Batting Cages Inc.

Freestanding Trapezoid Batting Cage [Complete]

2 нед назад

The freestanding trapezoid batting cage is our most popular and affordable batting cage system. The HDPE #32 netting has a trapezoid shape just like the frame ...

BATA Pitching Machine Auto Feeder

8 мес назад

Bata's pitching machine auto feeder.

Iron Horse Batting Cage

11 мес назад

The latest addition to the Batting Cages Inc. lineup- the Iron Horse provides the strength and versatility for any application.

#96 Batting Cage Review

1 год назад

96 Batting Cage Review.

Batting Cages- KVX200

1 год назад

Batting Cages constructed by ISO manufacturing standards, features high quality materials, an innovative design with looped tails for easy installation, and an ...

Batting Cages, Inc.

1 год назад

About Batting Cages Inc. Batting Cages Incorporated is the country's leading batting cage supplier - the trusted brand for professionals, recreational players and ...

Choosing your Batting Cage Size

1 год назад

Choosing Your Batting Cage Size: When choosing a shoe-box style you should look at your location and your budget, then you can address the width, height ...

BCI Commercial Batting Cage

1 год назад

BCI's Commercial Package gives you the most bang for your buck. #36 KVX200™ netting is one of our strongest batting cage nets. It is an excellent choice for a ...

Trapezoid Batting Cage

1 год назад

Our trapezoid batting cage is our most popular and affordable batting cage. Some systems hang a square net directly down from the top of the frame, so the extra ...

Mastodon Batting Cage Frame

1 год назад

The Mastodon™ batting cage system includes 8.625″ outside diameter coated structural steel pipes. It has few components, and offers free and clear spans up ...

Mound Yeti 2 Pitching Machine

1 год назад

The Mound Yeti™ 2 is one of the most versatile pitching machines With pitch speeds ranging from 30 – 100 mph, this works great for all skill levels. This machine ...

Choosing a Batting Cage

1 год назад

What Batting Cage is right for you? There are two styles of batting cages to choose from: the 'shoe-box' style and the trapezoid. Both styles have your great ...

16 Things That Have Happened Since The Cubs Previous World Series Win - (HD) ⚾️

3 год назад

16 Things That Have Happened Since The Cubs Previous World Series ( 108 Years ) Congratulations to the Cubs and Thank you for that Amazing Series!

Big Brown Mound - The Softball Fast Track (HD)

3 год назад

Introduction The Softball Fast Track! Big Brown Mound is the first of its kind – Converts from a mound to a flat service in just seconds maximizing field space ...

Big Brown Mound Softball FastTrack - Installation and How it Works

3 год назад

The Softball FastTrack utilizes multiple rubber pockets at 35', 40', and 43' - making field conversion quick and easy. Replaceable Traffic Trays make repairing ...

Big Brown Mound - Synthetic Turf Install

3 год назад

The Big Brown Mound TM allows any field to be easily converted between baseball and softball without having to store any bulky mounds - the pitching mound ...

The Wombat Gymnasium Batting Cage System

4 год назад

The WOMBAT Retractable Batting Cage System s perfect for gymnasiums or any other multi-use facility. Easily set up and store away in 4:30 or less! Its unique ...

Big Brown Mound - Testimonial (Baseball/Softball Field Conversion)

4 год назад

The city of Arlington and Coach Dave Bradley are extremely happy with their recently installed Big Brown Mounds!

Big Brown Mound - Field Conversion

4 год назад

Convert a baseball diamond in less than a minute! The cost of field conversion drops to zero, and the need for portable mound storage is completely eliminated.

Commercial Model Baseball and Softball Cage Installation Tutorial - Batting Cages Inc

4 год назад

In this video, Vann reviews the heavy duty commercial model batting cage from Batting Cages Inc. This cage is perfect for both baseball and softball, as well as ...

Mound Yeti 2 - Batting Cages Inc.

5 год назад

This pitching machine has it all - it's incredibly easy to use, allows you to switch between pitches in seconds, long lasting, accurate, and versatile. Learn more at ...