дн назад

There are rumors going around that a man got a fidget spinner up his butt and had to get it removed. This story has many people believing that it is true.

Drunk Driver Crashes Into Crowd Of People In Times Square NYC

1 нед назад

A drunk driver plowed though a crowd of people in Times Square, taking a life of one person and injuring many others. The man has been taken into custody, ...

Fidget Spinner Gets Stuck In 10 Yr Old Girls Throat

1 нед назад

Fidget Spinners have become very popular and everyone seems to have one. However, one girl in Texas almost passes away after she tried swallowing it.

Spider Crawls Out Of 8 Yr Old Girls Leg

1 нед назад

8 year old Scarlett Hinchcliffe went to the hospital after a spider crawled out of her leg while she was taking a bath. She had poison oozing out of the hole and ...

North Korea Might Start World War 3 With America

1 нед назад

North Korea have been doing a lot of tests lately, where it got people talking about the possibilities of the world being in danger. ----------------------------------------...

Evil Possessed Doll Hurts Kids While They Are Sleeping

2 нед назад

A family who lives in El Callao, Peru have said that their blonde blue-eyed doll is possessed and hurts their children while they sleep.

World War 3 Will Break Out Tomorrow

2 нед назад

There are many talks on the news about the possibilities of this happening. What makes it even more creepy, it that a mystic claims that this will start on May 13th ...

Chicken Nugget Tweet Breaks Twitter Record

2 нед назад

Carter Wilkerson posted on his twitter asking Wendy's " how many re tweets for a year of free chicken nuggets?" They responded with 18 million. This tweet has ...

Anonymous Is Warning People About World War 3 Coming

2 нед назад

Anonymous recently posted a video about how close our world is to having a WW3. They explain that people should prepare for the worst.

Youtube Ads Might Be Back

2 нед назад

YouTube has been suffering by losing advertisers for a few months now. This has effected News Channels and their not making as much of an income as before.

Delta Airlines Threatens To Take Children Away From Family

3 нед назад

Delta Airlines has overbooked their flight and have asked for the parents older son to be removed from the flight. After all the argument, the whole family has left ...

Cash Me Outside Girl Is Suing Walmart

3 нед назад

The Cash Me Outside girl Danielle Bregoli is going to sue Walmart for copying the famous catch phrase " Cash Me Outside" and putting it on t-shirts.

Fidgets Spinners Are Now Being Banned

3 нед назад

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Youtube Parents Lost Custody Of Their Children After Horrible Pranks

3 нед назад

Parents of the YouTube Channel DaddyoFive are losing custody over their two children after a recent post of them yelling at their kid has gone vial. They deleted ...

Top 10 Harry Potter Spells That We Wish Were Real

4 нед назад

Top 10 Harry Potter Spells You Wish Were Real. On this list, we will be talking about what spells were epic in the Harry Potter series. So here is the list of the Top ...

Delta Airlines Kicks Man Off Flight For Using Bathroom

4 нед назад

A man was on the Delta Airlines airplane when he got kicked off because he went to the bathroom while waiting for the plane to leave the airport.

Woman Gets Possessed After Taking Exorcism Pill

4 нед назад

A video has gone viral of a women who was crawling up on a street and walls while she was under a drug that makes you feel like you are possessed.