Escape the School Bus : The Hacker’s Challenge! Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint

3 дн назад

Help Us Stop the Hacker! ▷ Watch Vy's video - https://youtu.be/R8b1bF44qT0 ▷ Watch Chad's video - https://youtu.be/zru-YvR2SHw Marmars! Marlin Chan has ...

Escape Abandoned Bus! Chad Wild Clay And Vy Qwaint before Video!

5 дн назад

You will not believe the epic fun and adventure Marlin has in this Abandoned school bus Marmars! I spent 24 hours in this secret empty school bus with my ...

SAVAGE School Bus Hacks Do Not Try!

6 дн назад

DO NOT TRY THESE!!! Have you ever been bored in school or the school bus? Try these dope back to school hacks and DIY where you can make your own ...

Exploding a Watermelon with Chad Wild Clay Stephen Sharer Papa Jake Carter & Liz Vy Qwaint

2 нед назад

This Exploding Watermelon Challenge was so epic with my Youtuber friends Papa Jake, Chad Wild clay, Stephen Sharer, Vy Qwaint, Carter Sharer, Lizzy ...

I Found an Iphone, Money, and Gucci Underwater in Sharer Pond!!

2 нед назад

Marmars! Join me, Marlin Chan on a an epic adventure where I dive into the Sharer's pond to find lost and hidden treasure deep under water. There could be ...

Can I One Handed Giant WaterSlide?!!!

3 нед назад

Marlin hangs out at Stephen Sharer, Carter Sharer, Lizzie Sharer's house and goes down the World's Largest, World's Biggest, World's Tallest waterslide!

24 hours Outdoor Survival

3 нед назад

Marmar, marlin. Takes on the 24hr abandoned forest challenge like his friend stephen sharer. He spends 24 hours surviving the forest. he wishes he brough this ...

24 Hours Alien Hunt!

4 нед назад

Marlin Chan, cousin of Roi Guava Juice, goes on his own adventure into a creepy abandoned forest for 24 hours! Will he survive this 24 hour challenge?

The LAST $5 Weird Toys R Us Toy Hunt EVER!

1 мес назад

All Toys R us toystores are closed FOREVER. This will be the last and final $5 dollar weird toys video. Now these epic stores are all abandoned in the U.S. I was ...

Final 3AM in Abandoned Toys R Us *24 Hours Challenge*

1 мес назад

Today I (Marlin) explore the inside of an abandoned secret Toys R' Us! It was awesome. The store was empty and cool. I secretly snuck into the final Toys R' Us ...

I Spent 24 Hours in Abandoned Toys R Us *Secret Footage*!

1 мес назад

Marlin explores secretly the last toys r us ever. He spends 24 hours Challenge inside abandoned toys r us. this is the final toys r us video ever. This is the final ...

Mystery Wheel Of Slime Switch-Up Challenge!!! Ft. Guava Juice (Roi)

2 мес назад

Slime Switch-Up with a twist! Who made a better slime? Comment dwn below if Marlin or Roi did a better Slime. We try the mystery wheel of slime switch up ...


2 мес назад

LIMITED 3AM MERCH RUNNING OUT SOON!! BUY NOW: https://crowdmade.com/collections/marlin Dropping a water melon and iphone x this drop test ...

Exploring Abandoned Apartment!!

2 мес назад

I (Marlin) Explore abandoned Haunted apartment not at 3am scary family friendly abandoned place ghost slime chicken wing and more. this is not a prank ...


2 мес назад

I (Marlin) Make a Giant Hot cheetos Squishy kinda like Karina Garcias Worlds largest squishy. its large satisfying giant squishy the worlds largest hot cheetos ...

DONT Water Slide Through The Wrong Mystery Box!!

2 мес назад

Help Us Stop the Hacker! ▷ Watch Vy's video - https://youtu.be/ElEA7MwT66E ▷ Watch Chad's video - https://youtu.be/MQtpIX2KyHo LIMITED EDITION 3AM ...

I Found Haunted Ebay Mystery Box $600!! 3AM!

2 мес назад

Marlin Trys a 3am eBay mystery box. It is very mysterious and shows up at 3am! he is not challeging his cousin roi to slime battle, pankcake art. but this video is ...


2 мес назад

I (Marlin) Surprise my cousin (Guava Juice) With Karina Garcias Worlds largest Giant Squishy. I Made This Squishy like My Giant avocado, Pizza, Watermelon, ...

Instagram Followers Control My Prank On Guava Juice

3 мес назад

Today I (Marlin) Let Instagram Followers control my life prank. Today instagram users will make the prank spicy, sour, sweet, fun, family friendly. I also use no ...


3 мес назад

Only brushing my teeth with chocolate for 30 days. you can do anything for 30 days so i try to, brush my teeth with candy chocolate for 30 days straight. it was ...


3 мес назад

SHOUT OUT TO KARINA check her channel here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYpnlbQkH5g&t=53sI FOLLOWED HER DIY CAUSE IT WAS DOPE!