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A water scientist explains why New York bagels and pizza are one-of-a-kind

3 час назад

Shawn Fisher, a hydrologist with the USGS, explains why the chemistry of New York water affects the chemistry of our bagel and pizza dough.

Nutritionist debunks most common celery myth

5 час назад

Andy Bellatti is a registered nutritionist based in Las Vegas. He discusses the one thing most people tend to get wrong about celery and how you digest it.

Watch Harrison Ford narrowly avoid crashing into a passenger plane

8 час назад

Just last week, Harrison Ford was involved in an incident that nearly became a fatal plane crash. In an act that would disappoint his very own Han Solo, Ford ...

Sean Spicer talks about Trump's plans during the Oscars

9 час назад

The James S. Brady Press Room erupted into laughter when a reporter asked Sean Spicer how President Trump would react to another "Meryl Streep moment.

Whiskey expert's favorite bottles under $50

9 час назад

The most expensive whiskey is not always necessarily the best. Whiskey expert Tommy Tardie, owner and operator of Fine & Rare and The Flatiron Room, says ...

Mitch McConnell confronted by constituent at town hall

9 час назад

Many GOP Congressional members have recently been confronted by upset constituents at town hall meetings in their home districts. In this clip, a woman asks ...

How to address your significant other's annoying habits

10 час назад

Clinical psychologist Joseph Burgo Ph.D., author of "The Narcissist You Know," explains the best way to address your significant other's annoying habits in a ...

Belgium is home to the world's only operational beer pipeline

13 час назад

Brewery Halve Maan (Half Moon) created an innovative way to transport beer from the main brewery facility to the bottling facility two miles away.

Milo Yiannopoulos attacks the media in a press conference

14 час назад

Just weeks after protests broke out at UC Berkeley, Milo Yiannopoulos is under fire for appearing to condone pedophilia. The controversial speaker and ...

How not having a credit card could hurt your credit score

1 дн назад

I'm 34-years-old and I've never had a credit card. The main reason I've made this decision is because I've seen people go into serious debt because of credit ...

President Trump isn't far off — some drugs are cheaper than candy bars

1 дн назад

Public policy expert Mark Kleiman explains why President Trump's claim that drugs are cheaper than candy bars isn't so far off.

UPS wants to turn its delivery trucks into motherships for autonomous drones

1 дн назад

On Monday, UPS unveiled its latest innovation in package delivery technology. In a test conducted near Tampa, Florida, UPS showed off a new hybrid-electric ...

Video shows New York City's 1940s subway

1 дн назад

The New York Transit Museum archives have this vintage video produced by the NY Transportation Board in 1949 about the New York City subway system.

Trump denounces wave of anti-Semitism as 'horrible' and 'painful'

1 дн назад

Speaking at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, President Trump denounced recent anti-Semitic threats targeting Jewish community ...

Expats on a budget should consider these 5 countries

1 дн назад

Expats move abroad for new job opportunities, for relationships, or even just to live a simpler life. In a new survey by InterNations, the world's largest network for ...

How Trump's election will impact innovation in robotics and automation

2 дн назад

Amid all the rapid changes and executive orders, MIT Economist Erik Brynjolfsson explains how Donald Trump's election could impact the robotics and ...

Restaurants are in a recession across the US

2 дн назад

The dining experience at restaurants is changing and hurting casual-dining chains like Applebee's and Buffalo Wild Wings. More and more people are opting for ...

How WaWa has changed since it's inception

2 дн назад

What is "Wawa?" Besides a Native American word for the Canada goose, Wawa is a convenience store that has a dedicated fan base. There are stores only in ...

Daymond John on 8 years of investing on Shark Tank

2 дн назад

We talked with "Shark Tank" costar Daymond John at the New York offices of his new company, Blueprint + Co. Daymond John talks about the many things he's ...

A biochemist explains how to be more productive

3 дн назад

Want to be more productive? Dr. Brian Crane, professor of chemistry at Cornell University explains how to structure your work schedule to be more productive ...

Watch millennials try a McDonald's Filet O Fish for the first time

3 дн назад

There are a lot of millennials out there who've never tried the McDonald's classic Filet-O-Fish sandwich. We found a few of them who were willing to try it for the ...