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'Terrorist incident' in the heart of London | DW English

7 час назад

Four people have died and another 20 are injured after an attack outside the British parliament. A suspected terrorist drove a car into a crowd of people on ...

EU one of "best places on earth" for women | DW English

12 час назад

Michel Friedman meets Commissioner Margrethe Vestager on this week's Conflict Zone: Brexit, the refugee deal with Turkey, growing nationalism: the EU faces ...

Justice for old crimes in a new Gambia? | DW English

12 час назад

Deposed Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh dealt with criticism by imprisoning detractors or having them killed. Now the newly elected government is facing the ...

#360video: Palace Square in Berchtesgaden

13 час назад

Here is a 360 degree view of the Berchtesgaden Royal Palace! The Bavarian royal family used the former monastery as a hunting lodge after 1818.

Restored tomb of Jesus reopens to fanfare | DW English

13 час назад

Every year pilgrims flock to Jerusalem to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, which the faithful believe houses the tomb of Jesus. Last year it was closed for ...

The man who teaches machines to learn | DW English

17 час назад

Pieter Buteneers writes algorithms for business processes. Computer systems learn and predict the preferences of consumers and anticipate their buying habits.

What is capitalism? | DW English

17 час назад

Endless luxury, private ownership, free trade – they draw many to capitalism. Others criticize maximizing profit and unbridled greed. But how does economic ...

Freshened up: Mazda 3 | DW English

17 час назад

In 2014, the Mazda 3 won an award for its design. Now, it has been given a slight facelift. The new Mazda 3 remains a modern, timeless car.

Sculptures made from melted CDs | DW English

18 час назад

Düsseldorf-based sculptor Matthias Hintz has specialized in CD artworks. He melts old digital media and crafts them into huge sculptures. He likes the idea that ...

Japan and Industry 4.0 | DW English

18 час назад

Travel through the land that leads the world in robotics engineering. We accompany Toshimitsu Kawano. He sells German technology to Japanese firms to ...

A look ahead: VW I.D. | DW English

18 час назад

Volkswagen unveiled the first prototype of a new generation of visionary and highly innovative electric vehicles. It is the first Volkswagen to be based on the ...

Measuring all things - daily efficiency | DW English

18 час назад

Profitable, efficient, cost-effective – these are criteria that drive successful companies. What works in business is now reaching deeper into other spheres of life.

Examine it! Seat Ateca | DW English

18 час назад

Many SUVs never leave dry pavement. So we take the Seat Ateca SUV into the mountains in winter to see what it can do and test its four-wheel drive. For more ...

Mercedes E-Class Coupé unveiled | DW English

19 час назад

The E-Class has traditionally been Mercedes' upper midrange model. Now, Mercedes has unveiled the new E-Class Coupé.

Drive it! from 22.03.2017 | DW English

19 час назад

See what Mercedes has done to set its E-Class Coupé apart - and how Seat's SUV with four-wheel traction can handle ice and snow. And, while VW gives a ...

Vintage: Renault 4 | DW Englisch

19 час назад

With over eight million sales in 31 model years, this boxy little hatchback was and remains the bestselling French-made car in automotive history. It was practical ...

German idioms you'll want to start using now | DW English

22 час назад

Do you "spider" or "talk around the hot porridge"? In German, you can. Meet the Germans host Kate Müser asks bilingual colleague Michael Knigge to explain ...

Martin McGuinness - A life of two halves | DW English

1 дн назад

Northern Ireland's former deputy first minister Martin McGuinness has died aged 66 following a short illness. The one-time Irish Republican Army (IRA) ...

Indian doctor fights to save baby girls | DW English

2 дн назад

Only nine girls are born in India for every 10 boys. A preference for sons has led to high rates of female feticide, and the problem appears to be getting worse.

Africa's tallest tree under threat | DW English

2 дн назад

German researcher Andreas Hemp discovered the 81-meter tree on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro 20 years ago. Now he's fighting to save it from the illegal ...

FBI confirms Russia election probe | DW English

2 дн назад

The United States intelligence community has long expressed the belief that Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election. Now they have confirmed an ...