PewDiePie Exposes Jake Paul- Might Go To Jail

23 час назад

PewDiePie recently uploaded a video on his channel where he exposes Jake Paul clamming that he might go to jail because of all the crazy things that have ...

Justin Bieber Is Banned From China

4 дн назад

China has recently banned Justin Bieber from entering China because of his bad behavior. Fans in China are disappointed that they don't get to see the idol ...


5 дн назад

A photos has gone viral of Jake Paul getting arrested. Many people took to social media and thought that this was real. However, the photo was taken from a ...

Was Kevin Hart Caught Cheating On His Pregnant Wife?

6 дн назад

A video has gone viral of Kevin Hart in a Lexus car snuggling with another woman. There was a point in the video where he went to the back seat of the car with ...

Jake Paul Is Terrorizing His Neighbours

7 дн назад

YouTube star Jake Paul has been having wild parties at his house and his neighbors are starting to get upset at him for being too loud in such a quiet ...

The US Has Launched A Secret New Weapon That Has North Korea Scared

1 нед назад

The US has just launched their first secret weapon and they say that it is “more precise than a bullet” and that North Korea should be scared. Top 10 Gaming ...

Donald Trump Is Going To Be Impeached

2 нед назад

Congressman Brad Sherman has was the first person to file impeachment against Donald Trump. There is evidence that they can move forward with it. Top 10 ...

Kim Kardashian Caught Doing Cocaine?!

2 нед назад

Kim Kardashian recently uploaded a video there in the background you can see what looks like to be cocaine. However, the white powdery substance is sugar.

Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" Is Officially Running For 2020 President

2 нед назад

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is a step closer to run for president in 2020. Rumors have been going around where this may be an actual possibility. Top 10 ...

This Woman Wants The World’s Biggest Hips

3 нед назад

43 year old Bobbi-Jo Westley from Pennsylvania says that she wants to have the biggest hips in the world. She weighs 542lbs and we wont stop eating until she ...

Girl Replaces Her Eye With Doll’s Eye

3 нед назад

A video has gone viral of a girl wanting blue eyes and decided that it was a great idea to put a dolls eye into her own eye. This video was uploaded buy her ...

Rare Medical Condition Has Caused This 50 Yr Old Man To Stop Growing At 5 Yrs Old

3 нед назад

50 year old Basori Lal From Madhya Pradesh is only 29 inches tall. Medics say that he stopped growing at the age of 5. He used to be bullied a lot, but now has ...

YouTuber & Actress Has Passed Away At The Age Of 33

3 нед назад

YouTube star Stevie Ryan has passed away at the age of 33 by hanging herself. People believe that she was too depressed in the passing of her grandfather.

North Korea Is Developing The Hydrogen Bomb

3 нед назад

North Korea have been doing some more tests, and officials have just confirmed that their missile is capable of reaching the United States. Top 10 Gaming ...

The Black Plague Is Back

4 нед назад

There are two confirmed cases of The Black Plague in New Mexico. This Black Plague has actually wiped out millions of people back in Europe between 1346 ...

YouTuber Shot By HIs Girlfriend In Video Gone Wrong

4 нед назад

YouTuber Pedro Ruiz was shot by his girlfriend MonaLisa Perez in a viral video gone wrong. They both worked together to create the ultimate viral video.

Cash Me Ousside Girl Has Plead Guilty To Multiple Charges

4 нед назад

Cash Me Ousside Girl Danielle Bregoli has pleaded guilty to multiple charges. Some of which include filing a false police report and having marijuana. Top 10 ...

6 Ways To Tell You're Getting Old

4 нед назад

6 Ways To Tell You're Getting Old. There are many different signs to tell if you are getting old. There are times that you don't want to do anything after work and ...

UFC Fighter Poops Herself On Live TV

4 нед назад

UFC Fighter Justine Kish had an unfortunate event where she was fighting against Felice Herrig where she let out liquid poop mid fight. Top 10 Gaming ...

Who Is Jake Pauls Wife?

4 нед назад

YouTuber Jake Paul recently uploaded a video on his channel of his wedding. Who is this mysterious girl? Was this a prank? This video has gone viral and ...

Logan Paul Tackled Down By Security At Vidcon 2017

4 нед назад

Logan Paul recently attended Vidcon, where he walked out though the main gates where fans started to go crazy. He stashed money away somewhere at the ...