Gabor Zolna

CIA Director, John Brennan Exposed!

11 мин назад

Please open, the three links below, learn more about our CIA Director John Brennan. https://youtu.be/LVI_kNH2Hl8 ...

Congressman John Lewis, Exposed!

21 мин назад

Please open the two links attached below. http://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2017/01/former-black-panther-mason-weaver-slams-rep-john-lewis-2876457.html ...

Gabor Zolna's, January 2017, Mid-Term Report Card!

58 мин назад

I greatly appreciate people from all over the world taking the time to view, and to comment on many of my video postings. The channel will, at it's present rate of ...

Laura Ingraham, Contemplating A Run For US Senate!

1 час назад

Please open, and read the article attached in the link below.

CIA Director John Brennan Caught Lying Again!

1 час назад

Please open, and read the article posted back on July 31, 2014, some thing seem to never change. The other link attached is worth viewing as well.

Al Sharpton,"No Question Trumps Election Was Illegitimate"!

2 час назад

Please open, and read the article, and watch the imbedded video posted in the link below.

Sometimes The Truth Hurts!

6 час назад

Please open, and watch the video attached in the link below. That video needs to go viral, people need to wake up, and learn the truth about our evil ...

Government Is Not Reason, It's Force!

7 час назад

Please watch this video attached in the link below, if you agree, please pass it along to your like minded friends. https://youtu.be/z3AaLOMIxWE.

You Biker's Know What I Am Talking About!

18 час назад

Harley's heading to DC in support of Donald Trumps inauguration, on January 20, 2017. Bobby Wood's 590 Gear Driven Cams, Screaming Eagle High ...

Gabe's, Smith & Wesson"500"!

19 час назад

I plan on having a 2.5x8x32 Leupold silver gun scope installed on the weapon, it should make a rather interesting looking weapon.

What If The South African Is Right?

19 час назад

A subscriber from South Africa took the time to write, and send me what he did, I hope you take the time to listen to what he wrote.

Will Donald Revamp The Press Corp?

20 час назад

The Press Corp is all up in arms at the speculation of what might soon happen.

If You Don't Like It, Bye, Bye!

21 час назад

I do the best that I can, and if you don't like what I do, find another channel that is more in-line with your twisted way of thinking.

Martin O'Malley Ties Trump, And Supporter's To Nazi's, And KKK!

21 час назад

Please open, and read the entire article attached in the link below.

Allan, Please Go Get Some Professional Mental Health Help!

21 час назад

It truly is amazing how many people are in desperate need of professional mental health help, it certainly appears that Allan is one of them.

Donald Will Soon Shut Down Obamacare!

21 час назад

Donald is also going to go after the insurance companies, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Five Dead, Nine Wounded In Playa del Carmen, Mexico!

23 час назад

Please open, and read the article attached in the link below.

USPSA, First Event Death Ever!

1 дн назад

Please open, and read the article attached in the link below. http://m.pe.com/articles/shooting-823227-left-area.html.

Obama Fired Major General Schwartz At 12:01, On 01/20/17?

1 дн назад

Please open, and watch the video attached in the link below. https://youtu.be/6quFfUj2boU.

DNC War Room, In High Gear!

2 дн назад

The Democratic Party is constantly looking for donations, the question is what for, the Democratic Party is in tatters.

I Can't Expect To Please Everyone!

2 дн назад

Sadly, few American's want to learn the truth, pretty much about anything, and everything.