PROOF! Chemtrails Are Killing Us.

15 час назад

Now we have proof...what are we gonna do about it? Why wont Trump stop the sky hijackers? This stuff kills us.

A Quick Little Drive In Panama City, Panama

17 час назад

I had no intent of filming today but just in case someone is interested in a quick glance at Panama City, well here you go. Sorry its a bit herky...it was on the fly as ...

End Times Headline News - April 24th, 2017

1 дн назад

How long will society fall away from God? How long will YHWH allow His name to be mocked? How long will evil prevail? Those are questions only time will tell, ...

The Power Of Your Words

1 дн назад

You can bring life and destroy life simply by the words you use. Why this is important comes from the teachings of Jim Staley.

End Times Headline News - April 23rd, 2017

2 дн назад

Transgenders are now in the headlines day after day. Wickedness is prevailing. The kingdom of satan is here. News from across the world as it applies to us in ...

ABOMINATION! Society's of the World Have Fallen.

3 дн назад

It is ha satans world. When he told Jesus if He would bow to him, He could have the kingdoms of this world. Lucifer has them now and society is being judged.

End Times Headline News - April 22, 2017

3 дн назад

Folks we are across lines and people have really lost it. Demons are in control and they have people out of control. Its that simple. Are you fighting demons.

What Really Happens When You Die?

4 дн назад

Straight from the Bible. Are we judged immediately, are we asleep, where do we to? Jim Staley helps us answer these questions using the Bible.

End Times Headline News - April 21st, 2017

4 дн назад

Wicked wicked generation. Mocking YHWH will not be unjudged. Its out of control. These are you news from around the world as it applies to us in the end times.

End Times Headline News - April 20th, 2017

5 дн назад

Its a wicked wild day for news. These are your headlines from across the world as it applies to us in these end times. Be ye ready. No more ads. Want to help buy ...

End Times Headline News - April 19, 2017

6 дн назад

News is late because today was a High Sabbath and final day of the feast of Passover. Leven is back in! Over 21000 wrongful convictions are being overturned.

End Times Headline News - April 18, 2017

7 дн назад

Brothers and sisters when there are alter egos controlling people we are in a late hour. Realize the evil manifesting around us and the escalation of wars and ...

End Of The Age - What is the Millennial Kingdom

1 нед назад

Wondering what the end of the age will look like? Teacher Jim Staley shows us from the Bible what we have to look forward to.

End Times Headline News - April 17th, 2017

1 нед назад

It doesnt get any clearer than wars all around us, senseless violence, famines everywhere, mass animal die offs all over. Will it stop? Nope..its just gonna ...

End Times Headline News - April 16th, 2017

1 нед назад

News from around the world as it happens day after day. The end of the era is upon us. Wheat or tares...who will you choose to serve. God or ha satan? The path ...

Does Star Wars, Video Games, or The Gospel Excite You?

1 нед назад

Moshe talks about todays world and how people are more excited about Star Wars than the Gospel. What videos games are you living in? Are you advancing ...

End Times Headline News - Civil War Is Coming - NOT KID FRIENDLY

1 нед назад

There is no way to edit this. This is the rest of the story... NOT KID FRIENDLY!!!!! Guys its not looking good. Look at the signs of the times. Look at hell breaking ...

SICK WORLD! Doves New Soap Commercial

1 нед назад

We are past any points of return when you have a major corporation running videos like this. This is not about moms, this is about pushing the transgender roles ...

End Times Headline News - April 15, 2017

1 нед назад

Folks things are rocking and rolling. Look at the shaking earthquake count. Things are getting wild. Lawlessness is abounding. News from the across the 4 ...

End Times Headline News - April 14th, 2017

2 нед назад

Its close folks. We are heading into some dramatic times. These are your news headlines from around the world. Can you honestly say you are ready? Have you ...

End Times Headline News - April 12, 2017

2 нед назад

Just another day is a world of wars and rumors therein. Senseless violence and perverse sexual acts. Little babies tortured and murdered. It never ends and its ...