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Yellowstone Volcano Report Jan 18 Yellowstone Lake and Norris Junction Activity

3 час назад

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Heads Up - $52M Refund for Those Who Bought Milk in 15 States, DC

11 час назад

January 17, 2017 – Anyone who purchased milk from a grocery store in 15 states or the District of Columbia in the last 14 years can claim part of a more-than ...

Investigators Claim Exploding iPhone 6s Caused Egypt Airline Flight MS804 Crash That Killed 66

13 час назад

January 18, 2017 – French investigators think the batteries in a co-pilot's iPad mini 4 or iPhone 6s may have caused the mysterious crash of EgyptAir flight ...

Italy Earthquake Upgraded to M5.7 and 6 and One Half Ft. Of Snow, Avalanche Fears

13 час назад

Avalanche fears in the Marche, 13:00: In the mountainous Marche region, the Civil Protection Agency has issued an avalanche warning due to the combination ...

Iran Move Indicates It’s Seeking Breakout Capability

14 час назад

January 18, 2017 – Olli Heinonen, former deputy director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, revealed last week that Iran is importing yellowcake ...

Important! Facebook rolls out fake news filter in Germany

2 дн назад

January 16, 2017 – Facebook will begin rolling out its fake news filter in Germany, The Financial Times reports, where lawmakers have expressed growing ...

Last Man On The Moon: Apollo astronaut Gene Cernan has passed away

2 дн назад

January 16, 2017 – Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the Moon, has died at the age of 82, according to NASA. He was a veteran of three spaceflights: as the ...

Pakistan Woman sentenced to death for burning daughter alive in ‘honor killing’

2 дн назад

January 16, 2017 – LAHORE: A court sentenced a woman to death on Monday for burning her daughter alive as punishment for marrying without the family's ...

Iran fires anti aircraft cannons at media drone

2 дн назад

January 16, 2017 – Iranian authorities said they fired anti-aircraft cannons at a media drone flying over Tehran University on Monday, local media reported.

Earthquake M4.2 Off Puerto Rico

3 дн назад

Past history of this area has had large earthquakes. If One happen today there would be a great loss of life. Liquefaction and tsunami. More structures and ...

M3.7 M3.6 More San Andreas Fault Mexice Border Earthquakes USGS Didn't Report

3 дн назад

http://www.ssn.unam.mx/sismicidad/ultimos/ Thank you to those help support my work. If You too wish to help send your donations to PayPal secure website ...


3 дн назад

They have now upgraded this earthquake to a M4.2 and USGS still not reporting. http://marygreeley.com/?page_id=44535.

Oregon: After historic snow, flooding could threaten Portland next week

3 дн назад

January 15, 2017 – PORTLAND, Ore. — After a foot of snow fell in the Portland metro area, temperatures are expected to stay fairly cold over the weekend, ...

On Alert: Top Notch S 400 System in Crimea Achieves Full Operational Readiness

4 дн назад

January 15, 2017 – The S-400 Triumf missile system deployed to enhance Crimea's air defenses is fully ready to carry out combat tasks, military analyst Mikhail ...

The Two Sticks, Prophecy: Palestinian President meets with Pope

4 дн назад

January 14, 2017 – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has inaugurated the Palestinian Embassy in the Vatican and held a meeting with Pope Francis.

Oregon Roof collapses at school, and businesses from heavy snow, more coming

4 дн назад

January 14, 2017 – The roof has collapsed over the gym at the Highland Magnet at Kenwood School in Bend, prompting Bend-La Pine Schools to cancel ...

No Sound: Yellowstone Buffalo At Old Faithful, One And One Half Hour

5 дн назад

This is the live camera at Old Faithful, they have NO Sound. Beautiful relaxing view of the Buffalo at Old Faithful in the white snow. Later they climb across one of ...

Earthquake M3.2 Yellowstone Caldera, Increase in Activity

5 дн назад

Earthquakes are increasing around the world. M 5.6 - MOLUCCA SEA - 2017-01-14 11:41:22 UTC If Yellowstone goes off it will change the world. Ash could fall ...

Girl stolen at birth from Florida hospital found ALIVE at 18 in South Carolina

5 дн назад

January 13, 2017 – JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- A baby girl kidnapped from a Jacksonville hospital hours after her birth has been found alive and well, 18 years later, ...

Flight 666 lands in HEL on Friday the 13th

5 дн назад

Was the Devil the pilot ? January 13, 2017 – In a bizarre Friday-the-13th coincidence, a flight bearing the number of the beast went straight to HEL today.

China posts worst export fall since 2009 as fears of U S trade war loom

5 дн назад

Thank you to those who help support the many hours of work I do. Please help with a secure PayPal donation to marygreeley54@gmail.com January 13, 2017 ...