Vice President Mike Pence speaks at Cocoli Locks in Panama City, Panama.

Pence spoke of President Trump as the modern reincarnation of one of the vice president’s personal heroes, former president Theodore Roosevelt.

“In President Donald Trump, I think the United States once again has a president whose vision, energy and can-do spirit is reminiscent of President Teddy Roosevelt,” Pence said.

“Think about it,” the vice president continued. “Then, as now, we have a builder of boundless optimism, who seeks to usher in a new era of shared prosperity all across this new world. Then, as now, we have a leader who sees things not just as they are, but for what they could be. And then, as now, we have a president who understands, in his words, ‘A nation is only living as long as it is striving.’ ”

Standing at the dock of the Panama Canal’s newly expanded Cocoli Locks, Pence delivered a formal speech celebrating an engineering feat that he said “changed the face of the Earth.”

VP Pence Likens Trump To Teddy Roosevelt- Speech In Panama-(Audio Only) - СКАЧАТЬ ВИДЕО
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