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Modi|Economy_Governance| Kamal Morarka | Part-50

2 дн назад

Whether it is Rafael or democratic institutions or the economic scenario, everything is getting from bad to worse. Who is responsible for all this? See the video for ...

Double Double farm income for farmers is possible | Morarka Foundation | Chauthi Duniya

1 нед назад

Double Double farm income for farmers is possible, said Agriculture scientist Mukesh Gupta, director of Morarka Foundation.

Kalpesh Yagnik Case

2 нед назад

Dainik Bhaskar's Group Editor Kalpesh Yagnik did Suiside or it is motivated murder.

Rafael|Secrecy| Kamal Morarka | Part-49

3 нед назад

Why Modi government is maintaining so much secrecy on the issue of Rafael? It raises doubts and more and more questions. See the video for detail…

5 years| Harmful for system| Kamal Morarka | Part-48

1 мес назад

India is a country of very old tradition and culture. BJP did nothing except damaging the current system of the country. See the video for detail…

BJP | Cheated in the name of Hindutva | Kamal Morarka | Part-47

1 мес назад

It is high time for BJP to act wisely otherwise the electoral situation is not very good for it as people have understood BJP reality. People are felling today that ...

Demonetization: Time to accept mistakes

2 мес назад

PM Modi should accept his mistakes after reading RBI report on demonetization. See this video for detail…

Demonetization was a complete failure | Analysis of Current Politics | Santosh Bhartiya

2 мес назад

RBI report proves that demonetization was a brazen failure and all the claims made by Modi before putting people into worst kind of taste proved wrong. See this ...

Demonetization: A failure step

2 мес назад

The decision of demonetization by Modi government proved complete failure. It only made people fool. See this video for detail…

ATAL JI | Inspiration for all | Kamal Morarka | Part-46

2 мес назад

Atal Ji is no more with us. But he will remain a source of inspiration for all. Particularly Narendra Modi can learn a lot from him. He can learn Raj Dharma and ...

Mr. Santosh Bhartiya on Zee Salam

2 мес назад

In a news debate, Mr. Santosh Bhartiya, Editor in chief of Chauthi Duniya said BJP started to mix religion in politics and now it has become an integral part.

PM speech | 4 Years| Kamal Morarka | Part-45

2 мес назад

This government is the government of words not actions. I-Day speech of the PM was nothing but the repetition of PM earlier speeches. BJP says that they will ...

Karunanidhi | National leader | Kamal Morarka | Part-44

2 мес назад

It would be injustice to see Karunanidhi as the leader of Tamilnadu only. He was the leader of India. He contributed a lot in the direction of upliftment of poor and ...

Democracy | Danger | Kamal Morarka | Part-43

2 мес назад

The situation of the country today is not well. All the democratic institutions and practices are being attacked. It is not good for a healthy democracy.

Santosh Bhartiya on New18 India

2 мес назад

In his Tribute to Atal Bihari Vajpayee on New18 India, Mr. Santosh Bhartiya said that Atal Ji was not limited to a party but the entire country. He was the leader of ...

72nd Independence Day | Time for introspection | Santosh Bhartiya

2 мес назад

Happy Independence Day! Today's prime minister's speech gives us a lot to think. On this occasion we need to take a look at what we have achieved and what ...

RS Dy. Speaker Election | Congress: a house in disorder | Santosh Bhartiya

2 мес назад

Tomorrow is the Independence Day. Prime Minister will deliver his last speech from Red Ford in his current term. It is believed that he will enunciate in clear term ...

Kamal Haasan Film's Vishwaroopam 2 movie review

2 мес назад

Even Kamal Haasan can't rise above the shockingly inept script, which he rescues only in a few places, when his trademark intelligent, wry self-awareness ...

Kerala rains: Idukki dam full to brim, army steps in for rescue

2 мес назад

Torrential rains and landslides have killed at least 26 people, with the authorities opening the shutters of water reservoirs in an unprecedented move to prevent ...

SBI reports Rs 4,876 crore loss in Q1

2 мес назад

SBI reports shock loss of Rs 4876 crore in Q1 as provisions double to Rs 19228 crore YoY State Bank of India(SBI) on Friday reported a standalone net loss of ...

Rafale deal: Sonia Gandhi leads protest outside Parliament

2 мес назад

Opposition MPs, including Raj Babbar, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Anand Sharma, Ambika Soni, CPI's D Raja, AAP MP Sushil Gupta among others held protest outside ...