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Katie Couric decries fake news while being sued for faking it herself

29 мин назад

Katie Couric recently gave an interview to the New York Daily News, in which she decries fake news for tearing the country apart at the seams. However, she ...

This little robot might save Fukushima

40 мин назад

An underwater robot appears to have captured images of melted nuclear fuel at the submerged reactor at the Fukushima power plant. RT America's Alex ...

Are you afraid of the dark web?

2 час назад

Ever since the world learned of the Silk Road marketplace, “the dark web” has come under increasing public scrutiny. Bianca Facchinei of “Boom Bust” tells us ...

Congress plays hard ball with Trump on foreign policy

4 час назад

The House of Representatives has voted overwhelmingly to pass new sanctions against Russia, and require congressional approval before US President ...

Trump ‘breaks the dishes & turns over the tables’ – author

18 час назад

Donald Trump's presidency and the election behind it are called “unprecedented,” but only by those who forget Andrew Jackson. Conservative commentator and ...

DEBATE: ‘Would you rather see them die?’

18 час назад

The Senate voted today 51-50 to move a repeal-and-replace healthcare bill to the floor for debate. Democrats criticized the vote as the first step to destroying ...

Russia probe ‘getting hotter, not colder’ – fmr CIA agent

18 час назад

For the Russia investigation to win in the court of public opinion, it needs to arrive at a “smoking gun” sooner or later. Former CIA officer Jack Rice joins “News ...

Stories that give voice to the voiceless

18 час назад

Watching the Hawks “digs a little deeper. We hit the stories that everyone else is afraid to touch, is afraid to talk about, because they don't want to upset their ...

‘That’s the beauty of RT America’

19 час назад

The mission of News with Ed is to go to the people – tell their side of the story. Our stories are well sourced, we don't hide anything from the public and I don't ...

Now playing on RT AMERICA

19 час назад

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All the world is a stage – and we are definitely a player

19 час назад

All the world is a stage, and all the news companies merely players. What part does RT America play? RT America offers more. Watch RT America: ...

When Kremlin baiting backfires

20 час назад

MSNBC's Joy Reid committed an embarrassing blunder recently, alleging that Trump's wives were from former Soviet countries. The gaffe didn't go unnoticed, ...

Agribots: The future of farming

21 час назад

Farmers in California are replacing workers with robots as unmanned fields leave millions of dollars in crops unharvested. A boom in agriculture technology ...

Don't get a Roomba: Robot to vacuum up all your dirty secrets

22 час назад

The smart vacuum called Roomba was advertised as a revolution in home cleaning. Now its manufacturer, Irobot, says they will use the robot to collect more ...

If Trump doesn’t veto sanctions bill, ‘he’s given up on his presidency’ – analyst

22 час назад

The US House of Representatives passed a bill imposing new sanctions on Russia and cementing existing ones. What does the bill reveal about Congress's ...

GOP complicit with Dems in blocking Russia cooperation, says ex-US diplomat

22 час назад

The House of Representatives is voting on a bill that would impose new sanctions against Russia and require US President Donald Trump to get permission ...

Former intelligence officers say DNC ‘hack’ was an inside job

23 час назад

Forensics from the leaked DNC emails doesn't add up, according to a group of former intelligence officers who wrote a memorandum to the President.

‘The entire political class is off its axis’ – Van Jones

23 час назад

Will Trump's “shocking nonsense” and neglect of his base, the “forgotten Americans,” make him a one-term president? Or have Americans' expectations of their ...

MSNBC's Joy Reid tweets xenophobic, wildly false rant

1 дн назад

Joy-Ann Reid is a correspondent for MSNBC. She is a liberal and a Democrat who is supposed to be open-minded and in support of a global society, but she ...

US & Russia have common interest in seeing Syrian rebels defeated – ex-US diplomat

1 дн назад

Though the mainstream US media criticized President Donald Trump's decision to end CIA aid to Syrian rebels as “helping Russia,” former US Diplomat Jim ...

DEBATE: ‘The message that never reached anybody’

2 дн назад

Democratic superdelegate Mitch Ceasar and Ed Martin, president of Eagle Forum, join “News with Ed” to discuss Jared Kushner's disclosure of Russian contacts ...