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Muxes: Mexico’s third gender | DW English

5 час назад

In southern Mexico, a group of people known as 'muxes' are born with male bodies but take on female roles as they grow older. They do not identify as men or ...

Interview - Stephan Mayer: "Heimat" is a complicated term | Interview

7 час назад

Integration is always a two-way matter,” says Stephan Mayer in the DW Interview. “Migrants are welcome if they are refugees or seeking asylum and accept that ...

Daily life in Venezuela's cash-strapped economy | DW English

1 дн назад

In 2018 consumer prices in Venezuela jumped more than 13000 percent over the previous year. The galloping inflation in the oil-rich country has hit both ...

Germans are among biggest Royals fans | DW English

2 дн назад

Diehard fans of the British royal family have been gearing up for the wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Fans in Britain ready for royal wedding | DW English

3 дн назад

Excitement is mounting in the UK ahead of Prince Harry's marriage to Meghan Markle. Crowds are gathering outside Windsor Castle, where the wedding will ...

Trump and the Middle East: Is there a role for Europe? | DW English

3 дн назад

US President Trump is creating facts on the ground in the Middle East, and in so doing, offending allies: He has moved the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to ...

Homeless in Lagos, Nigeria, protest against their fate | DW English

4 дн назад

In Nigeria's commercial capital Lagos, new buildings are always going up – and old ones are demolished, sometimes with little regard for the residents.

Niebler on religion: 'What's wrong with the cross on the wall?' | DW English

4 дн назад

At a time of growing divisions in Europe over religion and migration, DW talks to Angelika Niebler, MEP for Bavaria's Christian Social Union (CSU), about ...

India: Kids on a plane who can only dream of air travel | DW English

5 дн назад

Kids in India experience the frills of flying, without the flight itself, as a retired aviation engineer gives them the experience of being on an airplane, safety checks ...

Nigeria: Benin City task force battles human trafficking | DW English

5 дн назад

Every year thousands of Nigerian women are forced into prostitution with promises of a new life in Europe. Most are transited through Benin City in southern ...

Zero Tolerance: Bangladeshi Islamists wielding machetes | DW English

6 дн назад

In 2015, five liberal bloggers were murdered in Bangladesh. Among them was Avijit Roy. To date, none of his machete-wielding killers have been convicted.

Can France's deradicalization strategy work? | DW English

6 дн назад

60 measures - including isolating prison inmates in special wings - are supposed to prevent further terror attacks. Critics say they focus on repression and ...

Berlin's Görlitzer Park: The park keeper and the drug dealers | DW English

1 нед назад

There's a lot of drug dealing in Berlin's Görlitzer Park — and there are often incidents of violence. The local government can't seem to get the problem under ...

United States moves embassy in Israel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv | DW News

1 нед назад

The move of the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem signals a dramatic shift in US foreign policy that is not without controversy. The status of ...

David Ranan: "Fear is being promoted by politicians.“ | DW English

1 нед назад

"Jews in Germany are doing well, they are listened to," says political scientist David Ranan. Compared to Muslims, they seem to be a preferred minority, he said.

Berlin tackles American crayfish invasion | DW News

1 нед назад

A plague of Louisiana crayfish is affecting the streams and the lakes of the German capital. Biologists think the little critters were abandoned as pets, and since ...

How candidates 'buy' votes in India | DW English

1 нед назад

DW investigates the widespread practice of vote-buying in the run-up to elections in the Indian state of Karnataka. For more news & current affairs: ...

Why are young Jews emigrating to Israel from France? | DW English

1 нед назад

Many young French Jewish people are moving to Israel because of growing anti-Semitism in France. This entails them having to do military service in the Israeli ...

Karl Marx statue in Trier triggers debate in Germany | DW English

1 нед назад

Read more:http://www.dw.com/en/karl-marx-statue-unveiled-in-trier-for-200-anniversary-celebrations/a-43674334 China's donation of a bronze statue of Karl ...

Macron: 'The status quo in Europe is bad for everybody' | DW English

2 нед назад

French President Emmanuel Macron was jointly interviewed by ARD Tagesthemen and Deutsche Welle. Speaking to Caren Miosga and Max Hofmann, Macron ...

'Armenia wants to become a more democratic country' | DW English

2 нед назад

"Armenia is in a situation where it's better to have any Prime Minister and any government than [none] at all," Republican Party Vice President Armen Ashotyan ...