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Iconic shopping center collapses in Tehran after devastating fire

14 мин назад

A high-rise building has collapsed in the Iran capital Tehran after a fire engulfed its top floors. The fire broke out at the 17-story structure in downtown Tehran on ...

Nigeria Muslims protest govt.’s disobedience of court order

55 мин назад

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria has demanded the Nigerian government release its leader Sheikh Ibrahim al-Zakzaky in accordance with the procedures laid ...

"EU concerned about irrationalism from Trump"

55 мин назад

Political scientist, Kaveh Afrasiabi, has told us that the EU's recent statement on the Iran nuclear deal should serve as a wake-up call to the US president-elect ...

US urged against rash move on Israel & Palestine

2 час назад

Outgoing US President Barack Obama has warned his successor Donald Trump against any sudden and unilateral moves on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Rallies amid reports regime executed 2 more men in Bahrain

3 час назад

Protesters have taken to the streets of Bahrain amid reports that the regime is set to execute two more citizens. Amnesty international has also called for urgent ...

Syrian troops pound Nusrah in Wadi Barada

3 час назад

Syrian troops and allied forces have targeted terrorists in the Wada Barada valley, as they consolidate their gains close to the capital Damascus. Government ...

News in Brief -- January 19th -- 03:30 GMT

4 час назад

The United Nations Security Council confirms that Iran has been in compliance with the nuclear deal that Tehran and the P5+1 group of countries in 2015.

The Debate - Iran Nuclear Deal

6 час назад

Date: January.18.2016 Iran's nuclear deal, known as the JCPOA is marking its one year anniversary. As it stands, Iran is yet the reap the FULL benefits of the ...

Iraqi army monitors, targets Daesh positions in Mosul

6 час назад

Iraqi forces in the South Eastern district of Yarimja say they are monitoring Daesh movements near Mosul airport in the city's West. Military officials say the Takfiri ...

MEPs say EU policies are killing refugees

7 час назад

Jerome Hughes Press TV, Brussels The European Union's legislators say border controls and security policies agreed by the bloc's leaders are killing innocent ...

Amnesty warns against execution of 2 activists

7 час назад

Demonstrators rallied in Sanabis after reports swirled around that Mohammad Ramadan Ali Hussein and Hussein Mousa Mohamed have been executed.

Corbyn says May's plans attack workers rights

8 час назад

The criticism is made a day after May outlined her 12-point plan for Britain's exit from the European Union. The plan has already drawn skepticism in the ...

OIC urges UN to stop more violence in Myanmar

8 час назад

The O-I-C special envoy to Myanmar said the persecution of the Rohingya community is no longer an internal issue, but of international concern. Albar's ...

Iraqi commander announces liberation of east Mosul

9 час назад

The general says some Daesh terrorists remain holed up in the North East of the city. A military official added that remnants of Daesh will be flushed out of those ...

Zarif: Astana talks aimed at expanding Syria truce

9 час назад

Addressing the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mohammad Javad Zarif said that the Daesh and al Nusra terrorist groups will be excluded from a possible ...

News in Brief -- January 18th -- 18:30 GMT

11 час назад

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Palestinians welcome fresh agreement between Hamas, Fatah

14 час назад

Hamas and Fatah have agreed to establish a Palestinian unity government. The two leading factions reached a deal in Moscow after three days of negotiations.

“Russia, Turkey in first joint strikes on Daesh”

14 час назад

Russia and Turkey have conducted their first joint air strikes against the Daesh terrorist group in Syria .The Russian Defence Ministry says Russian war planes ...

Refugees suffer as temperatures plummet in Belgrade

15 час назад

Hundreds of migrants and refugees are suffering in Belgrade as temperatures in the Serbian capital continue to remain below freezing, Wednesday.

Trump will isolate US if he cancels Iran nuclear deal: Analyst

16 час назад

US President-elect Donald Trump risks isolating the United States if he decides to dismantle the Iran nuclear agreement in order to satisfy the Israel lobby, says ...

Zarif: No reason for Tehran-Riyadh hostility

18 час назад

Iran's foreign minister says the upcoming Syria peace talks in Astana are aimed at expanding a cessation of hostilities between the armed opposition groups and ...