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Syria: US to supply SDF with heavy weapons

2 час назад

A spokesman for the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces says the US has promised to supply the group with heavy weapons. Talal Sello says the promise was ...

Trump vows ‘biggest military build-up in history’

2 час назад

US President Donald Trump has promised to put in a massive budget request for America's military and substantially upgrade it. Trump made the remarks at the ...

Dutch MPs support for EU-Ukraine deal hailed

3 час назад

The lower house of the Dutch parliament has approved a trade agreement between Ukraine and the EU. Ukrainian lawmakers have hailed the move, calling it a ...

News in Brief -- February 25th -- 04:30 GMT

4 час назад

1. Israel slams the UN Human Rights Council for its stance against the jail sentence given to a soldier, who had killed a wounded Palestinian. 2. Israeli soldiers ...

Intra-Syrian talks focusing on format rather than essence

6 час назад

Delegations from the Syrian government and opposition have met UN mediator Staffan de Mistura for a second day in Geneva. But they have yet to start their ...

Drone captures hundreds of coal carts blocked from leaving Donbass

8 час назад

Exclusive drone footage from Yasynuvata have captured a large number of train carriages loaded with anthracite coal that cannot leave the Donetsk Region due ...

Iran holds trade exhibition in Karachi

9 час назад

Iran is holding a trade exhibition in the Pakistani city of Karachi. The event, which hosts 60 Iranian companies, is an attempt to boost economic and trade ...

“IAEA again confirms Iran commitment to JCPOA”

10 час назад

Iran says the UN nuclear watchdog's new report once again confirmed the country's commitment to its nuclear deal with the P-five-plus one group of countries.

Dozens of German tanks arrive in Lithuania for NATO deployment

12 час назад

Military equipment from the mechanised infantry battalion of the Federal Defence Forces of Germany, the Bundeswehr, arrived at Sestokai Train Station in ...

The Debate - US Under Trump’s Presidency

12 час назад

US President Donald Trump continues to take aim at entities inside of the country who he thinks are hindering the progress of the nation. As usual, he continued ...

News in Brief -- February 24th -- 20:30 GMT

12 час назад

1) The International Atomic Energy Agency confirms in its newest report that Iran is complying with the landmark nuclear deal it sealed with major world powers ...

Fresh clashes break out in Damascus suburbs

12 час назад

The Syrian Army has renewed an offensive against militants reportedly from the group, Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham, in the suburbs outside eastern Damascus on ...

South Korea’s struggles to address plummeting birthrate

13 час назад

South Korea's birthrate is plummeting as women are having fewer and fewer children in the face of the challenges of balancing home and career. Although the ...

Iraq strikes Daesh positions inside Syria

13 час назад

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi says he has ordered the country's air force to strike positions of the Daesh terror group inside neighboring Syria. Abbadi ...

White House asks FBI to rejects media report

14 час назад

Last Week, the New York Times published a report saying that President Donald Trump's campaign advisers were in frequent contact with Russian intelligence ...

Top government negotiator meets UN envoy in Geneva

14 час назад

Ja'afari's meeting with De Mistura is part of UN-brokered talks aimed at ending six years of conflict in Syria. Their meeting took place on the second day of the ...

Tel Aviv rejects Visa application for HRW staff

15 час назад

Human Rights Watch says Israel has informed the group of its decision to reject the visa application. The H-R-W has expressed shock at the move, saying the ...

Iraqi army enters first western neighborhood in Mosul

15 час назад

Iraqi forces have managed to fully recapture a village on the southwestern edge of Mosul. They have also clawed back Ghazlani military base, following a blitz ...

2nd day of UN-mediated talks starts in Geneva

15 час назад

Representatives of the Syrian government and delegations of the foreign-backed opposition groups are taking part in the renewed talks. The inter-Syrian dialog ...

Exclusive: Iraqi forces liberate Mosul International Airport

17 час назад

Iraqi forces have regained control over the strategic Mosul International Airport. The operation to clear the airport from Daesh-left IEDs is still underway as Iraqi ...

Intra Syrian talks underway in Geneva

17 час назад

New round of UN-mediated peace talks get underway in Geneva between the delegations of the Syrian government and the foreign-backed opposition.