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Earthquake Egypt, M4.0 - M3.3 Build Collapse, Injuries Reported

32 мин назад

The quake was registered at 8pm and its epicenter was 40 kilometers northwest of Suez. The quake was not felt by the majority of the population,(?) as it has to ...

Yellowstone Volcano Update 3-25-17 Small Earthquakes, Magma Chamber Still Recharging

1 час назад

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Breaking!, Plane Crash Kennesaw, Ga

18 час назад

Just happened about 10-15 minuets ago, Small plane, can hold 6-8 people.

Vitamin C breakthrough discovery: Low cost, 1000% more effective than cancer drug

19 час назад

An exciting medical breakthrough published in the science journal Oncotarget has discovered the astonishing ability of concentrated vitamin C to halt the growth ...

Proof! Government, Globalist Now Targeting News From Non-Sanctioned Websites

20 час назад

Verizon said it discovered its ads were appearing on “non-sanctioned websites,” and that it takes “careful measures to ensure our brand is not impacted ...

What the Hell Did Devin Nunes Just Say About Trump and Surveillance? Obama Ordered Wiretap

3 дн назад

First, I recently confirmed that on numerous occasions, the intelligence community incidentally collected information about U.S. citizens involved in the Trump ...

Hackers threaten to wipe 200- 600 million iCloud accounts unless Apple pays ransom

3 дн назад

While the demands seem both outlandish and alarming, Motherboard confirms it has seen screenshots of emails appearing to be communications between the ...

Democratic operatives worked with convicted terrorist to “investigate” Donald Trump

3 дн назад

A former official with the Democratic National Committee has worked throughout the last few months with a convicted domestic terrorist to gather and spread ...

Terrorist attack Assailant shot, at least 12 injured at UK parliament

3 дн назад

LONDON: A major security alert is under way at the Houses of Parliament after a man was shot by police as he tried to gain entry to the Palace of Westminster, ...

BREAKING, - Shooting reported near British parliament in London

3 дн назад

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Earthquake Oklahoma M4.0, did you feel it?

3 дн назад


Yellowstone Volcano 3-21-2107 Madison River Drumbeats, Magma Intrusion Into System

4 дн назад

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Secret Service Agent Who ‘Wouldn’t Take a Bullet’ for Trump Loses Top Job

4 дн назад

Kerry O'Grady was suspended from her job as agent in charge of the Secret Service's Denver office last October when she wrote on her Facebook page that ...

Disney Pays $3.8M for Violating Minimum Wage Rules

5 дн назад

The division also says Disney didn't pay workers for duties performed before their shifts started and after their shifts ended. The department's Wage and Hour ...

Chuck Berry, Father of Rock & Roll, Dies at 90 In Missouri

7 дн назад

Revolutionary blues singer Chuck Berry, often referred to as the “poet laureate” and “father” of rock 'n' roll, died Saturday, police in Missouri said. He was 90.

Israeli Air Force Strikes Targets in Syria; Assad Forces Threaten ‘Direct’ Retaliation

1 нед назад

Israeli warplanes struck several targets in Syria, the IDF said early Friday, an attack that led to sirens and sounds of explosions in Israel in the middle of the night.

Radio Talk Show Host Michael Savage Attacked At San Francisco Restaurant

1 нед назад

TMZ reports the attack was likely related to Savage's strong support for President Donald Trump. The incident took place at the Servino Ristorante in Tiburon ...

Important Yellowstone Volcano Info. The Countdown Has Started, How Many Years To Eruption?

2 нед назад

When did the clock start? They won't tell us when the magma started moving horizontally. It has traveled out 50-55 miles from the caldera. You have according to ...

List: Malware found preinstalled on millions of Android phones used by 2 companies

2 нед назад

http://marygreeley.com/?p=49950 Galaxy Note 2 LG G4 Galaxy S7 Galaxy S4 Galaxy Note 4 Galaxy Note 5 Galaxy Note 8 Xiaomi Mi 4i Galaxy A5 ZTE x500 ...