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Russian volcano awakens after 250 years of silence

1 час назад

The Kambalny volcano, located in the Yuzhno-Kamchatsky wildlife preserve in Kamchatka, showed activity on Saturday after first rumbling a day earlier, for the ...

News in Brief -- March 25th -- 14:30 GMT

2 час назад

1. Leaders of 27 EU countries are in the Italian capital Rome to mark the 60th anniversary of the bloc's founding. 2. Iraqi rescue workers continued pulling bodies ...

Butterfly exhibition opens in Rome

3 час назад

Hundreds of live butterflies have gone on display in a Rome-based exhibition which is nothing less than a personification of heaven. Watch Live: ...

EU leaders convene in Italy to show unity

4 час назад

European Union leaders meet in the Italian capital Rome as the Britain, which is absent in the summit, prepares to leave the bloc. Watch Live: ...

Myanmar's military accused of atrocious acts against Rohingya Muslims

5 час назад

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh reveal harrowing accounts of atrocities by Myanmar's military against the Muslim minority group. Watch Live: ...

UN concerned about US airstrikes in Iraq

7 час назад

The United Nations has expressed grave concern over reports showing high civilian casualties in a suspected US-led airstrike targeting several buildings in the ...

Saudi Arabia faces $6 billion US lawsuit by 9/11 insurers

8 час назад

A group of insurers that paid huge damages to businesses destroyed due to September 11 attacks in the US in 2001 have filed a six-billion-dollar lawsuit against ...

US does not care about civilian lives in Mosul: Analyst

9 час назад

The United Nations has expressed grave concern over reports showing high civilian casualties in a suspected US-led airstrike targeting several buildings in the ...

Bahraini teenager succumbs to injuries from regime forces’ fire

11 час назад

Bahraini forces have fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters who staged a march in Karbabad to condemn the killing of a youth during a police ...

Yemen, a resilient nation

12 час назад

March 26th marks the second anniversary of the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen, Arab world's poorest nation. More than 12000 people, many of them civilians, ...

Paul Ryan disappointed by Trumpcare early defeat

13 час назад

US House Speaker Paul Ryan has expressed his disappointment at a lack of consensus among Republicans to back President Donald Trump's proposed ...

Belgian workers hold national day of action

16 час назад

Thousands protest in Belgium against the practice of what has been described as 'social dumping'. Trade unions accuse the EU firms of exploiting foreign ...

Latest drones on exhibition in Japan

16 час назад

Japan Drone 2017, one of the country's biggest commercial drone events, is underway. The exhibition showcases the latest in drone technology.

Yemenis get food rations from Red Crescent amid humanitarian crisis

17 час назад

As the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate in Yemen, aid groups distribute food rations among the displaced families fleeing the Saudi war.

Republicans pull Obamacare replacement bill amid disarray

18 час назад

Republican leaders in the US have pulled their troubled healthcare overhaul bill off the House floor at President Donald Trump's request. An aide to House ...

Syrian army repels opposition forces following militants’ assault in N. Hama

19 час назад

The Syrian army managed to repel opposition forces in the town of Qomhana in the countryside north of Hama, following the militants' attempt to regain control of ...

Ukraine imposes sanctions on Russian banks

20 час назад

Ukraine's central bank has imposed sanctions on five Russian state-owned banks operating in the country. The measures include prohibitions on financial ...

The Debate – Hosni Mubarak Freed

21 час назад

For many Egyptians, 6 years ago, this day may have seemed impossible. Their one-time dictator, Hosni Mubarak, who they overthrew by sustained protests for ...

News in Brief -- March 24th -- 18:30 GMT

22 час назад

1. The United Nations Human Rights Council has adopted a resolution against Israel's settlement expansions in the occupied Palestinian territories. 2.

Iraqis blame attack on US-led coalition

23 час назад

Efforts are still underway to pull out bodies from under the rubble a week after a suspected US-led airstrike destroyed several residential buildings in the ...

South Africa: Massive warehouse blaze send smoke pummeling into the sky in Durban

23 час назад

A massive blaze engulfed a warehouse, sending dark clouds of smoke bellowing into the air in an industrial region of Durban Watch Live: ...