Orphans And Angels (2003): AWARD WINNING Love Movie, Full Length Free Feature Film, English, Free Movie, Romance, Drug Dealer, Drama Movie, Independent Film.

Director: Harold Brodie
Writer: Harold Brodie
Stars: Emmeline Hawthorne, Christopher Brown, Cal Wilson
Country: New Zealand
Language: English
Runtime: 1h 40min
Genre: Drama, Romance

Storyline (IMDb.com):
"The needy and traumatized Theresa, who was raped when she was fourteen year-old, meets the handsome John on the street after an accident during a performance on the stage of her friend Kim asking for a low-budget hotel. She offers a ride to a nearby hostel, they date and she brings him home, where he offers Ecstasy with wine to her. Kim advises her that John is a dangerous drug-dealer that has been missing for five years after the death of his girlfriend also called Theresa, but Theresa stays with him, practicing mutual masturbation, sharing her fears and fantasies and being permanently drugged. When John's friend Billy visits Theresa, he reveals dark secrets about her boyfriend, leading to a tragic end. "Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Theresa meets John in the street as her friend Kim is taken away by an ambulance. Unaware to her, John has just come from a bar where he bet a man $1000 to drink a jug of whiskey, something that ended up killing the man. Theresa invites John out and the two are attracted. Together they take Ecstasy and engage in mutual masturbation sessions, although do not have s*ex due to the fact that Theresa was raped as a teenager. Theresa begins to become increasingly exhausted and neglects her job and friends. Kim finds that John is a drug dealer and that he may have murdered another girl also called Theresa. When she taunts him about it, he retaliates by killing her with a drug overdose. However, Theresa insists on not listening to the truth, even though it becomes apparent that there is an increasingly sinister intent to John’s relationship with her.

The New Zealand-made Orphans and Angels is an interesting feature directorial debut for American-born editor Harold Brodie. Brodie has clearly set out to make a dark indie film. Although for its ambitions in this direction, Orphans and Angels only succeeds in being mildly subversive. Considering that it involves a good deal of drug use and dealing, various s*ex scenes including mutual masturbation and one of erotic asphyxiation, a scene where a l*sbian singer engages in a piece of self-mutilating performance art, and a plot involving a man drugging a woman to become his slave, all things considered, Orphans and Angels only succeeds in being tame in the sordidness department. It is a little too cleanly photographed and Harold Brodie never dives into the darkness that underlies it all.

User Reviews:
"Orphans and Angels" is a surprisingly good low-budget movie. The weird and erotic story about drugs, love and murders is developed through great performances, stylish cinematography and suitable music score. If the viewer sees this movie with lower expectations, like I did, he or she may be surprised by a very reasonable work. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Anjos e Demônios" ("Angels and Demons")" Written by claudio_carvalho

""A stylish debut by filmmaker Harold Brodie, Orphans and Angels takes the classic film noir genre and gives contemporary relevance in urban New Zealand, as the scarred protagonist and ruthless villain execute their dangerous dance. Erotically charged and cleverly developed characterizations with a interesting plot that unravels slowly but keep us guessing. Solid performance from Emmeline Hawthorne as Theresa and Christopher Brown as the conflicted manipulator Cal Wilson is quiet good as Theresa's best friend, a l*sbian who can quickly see through people. The music adds a wonderful mood to the film I must say, complementing the excellent production design"" Written by anibal_pazos

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