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Big political moments of this year and predictions for 2018

1 дн назад

Was the General Election a mistake? Who have been the winners and losers of 2017? Will Donald Trump visit the UK? Labour's Rupa Huq, Joanna Cherry for the SNP and Tory MP Oliver Dowden take...

Barry Gardiner: Close alignment with the EU is "necessary"

1 дн назад

With Brexit talks set to enter phase two, trade is soon to be the focus of negotiations. But what kind of trade deal do we want? Shadow International Trade Secretary Barry Gardiner says it's...

Brandon Lewis: May is the "perfect" person to lead Brexit talks

1 дн назад

Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis says Theresa May has shown that she can get the "right" Brexit deal for the UK and argues she is the "perfect" person to lead the exit negotiations. SUBSCRIBE...

Watchdog warning over 4G blackspots

2 дн назад

The communications watchdog is warning that rural populations are being left behind because vast swathes of the countryside are 4G blackspots.

Swipe | Hotels of the future & Mumsnet's founder

3 дн назад

Hotels are getting smarter. Reporter Kit Bradshaw checks into one where the concierge is a chatbot and the staff use earbuds to translate your requests into 27 languages. Meanwhile, as Mumsnet...

The Take: Why does Iran hate the UK?

4 дн назад

Sky Dominic Waghorn has a look at the treacherous relationship between Iran and the UK. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: http://www.youtube.com/skynews Follow us on Twitter:...

The Chair of the N. Ireland Affairs Select Committee on Bombardier

5 дн назад

MPs on the Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee have accused Boeing of acting 'spitefully' and seeking to 'punish' Bombardier in a trade dispute, which threatens hundreds of jobs in Belfast....

MS-13: Violent gang targeting US suburbia

5 дн назад

Long Island is home to some of the most expensive real estate in America. It is also a stronghold for one of the world's most dangerous gangs. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos:...

Grenfell Tower public inquiry - procedural hearing - day two

6 дн назад

Day two of a procedural hearing, as part of the first stage of the Grenfell Tower public inquiry. It will provide information about its intended time-frame and structure. Many of the bereaved...

Sky News Library Sales - A Year In Pictures 2017

6 дн назад

A compilation of 2017's top news stories. For more details contact libsales@sky.uk SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: http://www.youtube.com/skynews Follow us on Twitter:...

Syria's forgotten children: Two in a million

6 дн назад

Our senior correspondent Lisa Holland has met two child refugees in Greece in need of specialist medical help. She's followed their families attempts to get them the treatment they need -...

One of the 'Chennai Six' on his time in prison

7 дн назад

Nick Dunn, a former British soldier held in an Indian jail for four years, speaks to Kay Burley about his time in prison and what it's like to be free SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for...

Trump "lit the matches in a tinderbox" over Jerusalem

1 нед назад

President Trump has "lit the matches in a tinderbox" with his Jerusalem decision, says Shami Chakrabarti.

Peter Bone: Britain shouldn't pay £39bn Brexit bill

1 нед назад

Tory Brexiteer Peter Bone says he expects there will be no proper trade deal and the UK should be ready to say "we're going to come out... we're not going to give you that £39bn and we're...

James Brokenshire: Two proposals to secure a frictionless border

1 нед назад

Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire says he "doesn't accept" that the Good Friday Agreement is preventing the UK from getting the Brexit it voted for.

May and Juncker on Brexit negotiations

1 нед назад

The UK and the EU have reached a draft agreement on the first phase of Brexit talks after a long night of talks. Prime Minister Theresa May and President of the European Commission Jean-Claude...

Economist Linda Yueh says IMF's warning on China's level of debt "should be heeded"

2 нед назад

As the International Monetary Fund issues a warning about China's level of debt, Economist Linda Yueh explains to Sky's Ian King why this particular warning "should be heeded" SUBSCRIBE to...

Swipe | Fnatic eSports & pelvic floor training

2 нед назад

We meet Sam Mathews, the entrepreneur behind one of the most recognised eSports teams in the world - Fnatic. Reporter Chris Creegan picks his brains about everything from putting the team...

Sky's Ian King explores what companies do with surplus stock

2 нед назад

What do companies do with the stock they can't sell? It can sit in an unwanted warehouse if it's not perishable, or it can be sold to a discount retailer. In the worst case scenario it ends...

Liberty House Exec Chairman says firm "sees plenty of opportunities" ahead of Brexit

2 нед назад

Executive Chairman and Founder of Liberty House group Sanjeev Gupta tells Sky's Ian King he sees "plenty of opportunities" ahead of Brexit but Britain's skills base needs to be invested in....

Analyst says GVC's potential takeover of Ladbrokes would help firm diversify

2 нед назад

Senior market analyst at ETX capital tells Sky's Ian King GVC's potential takeover of Ladbrokes Coral would help the firm diversify its products. High street bookmaker Ladbrokes Coral reopened...