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Why Remove Pokemon? - Pokemon in Sword & Shield

5 дн назад

As you may have heard, not every Pokemon will be available in the upcoming Sword & Shield Games! Many were shocked to find out that any Pokemon which ...


3 нед назад

A lot of you wanted to know if I looked anything like my inkling. In this celebratory QnA I answered your top questions from the survey! Thank you all for 20000+ ...

How Effective is The Training? - Funny Moments With Salmon Run Noobs

4 нед назад

How effective is Salmon Run's tutorial? In this video I observe how new players engage in salmon run on Arc Polaris. Do they know how to defeat the bosses?

The Hardest SalmonRun Challenge

1 мес назад

Have you ever wondered what would be the hardest challenge to do in Salmon Run? Well today I test out a bunch of challenges given to me by my Patreons ...

Drawing Pokemon From Memory | Pictionary with Vicvillon & Fyrus

1 мес назад

Drawing Pokemon from memory is a fun game and an intersecting way to point out how most pokemon have a very distinguishing design characteristic that can ...

Thank you for 20,000 Subscribers! (I won't delete this one)

2 мес назад

Thank you all so much for this amazing milestone! Moving forward I want to continue making amazing content for you all. So I've made a survey to hear back ...

Pokemon Sword & Shield: Predictions from Previous Generations!

2 мес назад

What can we expect to see in the upcoming Generation 8 Pokemon Games based on what we've seen in the recent Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee Titles ...

Vasko Games Channel Membership: Join Me!

2 мес назад

You know how people always want you to "join them" during splatoon 2 streams? Well now I'd like YOU to join me, on my YouTube journey through the channel ...

Bamboozler: Trash or Treasure?

2 мес назад

The Bamboozler is one of the most disliked weapons in Splatoon 2, some memelords are absolute gods with it, others can't get a single splat. And with all the ...

Yoshi's Crafted World Review

2 мес назад

The long awaited Yoshi game has finally arrived to the Nintendo Switch. This very relaxing, fun, and cozy game is a great introduction to Yoshi and perhaps one ...

Will it Burn? | Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

3 мес назад

A silly video where I test the burning mechanic in Breath of the Wild. It occurred to me that "ally" NPC are non-flammable and in this somewhat-funny video I try to ...

Splatoon 2 Noob Splats Fake Failboat ~ March QnA

3 мес назад

Have you wondered what new splatoon 2 players play like, or what my favorite skittle is? Yeah me neither, that's why I made a video about it! I also ran into a ...

Clash Blaster: Trash Or Treasure?

3 мес назад

The Clash Blaster is one of the most disliked weapons in Splatoon, some claim its annoying to fight against, others complain its hard to use. So is this weapon ...

How Much Do I Make? How to Deal With Stress? ~ Splatoon 2 AMA

3 мес назад

In this, kinda late, celebratory AMA I've chosen to answer the top 10 questions from what my education is to how I cope with stress. I hope you not only learn ...

4 Tips for Dealing with Jump Campers - Splatoon 2

3 мес назад

Ever wonder what to do when you are getting Jump Camped? Other than not jump of course. Here are four simple tips to help you avoid or counter jump ...

Why Ganon Failed To Take Over Hyrule?

4 мес назад

Having launched the "perfect" plan, Calamity Ganon was very close to taking over all of Hyrule. Had Zelda not acquired her powers time and not held him at bay ...

Who is my Secret Crush? | February Q&A ~ Splatoon 2

4 мес назад

Have you ever wondered who my secret crush is? Well I don't know... its a secret even from me. I do answer all the other questions in this month's Patreon QnA!

Targeting Explained | Tetris 99 Battle Royale

4 мес назад

Tetris 99 is the hot new game for the Nintendo switch that was dropped on use a Pre-Valentine's day gift during the February Nintendo Direct. It is a very fun and ...

Flingza Roller: Trash or Treasure?

4 мес назад

The flingza is the most underused roller in Splatoon 2. Is it because its a bad weapon, or is it because people don't know how to use it well. In this funny ...

Who Is Mr. Grizz?

4 мес назад

Have you ever wondered who is the mysterious Mr. Grizz? Is he just a bear? Is he a human? Is he a HE? In this episode we will talk about who is the face behind ...

What is the Squeezer?

4 мес назад

With the dawn of #ProjectSqueezer I find myself asking: What is the squeezer? Is it a ketchup bottle, or perhaps something else? In this video we will talk about ...