North Korea Threatens To Reduce US To Ashes

6 дн назад

North Korea Threatens to reduce US to ashes. Kim Jong Un is getting ready for a new nuclear test..yep that doesn't sound so good. A threat has been issued via ...

Selena Gomez's Life Saved By Kidney Transplant

7 дн назад

In an Instagram post made earlier today Selena reviled that the reason she was laying low for part of the summer and not promoting her new music was because ...

YouTuber Becomes Mayor Of Town And Has Banned Straight People

2 нед назад

Youtuber becomes mayor of town and has banned straight people. Elijah Daniel is a pretty popular youtuber with just over 900 thousand subscribers. And it ...

Surfer Dies After Trying To Ride Wave In Hurricane Irma

2 нед назад

16 year old pro surfer dies after hitting a ref while trying to ride a wave during hurricane Irma. The 16 year olds name is Zander Venezia and this accident ...

Fox News Goes Off Air, Fox News Sued, Team 10 HUGE Car Crash

3 нед назад

Fox News is being sued by Faze Banks by distributing false news about him and for using his YouTube video as one of their news segment.

Russia Has Evacuated, Hurricane Henry UPDATE, Taylor Swift Breaks Record

3 нед назад

Russia Has Evacuated, Hurricane Henry UPDATE, Taylor Swift Breaks Record. Putin orders Russian along the border of North Korean to evacuate after Kim ...

Kim Jong Un Has Just LAUNCHED A Missile Over JAPAN – World War 3

3 нед назад

There are reports that Kim Jong Un has just launched another missile launch, and this time it went over Japan. People in Japan are worried and were told to be ...

The Cash Me Outside Girl Is A Rapper Now

4 нед назад

The Cash me Outside Girl Danielle Bregoli has released a rap song titled: These Heaux. She also has a new rap name " Bhad Bhabie" which she is referring ...

Taylor Swift Attacks Kanye West In New Song Look What You Made Me Do

4 нед назад

Taylor Swift recently released her new single titled: Look What You Made Me Do. her album titled, "Reputation" will be released on November 10th.

Did Jake Paul FAKE The Assault Against Faze Banks- Team 10, Jake Paul Might Get Arrested

4 нед назад

There may be a good chance that Jake Paul my get arrested for accusing Faze Banks of assaulting his assistant. If this accusation is false, Jake Paul will be in a ...

Nut Allergy On A Plane Left Woman Brain-Damaged

4 нед назад

Nut Allergy On A Plane Left Woman Brain-Damaged. 29 year old Amy May Shead was on a plane where she had a bad reaction to one bite of food which ...


4 нед назад

WORLD WAR 3 IS GOING TO HAPPEN – AMERICA VS NORTH KOREA. North Korea sends out a warning that there may be possible of an 'uncontrollable ...


1 мес назад

SCARY ATTACK IN SPAIN – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW. Spain has been a target for attacks where it left many people passing away, and many more ...

Rare Black Moon Could Mean The End Of The World

1 мес назад

A solar eclipse will happen where we will see the black moon. It is said that this is sign the world is going to end in five days. ----------------------------------------...

Tessa Brooks Adult Film Tape Leaked?

1 мес назад

YouTuber Tessa Brooks had her accounts hacked. There is also an apparent adult video tape leaked online. This video was only on her channel for about a min ...

Chinese Woman Mailed Her Baby To An Orphanage

1 мес назад

A mother in China tried to send her baby to an orphanage by mail. The baby is in stable condition at a hospital and the police are currently investigating.

Costco CAUGHT Selling Fake Tiffany Rings, Taylor Swift Wins Lawsuit

1 мес назад

Costco is going to pay millions ever since they have been caught selling fake Tiffany engagement rings. The company owes more then $19 million for these ...

Diet Drinks Actually Make You Fatter, Taylor Swift Lawsuit Update - #AssaultLawsuit

1 мес назад

Studies have shown that if you drink any of the diet sodas, it actually makes you fatter which causes obesity. The study comes from Yale University, where the ...

North Korea Missile Threats To America Is A HOAX, Donald Trump Charlottesville UPDATE

1 мес назад

An atomic expert claims that North Korea's nuclear missiles are fake. But the threat of wars is still implied putting President Donald Trump ready and willing to ...

The US Is Preparing For A Nuclear Attack From North Korea

1 мес назад

US is preparing for a possible nuclear attack from North Korea ever since they have been launching tests into the air. Hawaii is the first state that is starting to ...

Cash Me Outside Girl Nudes Leaked Online

1 мес назад

Danielle Bregoli is known for her outrage behavior on Dr. Phil. Now there are apparently "Leaked Nudes" of her surfacing. These photos would be illegal ...