Yan S. Huang

Login to Wordpress Using Gmail Account (or G Suite) | Productivity Hack!

2 нед назад

Save time and frustration by logging into Wordpress using your Gmail or G Suite account. I will show you how to not only install the plugin in Wordpress, but also ...

My Honest Review of Intuit Quickbooks Online (QBO)

4 нед назад

I provide my honest review of QBO (Quickbooks Online) by Intuit from the perspective of an entrepreneur and business owner who is not very strong in ...

Maximizing Monetizing on Google Adsense Using Auto Ads

1 мес назад

I talk about the benefits and how to maximize your earnings on Google Adsense using the Google Adsense Auto Ads feature.

Setting up a Reverse Proxy for SEO in Cpanel (eg. domain.com/blog on another server)

1 мес назад

I understand that this is a very specific part in the process of setting up a reverse proxy on a Cpanel/WHM server but I hope that it still helps you achieve your ...

How to Edit Text Files via Google Drive

2 год назад

I will show you how to edit text files directly from Google Drive via the web browser.

How to Debug XSL Files for XSLT XSL Transformation with XML

2 год назад

In this video, I will show you how you can go about debugging your XSL (eXtensible Stylesheet Language) so you can wrap the XSLT (XSL Transformation) ...

PHP Generated XML File Not Showing Correctly in Chrome or Browser

2 год назад

Do you have an XML file generated via PHP and it does not work, despite the resulting code validating? While there might be a series of reasons why that is ...

How to Work Anywhere from Phone & Access Desktop Software with Fast Internet 300Mbps

2 год назад

Sometimes emergencies for work come up from my team and I need to resolve issues on the fly. Unfortunately, iOS can only do so much and more often than not ...

Can't Delete Files with Too Long of Filename in Windows - SOLVED! No additional software needed

2 год назад

Whether you are using Windows 10 or running Windows Server 2012, it comes with an annoying limitation that prevents the user from removing files with file ...

How to Grant Local User Remote Desktop Access on Windows Server

2 год назад

I'll show you how to grant a new user on Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop (RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol) access in this video. If you decide to sign up ...

LiteSpeed Web Server Down! FIXED and a Message to LiteSpeed Technologies Inc

2 год назад

I am running LiteSpeed on one of my web servers and it went down. Cpanel and WHM was also down. I have been paying for the LiteSpeed license, always ...

How to Unlock the Hosts File in Windows

2 год назад

I explain why your hosts file is locked in Windows and also how to go about unlocking your hosts file. The hosts file allows you to map domain names to IP ...

SoundPEATS Q900 (Upgraded Version) Review!

2 год назад

http://amzn.to/2sXgUq7 - Here is the direct link to this version of the SoundPEATS Q900. There are many versions of this product on Amazon but with the other ...

How to Add Google Translate to Google Analytics (Not Compatible By Default)

2 год назад

Google Translate, unfortunately, is not compatible with the latest version of the Google Analytics tracking code, Universal Analytics (UA). If you've added the ...

How to Stitch Together Multiple Mp3 Files Using Audacity (Free)

2 год назад

I will show you how to combine or stitch together multiple mp3 files using Audacity. You will need to download Audacity (free) as well as the LAME encoder, ...

How to Convert Text to Speech Using Amazon AI (Artificial Intelligence) Polly

2 год назад

I will show you how to leverage Amazon's Artificial Intelligence suite's Polly service to convert text to speech the smart way. The results between Amazon Polly ...

How to Create an Amazon AWS Subuser or Subaccount Using IAM (Identity and Access Management)

2 год назад

I'll show you how to create an Amazon AWS subuser / sub account. For starters if the sub account needs to enter a credit card or billing information, then it is set ...

How to Mount Google Drive (Or Dropbox, Amazon Cloud/S3, OneDrive, etc.) As a Drive in Windows

2 год назад

To get it out of the way, I DO NOT get paid for recommending these products; nor am I affiliated with them in any way. I will show you a free method and paid ...

How to Customize Drive Icons on Windows 10 (No Software Install Needed!)

2 год назад

I'll show you how to customize the Drive icons in My PC on Windows 10, although I believe (correct me if I am wrong) it will work in prior versions of Windows as ...

Channel Ad Revenue NOT Affected: Find Out Why From a Google Adwords Advertiser

2 год назад

The ad revenue on my channel was NOT affected. I'm here to shed some light on why so many channels are affected from the perspective of a Google Adwords ...

Running an Internet Business with a Slow Internet Connection

2 год назад

I run an Internet business (no, not some make money online BS - but an actual, legitimate Internet business) and my website backups are massive upwards of ...