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RICHARD GREENFIELD: I am bullish on Twitter and would be shocked if it wasn't acquired

2 час назад

Media and tech analyst Richard Greenfield of BTIG came by Business Insider to discuss the future of TV, ESPN, Snapchat, and Twitter. Here he explains why he ...

THE BOTTOM LINE: A flatter yield curve, market euphoria, and Rich Greenfield

15 час назад

This week: Rich Greenfield of BTIG answers all of our questions about the future of tech and media. Greenfield says that he loves Twitter and not just because ...

Here's how you can use math to find your soul mate

17 час назад

Eric Barker is the author of "Barking Up The Wrong Tree." In this video, Barker explains how you can find your soul mate using math.

A Marine explains how intermittent fasting helped him 'see his abs'

17 час назад

US Marine Andrew Wittman explains how his intermittent fasting routine helped him sculpt his body. -------------------------------------------------- Follow BI Video on ...

A Marine who coaches Fortune 500 execs explains why setting goals is a 'waste of time'

2 дн назад

Combat veteran Andrew Wittman was an infantry Marine for 6 years. He explains why setting goals can be a complete waste of time. Wittman is the author of ...

Kids tell us what they really think of Trump

2 дн назад

We asked kids what they think about President Trump, what they know about him, and what they know about other people's feelings about the president.

Travis Kalanick’s resignation as CEO of Uber comes after a firestorm of scandals

2 дн назад

Travis Kalanick stepped down as CEO of Uber following a string of scandals including reports of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Everyday products that are made with animal parts

3 дн назад

You probably own a lot of items that contain animal parts in them. From tattoo ink to dryer sheets, companies use the remains of animals in order to enhance ...

Watch senators hunt for the secretive Republican healthcare bill

3 дн назад

Democratic Sens. Cory Booker, Brian Schatz, and Chris Murphy decided to take their hunt for the GOP's healthcare bill on the road Tuesday. In an attempt to ...

Look inside the Arctic 'doomsday' seed vault built to protect millions of crops from any disaster

3 дн назад

The Global Seed Vault in Norway was built to shelter millions of crops from any potential natural or man-made disaster.

Hidden collection of Nazi artifacts was discovered in Argentina

3 дн назад

About 75 Nazi artifacts were discovered in a hidden room in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the biggest collection ever found in the country. Some of the artifacts ...

Harvard Business School professor explains the most important problem we have in finance today

4 дн назад

Mihir Desai, a professor of Harvard Business School and the author of "Wisdom of Finance" explains why having shareholders who are separate from the ...

Watch Jared Kushner speak publicly for the first time since joining Trump's administration

4 дн назад

After nearly six months in the Trump administration, the president's senior adviser Jared Kushner finally spoke to the public. Many have poked fun at Kushner for ...

'Irregardless' is a real word – you're just using it wrong

4 дн назад

Kory Stamper, a lexicographer for Merriam-Webster and author of "Word by Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries," told us that "irregardless" is a word in the ...

Watch two Boeing jets fly together like fighter planes

4 дн назад

Boeing flew a 787-10 Dreamliner and 737 MAX 9 close together in a stunt to show off their performance. They flew over Washington state as a chase plane and ...

This ancient Greek mechanism may be the world's first computer

5 дн назад

The Antikythera Mechanism is a mysterious ancient device used to calculate lunar cycles, planet motions, and more. Over 2000-years-old, it was far more ...

A Georgetown professor reveals what people get wrong about MLK Jr

5 дн назад

Michael Eric Dyson, professor of sociology at Georgetown University, and author of "Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America," reveals what a lot of ...

A German grocery store chain that Europeans are obsessed with has officially invaded America

5 дн назад

The German grocery chain Lidl opened its first 10 US stores on Thursday after years of preparing to enter the American market.

9 jobs that are quickly disappearing in the US

6 дн назад

Thanks in part to email, Facebook, and Twitter, mail carriers may be all but obsolete in the not-so-distant future. By 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a ...

Trump's childhood home in New York City is available to rent

6 дн назад

A suburban loft in Queens that Trump had lived in until he was 4 sold for $2.1 million and is now available to rent. Trump reportedly expressed interest in buying ...

A Merriam-Webster editor reveals how words are added to the dictionary

7 дн назад

Kory Stamper, a lexicographer for Merriam-Webster, told us what criteria a word needs to meet in order to be added to the dictionary.