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Ask The Doc with Dr. Whaley - Foods affect on Sleep and Cleanses

2 час назад

Today Doctor Whaley talks with us no only about our viewer questions, which are listed below, but also about Memorial Day and being a Veteran. He also brings ...

BKP Interviews Two of Our Very Own Interns!

3 час назад

John and Hunter are currently in our intern program here at FetchYourNews and FYNTV. John is an Associate Producer for FYNTV and Hunter is an Associate ...

Pet of the Week - Miles! Brought to you by The Humane Society of Blue Ridge

3 час назад

Rena brought us another beautiful furry friend today named Miles! Miles is about 2 years old and is so sweet. As you can see in this video he is well behaved ...

Do the Cast of "Criminals" Have Anything to do with this "Bad Intel/Fake Russian Document"?

1 дн назад

Former FBI Director claims that bad intelligence influenced his Clinton announcement. Now there is a "Russian Document"... How do they know it is a "Russian ...

Kick Ass Campaign - Gianforte Body Slams a Reporter From The Guardian

1 дн назад

The major media networks are insinuating President Trump is to blame for Ben Jacobs getting body slammed by Candidate Greg Gianforte. They say that the ...


1 дн назад

UCHS Scholarship Night, May 23, 2017.

Storm video downtown Ellijay GA May 24th 2017

2 дн назад

Courtesy of Brett Cantrell.

ISIS Targets Innocent Children in the Terrorist Attack in Manchester

2 дн назад

23 year old Libyan Nationalist, Salman Abedi, was identified as the bomber in the terrorist attack at the concert in Manchester that left 22 innocent people dead.

BKP Discusses Fannin County's May BOC Meeting

2 дн назад

BKP attended the Fannin County BOC meeting on May 23rd. The major topics discussed during this meeting was property tax assessments and the lack of a ...

Bill Johnson Interview on Dawsonville Mayor James Grogan

2 дн назад

Our Dawson County reporter, Bill Johnson, called in today to discuss Mayor James Grogan being removed from office after a 3 to 1 city council vote on May 15th.

The Trump Resistance Fueled by the Bias Media, Harvard Research Shows

3 дн назад

From a recent research study out of Harvard, it has been concluded that 4 of 5 political stories are of a negative persuasion regarding the Trump Administration.

Tree Down on Main St Ellijay

3 дн назад

Tree blocks traffic on Main St in Ellijay GA on.

Karla's Korner - Memorial Day Weekend Events

3 дн назад

Karla never disappoints us with a lack of information on upcoming events. This weekend there are a ton of events going on in Gilmer County. Memorial day ...

President Donald J. and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Visit The Western Wailing Wall In Jerusalem

3 дн назад

President Donald J. Trump is on a foreign trip meeting with Muslims, Jews and Christians in an effort to bring peace to the Middle East. The biggest hurdle he ...

UPDATE Concerning the Death of DNC Staffer Seth Rich - Who Shut Rod Wheeler's Investigation Down?

3 дн назад

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Former Detective Rod Wheeler! Former D.C. Homicide Detective Rod Wheeler may have gotten too close to the motive behind the ...

FYN's All-Star Political Panel Discusses Health Care, Tax Reform, Comey's Firing and Rod Rosenstien

7 дн назад

Every Friday morning the great All-Star Political Panel gets together to discuss the latest political issues that have the media buzzing. Jane, BKP, Rick and Bruce ...

Pet of the Week - Clyde! Brought to you by The Humane Society of Blue Ridge

1 нед назад

Rena brought us another beautiful furry friend today named Clyde! Clyde is just 7 months old and is part German Sheppard. As you can see in this video he is ...

Karen Handel has the Advantage Against Jon Ossoff- More Informed Voters

1 нед назад

Extended voting registration in the 6th Congressional District could give Democrats an advantage for the June 20th runoff. As if having a leading candidate with ...

Interview with (D) Josh McCall, 9th District Congressional Candidate for 2018

1 нед назад

BKP talks with Josh McCall about his plans to run against (R) Doug Collins for the 9th District Congressional seat in the 2018 election. McCall is currently a Latin ...