In Movie Review TV (Episode 29), Aldwyn Altuney & Michael Thompson review The Merger.
This unique 2018 Australian comedy/drama film is based on comedian Damian Callinan's critically acclaimed solo show of the same name.
The film explores the decline of a cash-strapped Aussie Rules rural footy club and the recruitment of refugees to keep the club viable.
It was filmed in Wagga Wagga and stars Damian Callinan as Troy Carrington, John Howard as Bull Barlow and Kate Mulvany as Angie Barlow.
Movie Review TV is an online TV show where Gold Coast film industry experts Michael Thompson and Aldwyn Altuney review all sorts of movies. This is a fun show where we give our opinions on movies we have seen over a red wine or two. That’s why the show is also known as Red Wine Reviews.
Now that At the Movies with Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton ended on ABC TV in Australia in 2014, we think it’s time another show came out sharing a male and female perspective on movies.
We hope you enjoy our banter.
Michael Thompson is a Gold Coast actor who has been in the film industry for about 10 years.
He is teaming up with Aldwyn Altuney (aka 'Media Queen’), who has interviewed stars and celebrities in the entertainment industry about their craft and what really goes on behind the scenes in the creative industries.
Aldwyn is based on the Gold Coast, Australia, and has 33 years media experience in TV, radio, print and film.
She is also an actress in TV commercials and films, emcee, international keynote and corporate speaker on How to Gain $1M of Free Publicity and Share your Message with the Masses and is a best-selling author of multiple books.
The Photojournalist, director of AA Xpose Media and founder of Animal Action Events is passionate about helping people live inspired lives and decreasing depression by promoting positive ‘good news’ stories in the mass media.
She loves the work of English writer David Icke, who is waking the world up by ‘exposing the dreamworld we believe to be real’.
Through her Animal Action Events, she inspires compassionate action for the humane treatment of animals worldwide. See http://www.aaxpose.com

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