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Full Show - Exclusive: Roger Stone Poison With Radioactive Polonium - 01/17/2016

21 час назад

On this Tuesday, Jan. 17th 2017 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we look into the elites' latest attempts to undermine incoming President Trump, including ...

The Globalists Panic At Davos

22 час назад

The foreign banker backed globalist machine constructed by the military industrial complex, lead by Manchurian candidate puppets, and falsely legitimized by ...

Who Tried To Kill Roger Stone?

23 час назад

Trump ally Roger Stone says the upper levels of U.S. intelligence agencies are corrupt to the core and they will do anything to stop President Elect Donald ...

James Okeefe Exposes Leftist Terror Threats

23 час назад

Investigative reporter James O'Keefe reveals his latest project which exposes more plots by the left to disrupt Donald Trump's inauguration. Follow David on ...

Donald Trump's Greatest Enemies: His Own Party

23 час назад

Donald Trump has no shortage of enemies who want to try and stop him, but perhaps his most dangerous enemies are the ones who are allegedly on his side.

Maxine Waters Claims Putin Giving Direct Orders To Trump

23 час назад

The left has reached new levels of insanity, going so far as to claim that Donald Trump receives direct orders from Vladimir Putin. © The Alex Jones Show ...

Amazing: Modern Sports Created To Arrest Development Of Men

23 час назад

Alex Jones exposes the globalist plan to keep the modern male in a state of arrested development and unable to care about anything that matters. © The Alex ...

Exclusive: Trump Operative Roger Stone Survives Assassination Attempt

23 час назад

After numerous tests it has been decided on by the doctors he has seen that Roger Stone was poisoned with the chemical element Polonium-210 © The Alex ...

NBC Thugs Beat Anti Clinton Protestor With Rape T-Shirt

24 час назад

The left has over and over again shown themselves to be loving and tolerant and what better way to showcase how loving they are than by beating people who ...

Democratic Operatives Caught Planing Terror Attack On Inauguration Day

24 час назад

The left is still unwilling to accept Donald Trump as President and are planning all kinds of dirty tricks to try and derail his inauguration. © The Alex Jones Show ...

Roger Stone: John Lewis Should Apologize To Transformational President Donald Trump

24 час назад

John Lewis has been race baiting and perpetuating the Russian hack lie in an attempt to discredit President Donald Trump. Roger Stone has some choice ...

Putin Bitch Slaps US Press, Says They're Worse Than Hookers

1 дн назад

The Alex Jones Show Copyright 1995- 2016 All Rights Reserved. Credit to videezy for backgrounds. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're ...

Video: Al Sharpton Confronted By Black Activists

1 дн назад

'The Reverend' was confronted by black activists in Baltimore when he went there to give a speech, he was not welcomed kindly.

BREAKING: Allred Lawsuit, Press Conference Against Trump

1 дн назад

via YouTube Capture.

Help Wanted: Ads Appear For Thugs To Disrupt Trump Inauguration

1 дн назад

Ads appear across the USA offering 2500 dollars to create chaos in DC.

MLK Day: Remember Who Heroes & Villains Were

1 дн назад

Today is MLK day, which is why partisan hacks like Chuck Todd & John Lewis picked a twitter war with Trump over the weekend. Bernie Sanders is rising above ...

Leftist Plan Terror Attacks For Inauguration

2 дн назад

Donald J. Trump will assume the presidency this week, as the left plots to create chaos and disruption. Learn more: SHOCK VIDEO: LEFTISTS PLAN TO GAS ...

Full Show - Liberal Protestors Plan Inauguration Protest ‘With A Bang’ - 01/16/2017

2 дн назад

On this Monday, January 16th 2016 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we explain why this is one of the most pivotal weeks in American history, as Donald Trump's ...

Trump Coup Maximum Moment Of Crisis

2 дн назад

Alex breaks down the growing danger of a Trump coup spearheaded by John McCain and MI6 before Friday's Inauguration Ceremony. © The Alex Jones Show ...

Deep State To Create National Emergency To Supplant Trump

2 дн назад

Alex breaks down the impending usage of continuity of government operations to supplant Trump's inauguration. The media is war gaming steps to react to a ...

What To Expect During Trump's Historic Inauguration

2 дн назад

Lee Ann McAdoo and Owen Shroyer break down what the elite and the left are planning for Trump's inauguration and what you can expect from Trump himself.