FaZe Rug

Molly is NEVER talking to me again after this.. (I'M SORRY)

3 дн назад

THAT WAS TERRIFYING So last night Molly and I decided to do something that we NEVER thought we would do.. And it was SO scary.. • OFFICIAL RUG ...

Destroying a Kids ONLY Pair of Shoes & Surprising Him w/ 10 NEW PAIRS!!

5 дн назад

HE WAS SO SHOCKED! So my cousin owns only 1 pair of beat up shoes, so I decided to DESTROY them and shock him with 10 brand new pairs of shoes!

This was the most emotional day of my LIFE...

7 дн назад

This was very emotional. I had one of the greatest days of my life with these amazing people, and I'm happy that I recorded this experience for you. Love you ...


1 нед назад

THAT WAS SO SCARY So we decided to play a haunted spin the wheel game at 3am.. And things did not end too well... • OFFICIAL RUG MERCH ...

So I went to the SCARIEST HAUNTED HOUSE in AMERICA... **warning**

2 нед назад

THAT WAS SO SCARY!! Today I went to one of the scariest haunted houses in the WORLD.. And it was super scary! Thumbs up if you're excited for Halloween!


2 нед назад

THEY LOVED IT After getting my new tattoo, I decided to get reactions by Shane Dawson, Alissa Violet, FaZe Adapt, and more!! Hope you enjoyed! • OFFICIAL ...

I Gave My Dads Car a MAKEOVER & He Was SO MAD... (crazy reaction)

2 нед назад

HE WAS SO ANGRY Download Vigo Video and Join the #makeitpawsible challenge! - https://bit.ly/2P4LDZz Thanks to Vigo Video for sponsoring this video.


3 нед назад

THAT WAS SO COOL Today I decided to do an experiment with this "not-a-flamethrower" that I purchased from Elon Musk.. What happens is CRAZY!

I Spent the Night in the CLOUT HOUSE & They Had NO Idea.. (24 HOURS)

3 нед назад

I ACTUALLY DID IT!! I decided to go to the Clout House without anyone knowing, and I made it a whole 24 hours and NOBODY noticed.. How do you think they ...

MEET MY NEW SLOTH! (Cutest Animal in the WORLD)

4 нед назад

THIS WAS SO CUTE! Today, I got a chance to hang out with the cutest SLOTH in the world!! along with some really cool other animals. • OFFICIAL RUG MERCH ...

I went swimming with Sharks... (scariest experience ever)

4 нед назад

THAT WAS SO SCARY.. So on my last day in Hawaii.. I decided to swim with sharks in the middle of the ocean.. Scariest experience EVER! • OFFICIAL RUG ...

You won't believe where I am... (MY DREAM VACATION)

1 мес назад

THIS PLACE IS BEAUTIFUL! So last night I got bored at home and decided to book a last minute flight to my DREAM vacation place!! It's amazing here. Look out ...

I feel really bad for doing this to her... (THE SCARY NUN)

1 мес назад

SHE STARTED CRYING!! I think I pulled one of the scariest pranks on YouTube yet.. I'm so sorry to my cousin Chanel for making her cry!! • OFFICIAL RUG ...

Is she really moving in...?

1 мес назад

I can't believe my mom let this happen. While I wasn't home, my mom and Molly were up to something.. And I wasn't too happy about it. • OFFICIAL RUG ...

I stole his car.. then surprised him with his DREAM SUPER CAR!!

1 мес назад

HE WAS SO HAPPY! So today I decided to get my good friend a Ferrari for his birthday, but you know I had to steal his car first ;) It was very emotional!


1 мес назад

THIS IS INSANE!! For my 10 million subscriber celebration, I decided to rent this BEAUTIFUL beach house for the weekend, where I hit 10 million subscribers ...

My Road to 10,000,000 Subscribers. (emotional)

1 мес назад

We did it. We hit 10000000 subscribers, something I never in a million years thought I'd achieve. Thanks for all the love and enjoy my journey here • OFFICIAL ...

I went Skydiving and it went VERY wrong..

2 мес назад

I can't believe that actually happened.. So I decided to go sky diving in honor of 10 million subscribers.. And the unthinkable happened.. • OFFICIAL RUG ...

DO NOT Put Your Hand in the WRONG MYSTERY BOX!! (you decide)

2 мес назад

THAT WAS SO SCARY So today we decided to do the what's in the box challenge with scary reptiles!! You decide which box we put our hand in.... • OFFICIAL ...

WE MADE HIM INVISIBLE!! **crazy magic trick**

2 мес назад

THIS WAS INSANE!! So today I decided to turn my little cousin INVISIBLE.. and it ACTUALLY worked.. • 20% OFF ALL RUG MERCH ▻ https://rugwear.com/ ...


2 мес назад

THEY WERE SO SCARED • 20% OFF MY RUG MERCH ▻ https://rugwear.com/discount/rug20 • SUBSCRIBE IF YOU'RE NEW ▻ http://bit.ly/SubToRug Follow ...