TP Clips 8

McCaskill Mnuchin

2 дн назад


3 дн назад

Senate Finance Committee confirmation hearing 1/19/17.

Pruitt cites Mahard Egg Case

3 дн назад

Rep. Tom Price Says Everyone Will Be Insured, Won't Say How

4 дн назад

During his confirmation hearing as Donald Trump's nominee to head the Department of Health and Human Services, Rep. Price insisted Republicans had a plan ...

U.S. Senate Pruitt on lead

4 дн назад

Betsy DeVos on Title IX

4 дн назад

Senator Bob Casey (D-Penn) asks Betsy DeVos whether she would uphold the 2011 Title IX guidance as it relates to sexual assault if she is confirmed as ...

U.S. House of Representatives Legislative Business

4 дн назад

Betsy DeVos won't commit to keeping education public.