The World In Which We Have Become - Not Kid Friendly

1 час назад

This hit home seeing where we are today. Does anyone deny this has happened?

End Times Headline News - September 20th, 2017

18 час назад

Do you see the signs? Do you see the world closing in around us? Do you see 9 million acres of the United States west coast on fire? What about the heartland ...

End Times Headline News - September 19th, 2017

1 дн назад

We are back! Folks, I have been under a major satanic attack all the way to posting this. Unreal evil and wickedness almost stopped this from ever happening ...

What Is It About 2017?

4 дн назад

Is this a world of calm or is the world feeling birthing pains. Is this a world of God seeking people or a world who doesnt know the name of their God, YHWH.

Abby The Spoon Lady

4 дн назад

Somehow I just ran across this which is strange because I don't listen to music all that often. But this just goes to show you, anyone can make a joyful noise.

Bitcoin (BTC) versus U.S. Dollar (USD)

5 дн назад

Why is Bitcoin the new thing that everyone is getting into? Why now? Well because your everyday savings accounts don't make you a dime. This video is a great ...

Dr. Judy Wood - The 9/11 Jumpers

5 дн назад

Why does nothing...absolutely nothing add up about 9/11. Here are another 2 minutes that will leave you wondering.

9/11 2017 - 16 Years Later...

1 нед назад

Look at where we are at.

Richard Branson's House Destroyed by Hurricane Irma

1 нед назад

The pictures coming in are incredible. Whats happened leaves you in unbelief. This was Richard Bransons' Island home that was directly in the path of Irma.

Why It Matters If We Are A Flat or Round Earth

2 нед назад

Who cares right? What difference does it make? It makes a huge difference. Most people think God is a million miles away. What if He is right above us looking in ...

The Charlottesville Hoax Files - What Blood?

3 нед назад

Nothing with Charlottesville ads up. In fact it's quite the opposite. It appears we have been played like usual. Unreal world anymore.

End Times Headline News - Temporarily Suspended

4 нед назад

As I was doing news last night, my video editing Android took it's last breath. I am heartbroken and disheartened. The second I have some funds that are free, ...

Happy Sabbath Eve & Sabbath Brothers and Sisters!

4 нед назад

We made it. Its another day of rest. Dont forget to say thank you! Much love to you all!

End Times Headline News - August 25th, 2017

4 нед назад

Terrible news day. I hate being the bearer of bad news, but its grim. News from across the world as it applies to us in these end days Be ye ready!

End Times Headline News - August 24th, 2017

4 нед назад

Folks there is way to much news to skip days. In the Bronx we have a man in his 20s beating and raping a 74 year old woman. You see him and then you see ...

Who Is Charlottesvilles' Heather Heyer?

4 нед назад

As this event is reviewed, more and more of this story is looking like another staged operation. Yes folks, I do believe we got snookered again.

End Times Headline News - August 23rd, 2017

4 нед назад

Its to wild not to do news daily. After today I will go back to the normal grind. News from across the world as it applies to us in these end days. Be ye ready.

End Times Headline News - Monday Edition - August 21st, 2017

1 мес назад

The first half of the 'taw' which is an X went from West to East. In 7 years the other cross will go from East to the West with another solar eclipse. Anyone looking ...

End Times Headline News - Weekend Edition - Saturday, August 19th, 2017

1 мес назад

Folks we dont have long...they are doing great evil with DNA...so evil times a tickin'. Its a countdown to the return. News from across the world as it applies to us ...

End Times Headline News - August 18th, 2017

1 мес назад

Now we have adults giving their mentally retarded patients meth and then raping them. It never stops...ever. News from across the world as it applies to us in ...

End Times Headline News - August 17th, 2017

1 мес назад

Kids being tortured in a house, rapists and murderers rampant, wild days and more wild nights. News from across the world as it applies to us in these end times.