World’s First Human Head Transplant Was A Success

2 дн назад

It was announced recently that the worlds first human head transplant was a success. Now they need to do it on a live person. ------------------------------------------...

North Korea Has Sentenced Donald Trump

3 дн назад

North Korea's Kim Jong-un talked about Donald trump where he will sentence Donald Trump to end his life. These statements came in recently after Donald ...

Did The CIA Discover Hilter In 1954?

2 нед назад

The CIA has just recently released documents, which may prove that Hitler has lived his life hidden away from the world. ------------------------------------------------...

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Are Back Together

3 нед назад

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together. So these rumors have been swirling around for quite some time. But now there are pictures and you know ...

Scientists Discover Your Brain Still Works After Death

4 нед назад

Scientists discover your brain still works after death. Apparently scientists have discovered the mind still functions after your body stops showing signs of life.

Alien Pyramids Discovered On Bottom Of Ocean

1 мес назад

Alien pyramids discovered on the bottom of the ocean floor. An Alien hunter names Scott C Waring has posted this finding to his website and all his followers are ...

Frozen Alien Found In The Woods

1 мес назад

Frozen Alien Found In The Woods. In this creepy picture you can make out a shriveled blue corpse that looks like a dead alien just laying in the snow. The clip of ...

What Color Are These Shoes?

1 мес назад

The color controversy is coming back to haunt our souls once again. Are these vans shoe teal and grey or pink and white? There can only be one correct answer ...

This Teen Actually Believes Eminem Is Her Father

1 мес назад

This Teen Actually Believes Eminem Is Her Father. A teen actually believes Eminem is her father. During an appearance on the Doctor Phil Show, a teen named ...

Man Who Claims He’s From The Year 2048 Has Scary Warning For Next Year

1 мес назад

Man Who Claims He's From The Year 2048 Has Scary Warning For Next Year. Bryant Johnson says that the aliens were coming next year and we need to make ...

Planet X CAUGHT ON CAMERA By Astronomer – Nibiru

2 мес назад

A video titled Genuine proof of planet X has been released in which an armature Planet X hunter named David Jordan claims to have captured proof of planet X ...

Hugh Hefner Passes Away At The Age Of 91

2 мес назад

Hugh Hefner has passes away at 91 years old. Yesterday the Playboy magazine founder passed away peacefully in his Los Angeles home from natural causes.

The End Of The World Is Tomorrow?

2 мес назад

The end of the world is tomorrow? Fall just started- how is that fair? Yep according to Christian numerologist David Meades theory a mysterious planet is going ...

Suge Knight Says Tupac Is Still Alive In Shocking Interview

2 мес назад

Suge Knight says that Tupac is still alive in a shocking prison interview. After Tupac passed away in 1996 there were some conspiracy theories that he was in ...

North Korea Threatens To Reduce US To Ashes

2 мес назад

North Korea Threatens to reduce US to ashes. Kim Jong Un is getting ready for a new nuclear test..yep that doesn't sound so good. A threat has been issued via ...

Selena Gomez's Life Saved By Kidney Transplant

2 мес назад

In an Instagram post made earlier today Selena reviled that the reason she was laying low for part of the summer and not promoting her new music was because ...

YouTuber Becomes Mayor Of Town And Has Banned Straight People

2 мес назад

Youtuber becomes mayor of town and has banned straight people. Elijah Daniel is a pretty popular youtuber with just over 900 thousand subscribers. And it ...

Surfer Dies After Trying To Ride Wave In Hurricane Irma

2 мес назад

16 year old pro surfer dies after hitting a ref while trying to ride a wave during hurricane Irma. The 16 year olds name is Zander Venezia and this accident ...

Fox News Goes Off Air, Fox News Sued, Team 10 HUGE Car Crash

3 мес назад

Fox News is being sued by Faze Banks by distributing false news about him and for using his YouTube video as one of their news segment.

Russia Has Evacuated, Hurricane Henry UPDATE, Taylor Swift Breaks Record

3 мес назад

Russia Has Evacuated, Hurricane Henry UPDATE, Taylor Swift Breaks Record. Putin orders Russian along the border of North Korean to evacuate after Kim ...

Kim Jong Un Has Just LAUNCHED A Missile Over JAPAN – World War 3

3 мес назад

There are reports that Kim Jong Un has just launched another missile launch, and this time it went over Japan. People in Japan are worried and were told to be ...