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13 час назад

Union County Commissioner's September Meeting.

Brendan Doyle: Candidate for Blue Ridge Mayor

14 час назад

We welcomed candidate Brendan Doyle to discuss his candidacy for mayor of Blue Ridge.

Pet of the Week - Rainey

14 час назад

Our pet of the week this week was Rainey!

Ask The Doc 09/22/2017

14 час назад

Dr. James Whaley joined us to discuss this weeks user submitted questions.

Clapper Caught in Russia Lies, Trump Tower Wiretapped

2 дн назад

Former DNI James Clapper and the rest of his cronies have been caught in lies regarding the Russia investigation.

Donald Trump Takes on the UN

2 дн назад

Analysis of Donald Trump's UN Address.

Is Blue Ridge REALLY this CORRUPT??

2 дн назад

The latest in the ongoing saga in Blue Ridge as we approach city elections.

Lindsey Graham Repeal and Replace

2 дн назад

The latest push to repeal and replace Obamacare is upon us. Is this just for show or will it really happen? Is this new bill from Lindsey Graham even that good?

Rebel Wrap Up 2017: September 20, 2017

2 дн назад

Coach Jim Pavao joins us to discuss the Andrews game and looks ahead to the North Hall match up this week!

UCBOE Sept WS Mtg 091917

3 дн назад

Union County Board of Education September WS & Meeting 09/19/2017.

Chaos at Georgia Tech

4 дн назад

A person that has since been identified as Scout Schultz was shot and killed by Georgia Tech Police over the weekend. It resulted in rioting in the City of Atlanta ...

Karla's Corner: Apple Season, Tiny House Festival

4 дн назад

Fall is officially upon us! Karla brought by some wonderful samples from the various apple orchards. Also, this weekend is the Tiny House Festival in Ellijay!

Blue Ridge Georgia: 18 to Party, 21 to Drink

4 дн назад

The never ending drama in Blue Ridge added a new chapter over the weekend as the Sheriff's Department cited two establishments for serving alcohol to ...

Panther Playback 2017: 09/18/2017

4 дн назад

Union Panthers Head Coach Brian Allison joins us to recap the game against Banks County and look ahead to this weeks tilt against GACS!

Rush, Laura Ingraham: Who's Party is It?

5 дн назад

Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh have both now wondered aloud, who's party is it? The media is too happy to play along with what they desperately want to ...

Viewer Feedback

5 дн назад

Our viewers sent us some photos of the new Falcons stadium along with answers to some of our questions from social media.

Trump Golf Swing and Rocket Man

5 дн назад

The media is still beside themselves over President Trump's use of social media.

Heavy Response to #DACA Question

5 дн назад

We asked, and you answered. Should President Trump preserve DACA?

Opening Monologue

5 дн назад

It was an eventful weekend in the news!