North Texas Democrats Inspired By Trump To Fight Back

42 мин назад

The group is using the Tea Party's model in trying to make a difference.

DISD Educators Showing Support For Immigrant Students

46 мин назад

There are thousands of students in North Texas the status of illegal as a part of their life. Schoolsare trying to reassure them that the school is a safe place.

J.C. Penney To Close Between 130 And 140 Stores

1 час назад

The latest casualty of the retail wars was just named: north-Texas based JC Penney.

Caliber Collision Hosts Dallas Cowboys Military Combine Finals

1 час назад

On Saturday AT&T Stadium in Arlington will welcome the first ever Military Combine sponsored by Caliber Collision.

North Texas Pastor Talks Of Going Viral With Biscuit Bit

19 час назад

Pastor Fred Thomas decided he would sing a song about Whataburger's Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit.

Transgender Wrestler Competes In State Tournament

19 час назад

A trans teen from Euless hits the wrestling mat in pursuit of a stat championship Friday.

Phase One Of I-35E Facelift To Be Done Soon

20 час назад

It's been 60 years since 35-E has had a complete facelift.

'Cornbread Hustle' Helps Felons Transition Into Legit Entrepreneurs

20 час назад

It's the new legitimate and legal way for former drug dealers to sell bags of powder.

DISD Board Passes 'Welcoming And Protective' Resolution

20 час назад

The Dallas ISD school board passed a resolution Thursday night regarding "welcoming and protective" schools.

DISD Could Vote On Reducing Suspensions

23 час назад

Parents gathered with signs outside the administration building Thursday evening.

Transgender High School Student In North Texas Concerned About 'Bathroom Bill'

23 час назад

Garland High student, Alex Pettigrew, says he just wants to be able to use the bathroom in peace.

High Protein Diet Trend Won’t Dip The Scales

1 дн назад

High protein diets may increase your gains, but it won't necessarily decrease your weight.

Tulips Are Already Blooming In Texas

1 дн назад

Thanks to the warm weather, a tulip farm in Pilot Point is already seeing some beautiful flowers.

Improvements Coming To Stop Six Neighborhood

1 дн назад

Fort Worth's Stop Six neighborhood is being redeveloped.

Dallas PD Focusing On Brain Health For Officers

1 дн назад

DPD 'Brain Training' will have officers work mental muscles as well.

John Wiley Price Trial Officially Underway

1 дн назад

Jurors heard the indictment against JWP today in court.

Tulip Farm Flourishes In Pilot Point

1 дн назад

A flower farm is flourishing this February thanks to our unseasonably warm weather.

DART Pulled Into Dallas Police And Fire Pension Debate

1 дн назад

Dallas police and firefighters are now looking to Dallas Area Rapid Transit's budget to help get their failing pension system back on track.

DACA Student Spent Night In Richardson Jail On Immigration Hold

2 дн назад

A North Texas student and DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, recipient found himself in the middle of escalating immigration questions.

Is Your Dog A Genius (As Far As Dogs Go)?

2 дн назад

Some dog owners really want to be able to say their dog is smart. And it turns out; prestigious schools are now studying dog intelligence.

Texas To Begin Accepting Applications To Dispense Medical Marijuana

2 дн назад

One town in North Texas is hoping to benefit, even though getting a license won't be easy.